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  1. This is supposed to be watched on drugs? It´s crazy, it´s strange aber ich mag Musik mit deutschen Texten nicht wirklich.
  2. Sigma FP2 with a cube-formfactor and a top-screen
  3. I really like it. Sure, you could tweak the color/brightness of text and background. But it is already easier on the eyes. I use the dark-mode in almost any app that gives me this option.
  4. Thats interesting. As a Blackmagic-User it´s no surprise that the Pocket 4K takes the first place, even though I thought that the GH5 would be the "winner" here. The fact that canon is really underrepresented in this list shows a lot. I made the switch from the 550D/T2i to the Blackmagic-Cameras some years ago and never looked back. I do own a Panasonic G70/G7, but more for fun, I don´t really like the ergonomics for Video. Still, your list shows that it´s the smaller formfactor, that is of most interest here on the forum. No RED, no Sony F/FS-, no Canon Cinema, no Ursa Mini, no EVA/Varicam.
  5. Guten Tag @Neumann Films great to hear that your 12K URSA is on its way. I´m looking forward to the first samples. What I´ve already seen from BMD and John Brawley looked awesome. I just like the BM Color-Science and BRAW aswell. Back then it was CDNG and ProRes with the BMCC and the original Pocket, ahead of Canon here. Now it is the great Codec in combination with an enormous amout of recording-modes and really high-res formats.
  6. I still own my GoPro 3 Black and use it from time to time as a overhead drum camera on concerts, so I´m still kinda watching what GoPro is doing. Still, I´m waiting for the right features to buy another one. Better codecs, higher bitrate, bigger sensor would be awesome. Until then, it is not the right tool for me.
  7. Yeah, I´d say for me clickbait can be something that promises to be XY and the only delivering a small percentage of that or even nothing at all. If something is marketed in a grand way and then delivering on it, I wouldn´t call it clickbait.
  8. I try to exclude those channels from my youtube-account the best I can. The titles and clickbait is one thing, but the studid shocked-faces is something I can´t stand. Even if something would be of interest for me, I won´t watch it once some of those factors come into play. Basically, as long as users/consumers continue to watch content without reflecting on it, its producer(s) and what its goal is, this stuff will continue to be made. Sure, some of the channels are pure marketing/advertisements and there is nothing wrong with it (as long as it is presented for what it really is),
  9. I like the 12-40 f2.8 a lot, so I don´t really need another Olympus. But I can recommend it for videowork. Works great with the original Pocket camera aswell as the Pocket 4k. Especially the manual focus mode is awesome.
  10. Stay with your NX1, it is awesome. So invenstments in Audio- and Lighting-Equipment would be the smart choice.
  11. Facebook in 60 years might look like this image.... But yeah, I think despite the new releases from Canon and Sony, Covid has given the BMPCC, GH2 Canon M etc. a substancial push on the second hand market.
  12. I have the Canvas React as well, and mine does 50p in 3:1 Raw. 60p is only possible with my older Sandisk Extreme Pro.
  13. I use the Viltrox Focal Reducer on my XT1 for Photography. Works great with AF and the 17-40mm, 50mm f1.4 and 85mm f1.8
  14. That´s why I said the XT3 in combination with the viltrox focal reducer to EF, but he doesn´t only have EF-lenses
  15. Your lenses are all over the place. If you´d own EF Lenses, I´d say you get a Viltrox Fuji-EF Focal reducer and go with the XT-3. Maybe going with the MFT Mount + Adapters Route is the best way. I wouldn´t take the G9 off the list. Yeah, it can have a modern look, but with the right settings you can make the footage very flexible and less "digital". And even if you can´t get the digital look go away, try a Black Pro Mist 1/4.
  16. A logical Evolution would be to bring the Ursa Mini Line to the next level. The UMPro G1 had some great changes, the G2 brought them further, but did not change the max. resolution. Since the Ursa Mini Pro is a great camera and basically BMD´s Flaggship, they´d probably want to refresh this line, after treating the former Pocket/BMCC/BMPC-Users with the Pocket 4K and maybe even more so, the 6K. So releasing an Ursa Mini Ultra Pro with an FF-Sensor, 8K, advanced Framerate-Options, electronic ND, flexible Recording-Media etc. could be the way to separate the Pocket from the Ursa Line.
  17. @Andrew Reid 1. What moment/film was your motivation to pick up a Camera to create films? 2. Being able to travel back in time, let´s say 1920-2000, what decade/year would you like to visit and film in?
  18. Those Rokinons/Samyangs/Walimex Lenses are great, especially for the money and when bought second hand. Sure, they have their weaknesses, being softer wide open, manual focus only, not similar in size etc, but I like the images a lot. I´d say the´re really usable at f2 but great at f2.8
  19. Good idea, I´d like that. I wasn´t really talking about a copy of the scene, but a variation of it, able to recognise.
  20. Cool idea, grouping 2-3 people (1 Director/DoP/Editing, 1 Grading/VFX, 1 Sound and Music) You´d have to create Teams based on software I guess, but it would be an interesting experiment. You´d need to have a precise theme for the clip though, to keep it somewhat comparable, for example: dystopian setting, scifi-element, a chase- or hunting-scene, a silent, emotional scene, at least one green-screen element, integration of some sort of miniature, ...
  21. I like the music video idea, but it gives lots of room for creativity. Maybe if changed to Music video shot with a 35mm Prime. Another idea would be to recreate a well known movie scene, for example a blade runner interview scene, a star wars sunset, a rocky training-montage, or another famous scene.
  22. They don´t really match my budget, I´m still using my Samyang/Walimex VDSLR-Lenses a lot, but this Schneider Kreuznach Lenses seem really great, especially with the new price. Looking at the photo/video with the Sony FS5, they appear to have a good, but not too big size.
  23. Myself, I really like using the Pocket 4k, so keeping it would be my suggestion, as long as you don´t need IBIS, Autofocus and as long as you like the grading-process. The files you get from it are great, both BRAW and Prores. In that case, keep it and get a cheap but good DSLR or Mirrorless for the Photography side. If you DO need IBIS, Autofocus and/or don´t really want to do the grading, and/or want one camera to cover both things the candidates are: Panasonic G9, Fuji XT-3, Sony A6xxx, LX-100.
  24. Sure, I was only building on IronFilms Mantra. No matter what camera it will be: Autofocus and Stabilisation need to be an important factor as you´ll need them for both, photography and videography. So none of the Blackmagic ones
  25. Could be another option for you. Take the Pocket 4K this weekend and make a short film with it. Do ergonimics, workflow, operation etc. hinder you to achieve the shots you want, and if so, would another camera be better in these areas? What kind of videos are you filming most of the time? Narrative, documentary, Fashion, Musicvideos, Family-Clips?
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