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  1. Over the years I bought a variety of Sandisk and Kingston SD Cards that I´m quite satisfied with. Only some MicroSDs appear to be a bit slow, but I rarely use them.
  2. Stay strong, accept help if you need it. Take your time an be there for your family. No need to justify yourself in this difficult situation. That being said: FUCK CANCER. I lost my grandfather to it, but he had a fullfilled life and passed away in his early 80s. But with a such young person... I´m sorry Zara has to go through this. Stay strong, all of you!
  3. So it doesn´t even fit onto the mount of the camera? The On/Off switch might be for the aperture of your lenses to work manually.
  4. Maybe a ump12k LF, I don´t really expect a Pocket 4K Pro anymore.
  5. Mr. Freeze

    The Batman

    I watched the movie last thursday. I do enjoy marvel-movies as well as dc-movies, so there´s a neutral foundation when it comes to this. That being said, I was entertained but not completly satisfied storywise and when it comes to the length of the movie. VIsually, it is a beautfully made film. Greig Fraser and his team did such a great job and the grading fit the scenes really well. I was hopeful to see a nearly 3h long batman-detective-story but there was at least 30 minutes that could´ve been cut. Some frames here, some shots there and overall pacing improvements. There were a couple of times the movie unfortunately lost some of the power it already created,. Still, the movie had some great performances, some new takes on gotham and the alfred-bruce-dynamic and a solid direction, where this batman could lead towards in the future. I´m optimistic the upcoming sequel can build upon this base. I really hope they bring back Fraser as DoP. Entertainment: 8/10 Story: 6.5/10 Acting: 8/10 Visuals: 9/10 Music: 7.5/10
  6. Well, I´d say there are a couple of things to consider: What kind of work are you planning to film with the URSA? Do you need a final resolution of 4k+x? Do you have enough storage in case you get the 12K? Do you have the editing-capabilities for 8K/12K Footage? Where are the areas you would profit from the high resolution of the 12K the most? I´d say right now, the URSA G2 is the Nr.3 Camera in BMD´s linup, maybe sharing the 3rd Place with the Pocket 4K because of the dual native ISO. Second place goes to the Pocket 6K/Pro and first Place to the 12K Ursa. What kind of firmware updates you you expect for the G2? I think there won´t be anything revolutionary, same for the Pocket 4k, except maybe another sets of BRAW Compression Options. I expect the URSA G2 to get a new version in the future, maybe an 8K FullFrame Model? Maybe BMD focuses more on the midrange cameras, keeping the 12K as their flagship.
  7. Merry Christmas Andrew, frohe Weihnachten! To new evolutions and revolutions in camera gear and filmmaking, some great and some less great discussions about it, the usual forum stuff but, nevertheless, an inspiring and creative plattform.
  8. I basically bought all of my camera and lenses used, with the exception of my first dslr (a Canon 550D) and the Pocket 4K I placed a Preorder for, right after it was announced. I don´t need all my gear to look brand new or to be the latest and greatest. For example, I just got a Sony a7rii as an alternative to my 5Diii. I bought the 5Diii for 580€ and the a7rii for 700€ via ebay/a photography forum. But refurbished could be a great option as well. Depends on what you´re looking for and how big your budget is.
  9. Depends on your needs and your Budget. If you want a simple but powerful all-in-one solution, the a7iii or a7iv could be the right route. If you already have lenses of some manufacturer or mount, another brand could be the better choice. If you want to film and take pictures at the same time, you´d need two bodies anyway. For Photography, the models you picked are very capable, so you have to ask your self if you want full frame, or if an apsc-sensor fits your needs as well. For Video, it´d ask you whether you need internal stabilisation and/or autofocus or not. I like the Blackmagic Cameras a lot, but they depend on you to do the focusing. They do offer great value for the money, great codecs and image quality, but you need to do your part as well. So if you´d like face- or eye-autofocus, another brand is probably the better choice.
  10. "I prefer high-resolution (4K+) cameras paired with a softer downsampled final look (eg, diffusion, low sharpening in post, vintage glass, etc)" I like 4k resolution but at the same time I´m still amazed by the 2.5k from my BMCC. In general, I like a "softer" but detailed image. Oversharpened clips, with sometimes overly accentuated edges can be very distracting, especially when watching regular movies or series.
  11. I guess it is a sensor somewhere around Super35, or speedboosted to around that FOV. Colorwise I don´t expect it to be a Blackmagic, Arri or a Red, as the Highlights in the sky are harsh in a couple of shots. It seems to be a smaller camera, some of the movements appear that way to me at least. So maybe a GH5/G9 with a speedbooster? Could be an FS5 aswell...
  12. Yeah, as long as you don´t already invested in great NDs and an external Monitor, the 6K Pro is probably the best choice.
  13. Take the 6K/6K Pro. The Sigma FP can deliver great footage aswell and has a photo mode, but the Pocket 6K will give you more, if video is your main focus. You can argue that the CDNG from the Sigma will be better for green screen work, but for most of your VFX work the 6K will deliver the shots you need and braw is a great codec.
  14. You were basically only one click away from getting the answer yourself.
  15. The guy in the video does a voice-over, which is more practical and gives you some freedom in post. When you do it live you not only have the sounds of the movements to take care of, cut or gate them, but he might be out of breath sometimes and not able to talk in a calm and controlled way. Nevertheless, maybe just use a Rode NGT-1/2 on a boom-pole. I´d do a voice-over afterwards and only record the introduction and explanations during the exercises directly.
  16. Remember that the BMMCC never came with Resolve Studio. 440€ is a great deal, but take a look at the used market as well. You´ll probably need the cage and a focal reducer anyway. If you already have a lot of accessoires, 440 for a basically new one is a good price.
  17. I enjoyed the movie and to see this kind of lenses in a movie like this one was kinda refreshing. Sure, the plot wasn´t exactly deep and there was no hidden meaning behind all of it. Still, I like Snyder´s visual sense a lot, even though I´d like to see him more in the directors chair and responsible for the visuals, compared to him writing the screenplays of his movies. Nevertheless, I was entertained and liked the look of the movie. You could see this style in the epilogue of his justice league, that he shot himself.
  18. I do like my BMMCC a lot, it is an awesome and really capable camera with a stunning image, but I wouldn´t call it "much more gorgeous than the 4K. My 4K is a beast, with great colors and a lot of resolution. I found that controlling the sharpness is a big part of making the 4K look more pleasing and organic. But even owning both cameras, I won´t sell the Micro, it still delivers and is incredibly versatile.
  19. Just as a comparison: I regularly do Portrait-Photography with my 5D Classic from 2005 and make videos with the BMCC 2.5k from 2012. Both cameras are able to deliver stunning images/videos. I own both a Pocket 4K and a 5D mkIII, but I don´t feel I can´t get good footage, when using the older devices. Sure, the new ones offer some nice things, but they aren´t nessesary all the time. So I think a a7rii form 2015 is a great camera. If you can buy one for a great price and you like the image you get, go for it.
  20. Bought my Panasonic G7/G70 for 70€ two years ago. The mft-Mount has some play, but overall great condition.
  21. I´m not Jordan, but I saw the post on Facebook aswell
  22. Mr. Freeze


    Just like dehancer, it only supports mac.os
  23. Sure, that can become problematic. But most of the time I was able to work around it and use my Rokinon 16mm. But yeah, the MFT-Version is much better here with a Focal Reducer.
  24. Mr. Freeze


    I wasn´t satisfied with the diffusion I tried to add in resolve, compared to the pro mist. Sure, the diffusion effect can be emulated, but the way the light on set/location interacted with the lens and the filter was different.
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