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  1. You were basically only one click away from getting the answer yourself.
  2. The guy in the video does a voice-over, which is more practical and gives you some freedom in post. When you do it live you not only have the sounds of the movements to take care of, cut or gate them, but he might be out of breath sometimes and not able to talk in a calm and controlled way. Nevertheless, maybe just use a Rode NGT-1/2 on a boom-pole. I´d do a voice-over afterwards and only record the introduction and explanations during the exercises directly.
  3. Remember that the BMMCC never came with Resolve Studio. 440€ is a great deal, but take a look at the used market as well. You´ll probably need the cage and a focal reducer anyway. If you already have a lot of accessoires, 440 for a basically new one is a good price.
  4. I enjoyed the movie and to see this kind of lenses in a movie like this one was kinda refreshing. Sure, the plot wasn´t exactly deep and there was no hidden meaning behind all of it. Still, I like Snyder´s visual sense a lot, even though I´d like to see him more in the directors chair and responsible for the visuals, compared to him writing the screenplays of his movies. Nevertheless, I was entertained and liked the look of the movie. You could see this style in the epilogue of his justice league, that he shot himself.
  5. I do like my BMMCC a lot, it is an awesome and really capable camera with a stunning image, but I wouldn´t call it "much more gorgeous than the 4K. My 4K is a beast, with great colors and a lot of resolution. I found that controlling the sharpness is a big part of making the 4K look more pleasing and organic. But even owning both cameras, I won´t sell the Micro, it still delivers and is incredibly versatile.
  6. Just as a comparison: I regularly do Portrait-Photography with my 5D Classic from 2005 and make videos with the BMCC 2.5k from 2012. Both cameras are able to deliver stunning images/videos. I own both a Pocket 4K and a 5D mkIII, but I don´t feel I can´t get good footage, when using the older devices. Sure, the new ones offer some nice things, but they aren´t nessesary all the time. So I think a a7rii form 2015 is a great camera. If you can buy one for a great price and you like the image you get, go for it.
  7. Bought my Panasonic G7/G70 for 70€ two years ago. The mft-Mount has some play, but overall great condition.
  8. I´m not Jordan, but I saw the post on Facebook aswell
  9. Mr. Freeze


    Just like dehancer, it only supports mac.os
  10. Sure, that can become problematic. But most of the time I was able to work around it and use my Rokinon 16mm. But yeah, the MFT-Version is much better here with a Focal Reducer.
  11. Mr. Freeze


    I wasn´t satisfied with the diffusion I tried to add in resolve, compared to the pro mist. Sure, the diffusion effect can be emulated, but the way the light on set/location interacted with the lens and the filter was different.
  12. Mr. Freeze


    I do use filters for certain projects. UV-Filters are on all of my lenses as a protection of the front element. I use NDs to keep the aperture low. I don´t really like to film wide open, but one step down still needs NDs, especially outside if I want to keep 180° shutter angle. I use the Tiffen Black Pro mist 1/4 and the Cinebloom 10% for diffusion. With some of my vintage lenses I don´t really need them, as they already give a softer look to the image, but it can be used as a effect. I mostly use them with the Sigma 18-35 and 50-100, because they are sharper. I started to use them for photos aswell. You can form the light leaking across your subject in very organic ways. I have a polarizer for my photography aswell, that I sometimes use outside for landscape or when water/rain is included. Overall, with ND and Diffusion you can counter the "video look" to a certain degree. But only if framing and what you´re filming supports this. But they can definitely help.
  13. The EF-Version if I remember correctly. I bought one used a couple of years ago and still use it from time to time. great image, solid files, but it needs a cage and a solid battery solution.
  14. Maybe a Panasonic G9 with a Panasonic 12-60mm f3.5-5.6 from the used market
  15. BMD Micro Cinema Camera 8K and maybe new features for the 12k and the 4.6kPro G2? I think the Pocket Range is still good with the 4K and the 6k, but the Micro is due for an Upgrade.
  16. Portkeys BM5 with the Bluetooth-Module
  17. This Emulation really looks good. A bit too much saturation for my taste, but I like the blooming diffusion and the grain in the example clips.
  18. I guess it can be used for some simulated tilt shift lens effect, but extending the DOF-Effect is a tricky thing. It might be better to get as much as possible with aperture and distance to the object and maybe put a power window on your object of interest, and pushing exposure/contrast a bit in post in resolve.
  19. If you wanted this very saturated look, it is very dominant and to strong for my taste though. Is this a 10-Bit-Codec? But I didn´t like the fake Blur. Like TomTheDP said, it looks artificial and it doesn´t really blend in nicely.
  20. The BMMCC is very different, compared to the Micro Studio 4k. Basically, the Micro Cinema Camera is the sensor of the original Pocket in a small Box, but with 60p capabilities and 3:1 CinemaDNG-RAW. A really "cinematic" little Camera, whereas the Micro Studio 4k is supposed to be used in another kind of (studio)-setup. Recording is only possible externally and the sensor is different as well.
  21. This is supposed to be watched on drugs? It´s crazy, it´s strange aber ich mag Musik mit deutschen Texten nicht wirklich.
  22. Sigma FP2 with a cube-formfactor and a top-screen
  23. I really like it. Sure, you could tweak the color/brightness of text and background. But it is already easier on the eyes. I use the dark-mode in almost any app that gives me this option.
  24. Thats interesting. As a Blackmagic-User it´s no surprise that the Pocket 4K takes the first place, even though I thought that the GH5 would be the "winner" here. The fact that canon is really underrepresented in this list shows a lot. I made the switch from the 550D/T2i to the Blackmagic-Cameras some years ago and never looked back. I do own a Panasonic G70/G7, but more for fun, I don´t really like the ergonomics for Video. Still, your list shows that it´s the smaller formfactor, that is of most interest here on the forum. No RED, no Sony F/FS-, no Canon Cinema, no Ursa Mini, no EVA/Varicam. We´ll see how this continues. It´s been a crazy year for Camera-Releases as well.
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