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  1. Those were basically my first thoughts. I´d guess Mr Wagner isn´t the the colorist on GoT, so he has no control over how they grade the footage. He did Justice League, a movie with a lot of night scenes and studio work, and while the movie has a lot of problems, the cinematography was alright. Still, he didn´t chose his words carefully enough, although I don´t think it´s his obligation to respond at all.
  2. There´s a new 3-second safety-mechanism when you format your card internally as well.
  3. Or some of the Rokinon/Samyang Cine-Lenes. I like the look my Sigma ART Lenses create with the Pocket4K, but if you want a more vintage look, older manual Lenses are a great option.
  4. Best of both worlds indeed 🤣
  5. You have function-buttons, that are programmable. But if you have the additional money, go for the UMPro46 if the size/weight is acceptable for you. It already offers you BRAW, better ergonimics/buttuns, and the great integrated ND-Filters.
  6. Go for it. Great addition if you already have a Pocket 4K I´d say. Rig the Ursa Mini 4.6k and use the Pocket 4k when you neet to be mobile on a gimbal or in smaller spaces.
  7. This sounds great. I´m looking forward to the first demo.
  8. I´m hoping for an (early) Christmas present from BMD. For most of the stuff I´m filming ProRes gives me enough control, but as soon as BRAW is available, it might become my first choice of file-formats.
  9. Into a V-Mount Adapter for Sony Batteries. Maybe I´ll find some time for testing on sunday.
  10. The Cable Pack arrived today and it works as expected.
  11. I ordered from videodata: https://www.videodata.de/shop/products/de/Nonlinear-Video/Hardware/I-O-Karten/Blackmagic-Pocket-Camera-DC-Cable-Pack.html
  12. My BMD Cable-Set for the Pocket 4K shipped today. I´m expecting it to receive it on monday/tuesday. Let´s see how much runtime I´m getting from my external Batteries.
  13. I agree. Right now I´m waiting for the cable-set to be shipped to use a V-Mount-Sollution to power the camera on the rig. For Gimbal use I can change the battery if nessecary, but otherwise it´s not that bad. As for other things I´d like to see besides Blackmagic Raw: Cinemascope Recording-Modes and a better Playback-Interface would be great.
  14. I ordered it on the 27th of September.
  15. My Smallrig Cage arrived today. Looks and feels really solid. The Pocket 4k, the Cage, the Viltrox, the Battery and a Nato-Rail on top result in a weight of 1280g. With the Sigma 18-35mm (810g) it is around 2090g, really managable with a gimbal or a compact rig.
  16. Great Lighting and Grading. Looks kinda 70s maybe early 80s to me. Or it could be a scene from Zodiac. Definitely a filmic image, looking forward to the video!
  17. I did some test shots with the Sigma 18-35 and the Sigma 50-100 in combination with the viltrox on my P4K. As far as I can tell, the images look great. I have yet to cut it together and properly grade the shots, but they do look great for what I can tell.
  18. I´d say the same. If you have the Budget, get the UM4.6k. As long as you don´t need the smaller form-factor you´ll probably be more satisfied.
  19. Now this is a new side of EOS HD.👍 Great stuff, Andrew! Keep these videos coming and extend your expertise from the forum to a more casual level. Writing is one side of knowledge, casually talking about it or giving an overview/opinion on something is another. Nächstes Mal bitte mit einem "Guten Tag" starten Grüße aus München!
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