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  1. 1. You´re probably right, neither BMD nor Canon or any other manufacturer can satisfy their audience. May it be because of the form factor, codecs, limitations... 2. I´m okay with the Pocket 4K as it is, but I would´ve liked a box design a lot more. The original Pocket came at a time where others didn´t even think about raw/prores and it was basically 8-bit h264 everywhere. I think the Micro Cinema Camera would´ve sold a lot better without it being promoted as an drone/action camera. If they went with "the micro is the pocket v1.5" and aimed at the same audience, probably a different story. And the original Pocket had the summer sale, that boosted the sales a lot. Still, I think if the camera is 50% Photo 50% Video, a "normal" camera design is the right way for most of the potential customers. If the camera is primarily aimed at videography, the design should be pointing in this direction. Mounting options, integrated cage-elements etc.
  2. 2) The Pocket 4k/6k in a boxy design would be great I think. As much as I hate the buttons on the BMMCC (micro camera), I really like the form factor of it. Having a new Pocket Camera like this, with better buttons etc. would be a cool thing. In general, cameras being more modular in terms of external display, microphone, battery, recording media etc. would be a great thing.
  3. That´s great, maybe to boost sales in general. Maybe to empty the warehouses for the 8K Ursa 😉 I´m still totally satisfied with my Pocket 4K, but the 6K is a great and very capable tool. It´ll be interesting to see how blackmagic is promoting new stuff during this crisis and whether they´ll promote the next flagship again online, as long as fairs/exhibitions are impossible.
  4. Thanks a lot! As soon as I´ll find time for new projects, I´ll give some updates.
  5. Thanks to both of you, @heart0less and @Emanuel I did this Video as a basic comparison to the one with the Micro Cinema Camera and the Tokina Lens. Same forest, same route, similar lighting to see how much close the color and can be shifted in resolve. While the focal length of the two Lenses can´t be compared, the setting was basically the same and as much as I like the G7 for its size and features, I know why I like my Blackmagic Cameras so much. For narrative work and other story telling videos, I´d prefer the Blackmagic-Look and gradability without hesitation. The G7 shines in other areas. It is an all in one package, without the need of a monitor, a handle or anything else besides the lens. The UHD is sharp and clear, while still being relatively small in file size. For concerts for example, this combo with the sigma would be great. Now to the Lens and testing purpose: You have to be careful with movements and horizontal alignment. This effect really is very much in your face and can lead to irritation and distraction for the viewer. I only had a gorilla-pod with me, so I was a bit limited. In general, these shots weren´t meant to be overly beautyful or very show great composition. They should simply offer a basis for comparing the two cameras/looks, so I went for the same forest, but I kept in mind to test the G7´s dynamic range by having dark shadows of trees and the water as well as bright clouds in the sky. Nevertheless, while the G7 offers less possibilities in post with Colorgrading, I am still satisfied with the CineV-Picturestyle. It is flat enought to push and pull certain values and the look I was able to achieve gives it a nice atmosphere. Still, the codec has its limits. But that aside, the G7 is a great little camera and the ultrawide sigma offers some great possibilities, just imagine this setup behind a drummer, facing the audience.
  6. Today, I took my Panasonic G7 with me, while walking through a forest nearby. Recorded in UHD 25p, CinelikeV I used a Viltrox Focal Reducer to connect my Sigma 8-16mm to the MFT-Mount of the G7. This combination deliveres a really wide field of view, obviously. Grading was done in resolve, a warm, kinda natural look.
  7. I recently got an older Tokina 28-70mm f2.6/2.8 for a great price (used look on the outside, but it is what´s inside, that counts 😆). So I used my Viltrox Focal Reducer (Nikon to MFT) and used it with my Micro Cinema Camera. I already knew that this lens is more on the Vintage-side, that´s why I wanted on in the first place. So I´d say 2.6 is very soft, too soft for my taste actually, so most shots start at f4 and go up to f8 for some shots. There is one shot at f2.6, but it just proved that the softness wide open is really obvious. Still, a great lens that can deliver a great vintage look, gives a nice bokeh and is really well crafted:
  8. I play a PRS Tremonti SE myself, so that imediately caught my attention. The more artsy route as well as the black and white look were definitely a good idea, it fits the setting and the song.
  9. I see a PRS Guitar, I click on "like". But seriously, there are some really nice shots in this video. But it kinda doesn´t know what it wants to be. A music video connected to the song and the artist, or a behind the scenes/studio clip with him sitting in front of the iMac. Still, for a one hour shot with that small sony, it´s a nice result. Was the black and white look previously planned done on purpose or was maybe the grading with mixed lighing too stressfull?
  10. Here´s a quick comparison I did of the two cameras. Because I don´t have my Micro Camera with me right now, I compared the original BMPCC with the Pocket 4K. I used the 24mm Rokinon/Walimex Lens on both cameras in combination with a Focal Reducer from MFT to EF. The grading was done in Resolve.
  11. @kye I try to find some time this upcoming weekend and do a little test between the two and record 1080p25 in CDNG with the Micro Cinema Camera and 2.6k and 25p with the Pocket 4K in BRAW.
  12. My newest Camera is the Pocket 4k, a really great camera for what I do. Nevertheless, I bought a cheap Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera last year and really like the images a lot. It´s maximum is 1080p60, but the images really look great and offer great options in the grading process. Combined with vintage lenses it creates really organic footage and there are a lot of situations I prefer this compact Camera to my Pocket 4k. Overall it depends on the look I want to achieve and the recording modes I need, but for a mid 2015 Camera in this small form factor, it´s insanely good.
  13. Yeah, congrats. It´s a great camera! Get used to using it, the buttons and settings etc. Check if the latest firmware has already been installed and do so, if not. Otherwise, make some test yourself with it. Try different Codecs, to see what kind of compression you want to chose in both BRAW and ProRes.
  14. Hey @Django Here in Bavaria we´re on Day 1 of the official Lockdown, finally I have to say since a lot of idiots aren´t willing to accept some simple rules and distance themselves from others. I work in education/apprenticeship in the crafts, and even though all schools, universities etc. are closed and even we are without any studens right now, we´re still obliged to come to work and aren´t given the option of homeoffice. That´s really frustrating right now. Keep fighting the depression, find another way to record songs/song-ideas and stay creative in this difficult time! @Andrew Reid Good to hear you´re finally home. Crazy times and lots of crazy people. Let´s hope the UK is able to profit from their island status and find the right methods to keep the people unter control. Germany could´ve done more and more early, but at least our minister in bavaria is trying his best and rushes forward with actions against the virus and the people spreading it.
  15. Yeah, it has to be taken seriously. Germany was aware of it relatively soon, but definitely underestimated the danger. Now the nubers are rising each and every day, no flattening of the curve in sight yet. Today I saw some clips of the springbreak2020 and lots of people are completely ignorant or/and go for the "whatever happens, happens" kind of approach. Panic or hysteria is not an option and a lockdown isn´t the only way, as long as people are willing to dinstance themselves from others and avoid bigger groups of people. Unfortunately, this isn´t something people usually do, and others are just ignorant/egocentric. Wherever you are right now, try to stay save, stay away from groups of people, even if it´s the people you love. And don´t do Hamsterkäufe (panic buying). Take care!
  16. Crazy times! Boarders being closed, countries and cities being in lockdown, who could´ve expected this when this year started?! Here are some impressions from Munich, near the train station. Usually really crowded, almost at any time of the day. These days, people doing home office don´t have to commute to their workplace, staying at home anyway. Unfortunately in the afternoon some places here get quite crowded with people meeting to chat, to drink or eat something together. So a lockdown for the city of munich has already been discussed.
  17. I´ll continue with Germany
  18. Just saw this on Facebook: Blackmagic RAW 1.7 Update Today we released Blackmagic RAW 1.7 updated which adds support for Blackmagic RAW files recorded from Panasonic EVA1 and Canon EOS C300 Mark II cameras with Blackmagic Video Assist 12G HDR, along with improved Blackmagic RAW plugin performance with Adobe Premiere Pro. Once installed, you’ll be able edit, color correct and finish Blackmagic RAW files from these cameras with DaVinci Resolve. If you have a Blackmagic Video Assist 12G HDR, you’ll also need to install the Video Assist 3.1 update. Blackmagic RAW 1.7 update is available now as a free download from http://bmd.link/TtjLpH. So two non-bmd-cameras (eva1 and C300 mk2) are compatible with braw.
  19. I got my Pocket 4K shortly after the release and while being a powerful camera from the start, it keeps on improving ever since via the firmware-upgrades. Personally, I like BRAW a lot and the new recording modes (2.4:1 in 4K @ 75fps and 2.6k @120fps) are an awesome addition to the regular 4K, UHD and HD Modes. I didn´t work with the S1 yet, so I don´t have first hand experience. The specs look good, the images on youtube/vimeo look great and sure, IBIS can be a great thing to have. Do I like Blackmagic Cameras? Yes, I have the BMCC 2.5k, the original Pocket and the Pocket 4K and use all three of them, even the older models. Am I an apologist? I don´t think so. I see the downsides and disadvantages, the cameras have and would never say that they´re flawless. But they set the bar a lot higher ever since the BMCC was released, so other companies had to adapt. For now I´m totally satisfied with my Pocket 4K, and for the way I capture my footage it is the right tool. But I´m looking forward to your comparison/shootout of the both @Andrew Reid
  20. It has Auto-Iris (like the BMCC, a basic exposure help). The rest (Iso, WB, Shutter Angle...) you have to change yourself. Shutter Angle goes in steps from 11.25° up to 360°.
  21. I kept the 4K and still use my OG BMPCC from time to time. After BRAW and the latest Firmware-Update the 4K really shines and I like the 4k 2.39:1 Mode and the better 120fps a lot. That being said, the OG Pocket is still an awesome little cinema camera. You have to know its limitations (Moiré, no 3:1 Raw, Battery...) but can still create beautiful footage.
  22. The Lighthouse was an amazing movie, beautifully shot and executed. But I think 1917 will win this year
  23. The newest Camera I own is the Pocket 4K, with BRAW and the latest firmware-update a really powerful camera. But I still own my BMCC 2.5k and the original Pocket Camera and still use both of them for certain projects and certain looks. Sure, they have their downsides and disadvantages in some areas, but I really like the images they´re capable to deliver.
  24. Let´s not go so far and call someone with a FF DSLR a DP ?
  25. For me it´s the Blackmagic Cameras. I startet with a Canon HV 20, recording HDV on miniDV-Tapes and continued with a Canon 550D/Rebel T2i. The first Blackmagic Camera I got was the Pocket Camera (during the summer sale) and bought the 2.5k Model a couple of months later. Even if there´s no extreme grading necessary, the pure and organic quality of the Raw- and ProRes-Files was (and still is) stunning and delivers beatiful footage. Having this much features accessable for a relatively low price was great and even though the BMC Cameras did and do have their downsides, they made it possible for me to create shots that looked just like I imagined them.
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