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  1. I found this. It is amazing how filmic it is.
  2. Thank you. I have never shot with a cinema camera and this helps a lot.
  3. I really like this camera but there is an issue that it is making me not buy it: the vent system. How do you prevent dust and water to go through the vent system? I worried about this because it looks like that is not wheater sealed enough. And also the hole below the camera could be closed due to the plate of a trypod... There is people telling me that Red and Arri have the same issue so I have to get over it. For the price point and the features offered, this camera is amazing. But I need to know that my 1290€ are not going to the toilet because I was shooting in a location an
  4. Where can I watch more videos of GH5 using emotion color? I'm impressed with some of the pictures published here. Will we able to use it in the BMPC4k also? I might buy one soon
  5. When will they release the first sample of footage?
  6. It includes davinci and fusion too!
  7. I hope Panasonic and Sony react to this and lower their prices
  8. Do you guys think that Panasonic will release Full VLog for the GH5S in the future? I heard that it allows 14 stops of dynamic range
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