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  1. Agree 100% Even a kit Lens will look cinematic with Raw Video.
  2. I had Zeiss lenses with the Sony A6300 and the Panasonic G85 and they never looked as good as when I would use them with ML RAW.
  3. I think 8 bit and Zeiss struggle together (Except for photos, when shooting RAW).
  4. Yeah nikkors are not bad, but when compared with Zeiss lens, something inside tells you that the Zeiss has something special. Even when I apply LUTs, it's like the Zeiss increases the Bit Depth lol and allows every color in the footage to be touched. Anyway, I used to use an EIKI 16F 2X adapter for a long time which was decent enough, but in the sample footage I used with the Takumar the Proskar Ishico 2X Anamorphic Adapter. I used to have one of these a while back but the focusing was so stiff. So this new one was in a good nick. Also, no dioptor used. I think I could get as close as 2 and a half feet with a sharp image. As for flaring, I haven't tested that yet as the taking lens is Super-Multi-Coated.
  5. Zeiss color rendering I think goes hand in hand with Canon ML Raw. I used to have a Sony A6300 which I sold to keep the EOS M instead, and the Zeiss lenses were never as good as they were on my old 5DII, III and 6D. I think the 6D is a great B-Cam, producing in my opinion (ARRI Like footage) when paired with Zeiss lenses. I'm not sure what the builds are like now on the 6D though.
  6. After doing a lot of tests, I haven't got the hang of removing purple frames from 1x3 bining mode though I am really satisfied so far with the MV1080p where I barely have to stretch footage in post. The graphic is amazing so far. I used a 2x Anamorphic adapter to capture the frames using the settings below in Dannes latest build and the Canon EOS M. Crop Mode: MV1080p 1736x1158 Bitrate - 10bit Ratios - OFF RAW Video: Resolution: 1736x1158 Aspect Ratio: 4:3 Data Format - 14Bit Lossless Also, no aliasing or purple frames (at least for now) 2x Anamorphic Adapter + SMC Takumar 50mm f1.4 @f2.4
  7. Agree. My favourite ML Fullframe camera is definitely the Canon 6D. The footage it produced was un-earthly, especially when paired with Zeiss lens.
  8. I have tried it out, but am not having luck so far with the live view and the purple frames. I will give it more time and see how everyone is doing with it. But it definitely looks like a great step forward, although I am quite happy with the build I am using now. Great News Aplicat!
  9. To be honest, I know what you mean about the quality and the coating. I've experienced the flaws with the M43 version, though this cheap one for the EOS M has been producing great results. I think the Vignette you mention is from the cheap ND Filter I was using (the Zomei), but nonetheless, it could also be a typical wide open aperture thing. Also, great news with the new build. Looks very promising for Magic Lantern users. Cheers!
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