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  1. When you click record you can still switch between the two Famings so it's no issue. Once you get the hang of it it comes natural. A really good lens for these modes is the Canon 10-18mm.
  2. Yeah, the colours are always gorgeous with ML thanks to the bit depth and colour science. I get a cropped real-time display in Live View, then I press the 'info' button to show me a grey scaled live view (low fps) of the actual raw framing. Then I go back to real-time and click record. I'm so used to it these days haha
  3. Just posted my latest Video with the EOS M & 2.8K Raw. Truly remarkable what this camera still can do. Tried to emulate the Super 16 look although I mainly used Canon L Glass. https://youtu.be/ohDS3ErANOs - - Gear Used- - *Camera - EOS M (Original w/ ML) *Lens - Canon 17-40 F/4 | Canon 24-70 f/4 | Canon 35 F/1.4 *Tripod - - Settings - - *2.8K RAW 2800x1190 [2.35:1] * 23.98 FPS, 1/48, WB 5200, ISO 100 - - Editing - - *All graded in MLV App (ALEXA LOG C Profile w/ Creative Adjustments enabled, Exported Prores 4444 * Finishing touc
  4. Nope they should pretty much be fine. I use a 16mm F1.4 C Mount lens and have used a Super 16mm Schneider ARRI-S Mount 16mm T1.9, worked fine with the 2.5K Mode. The 2.8k should be good too.
  5. My bad, I haven't been on this forum in a while... Been digested in the Magic Lantern Forum, and soon going to buy the P Lumix S5 For the EOS M ML RAW Modes, Jip-hop a while back posted the calculations of how the modes compare relative to the width of a full frame sensor (The Crop Factor). 1080 RAW Mode [1736x976] = 1.6x Crop Aps-c 1080 RAW Mode + x3 Crop Mode Enabled 1800px wide = 4.61x Crop (1.6x * 2.88x) 2.5K RAW Mode @2.35:1 = 3.29x Crop (1.6 * 2.06) 2.8K RAW Mode @2.35:1 = 2.96x Crop (1.6 * 1.85) - (Closest mode to Super16 or the BMPCC FOV) EOS M sensor size: 22.3
  6. That sounds like the M50's future to me. I hope the M50 will be up and running sometime this year or next...who knows, but I'm hanging on :). Greg has done something really nice for the M50 so far, check it out: https://www.magiclantern.fm/forum/index.php?topic=23296.msg227504;topicseen#msg227504
  7. Yep, the 5D2's are so cheap these days, I can get 3 at around $400-550 locally. I got mine for $500. But honestly, I believe the 5D3 is worth every penny if you are going to be a dedicated ML User, or want the most reliable RAW recording. Get yourself some Nikkor lenses and enjoy pushing those colours around... I love my A7rii 4K to bits, but prefer the look and colours of my EOS M or 5D2 with ML Raw more.
  8. I have done my own tests and will continue to do so. I personally feel the colour reproduction is slightly less degraded in the uncompressed and for the 14-bit RAW footage, in particular skin tones. There probably isn't a difference except in file size, but I like to push my grading in my spare time and just feel something different with the Uncompressed. Whi knowa i may be wrong, but I'll continue to grade lossless and uncompressed just for my own sanity sake and see. Cheers ?
  9. yeah the Pentax M give a more modern looking image with a similar Takumar-like character, except for the yellowing effect The Pentax-M 50mm f1.4 feels like the 8-Element Takumar as it's pin sharp @f1.4. Dual ISO works fine with the EOS M @ISO 100/200, 100/400, & Potentially 100/800. You enable Dual ISO, record, and then place the video files into MLV App and then select the "Dual ISO" Enable Button which automatically corrects the exposure of the whole clip. Then you just tweak it from there. Aliasing can be a bit rough so you need to use anamorphic mode or x3 crop mode where zero al
  10. Honestly, you don't need an upgrade, maybe just a 4K side camera to fill that need. I have the GH5 as a 4K sidekick, but I now appreciate the Magic Lantern cameras more. They're better for my main needs, the gh5 is just for backup 4K if I ever need it. I have had pretty much all. 12, 14, 24, 35, 50 & 85 (never owned the 135mm although it looks nice). Now I just own the 35 & 50mm. Both great companions to the 5Dii and extremely sharp. They grade like Hollywood lens ? The 24mm was very nice, but the 24mm and the 85mm just feel like speciality lenses to use in certain situations whi
  11. Awesome Mercer! The 5D3 is such a great cam even in 2020! I have the 5D2 and the 14 bit raw amazes me still, especially with the Samyang Primes. 14 Bit RAW I also feel is better than the lossless. The lossless feels like a .png and 14 Bit feels like full raw with more colours to play around with and more detailed too, considering you're getting more bit rate mb/s. Some people can't tell the difference, but I can feel it when I grade and am sure you can too.
  12. Not with realtime preview no. I can get correct framing but it will be a little laggy. 2.5K is in my opinion the best mode to use on the EOS M, I'll do a video about it, how to set it up, framing, and the other stuff very soon on YT. If it's not working for you, you can go into the ML Settings and reset ML Configuration to start fresh with ML Settings.
  13. Thought I'd share an EOS M RAW Video in 2.5K Mode with the Russian Cine Lens Vega 7-1 20mm F2: EOS M 2.5K Raw B/W 2.5K ML RAW @ 2.35:1 [2520X1072] - No Letterbox added. ISO 100 23.976FPS 1/48 Lightly Graded in MLV APP, exported in a 4K Timeline [FCPX]
  14. Good to know! May look into it as I really like the 25mm look owning a 7Artisans 25mm. I own the zeiss Jena tessar 50mm f2.8. Very nice character indeed. Though it's just slow for a 50mm. Heard good things about the 35mm f2.4, but whenever I get a medium/wide lens, I'm somewhat forced to get the equivalent brand 50mm. I've already owned the pancolar 50mm but find it a little saturated like Jena tessars and not as organic as the contax zeiss line. Never tried the Rollei Zeiss QBM Mount, wondering if they allow for infinity focus with EF Adapters or EF Mount. Cheers!
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