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  1. Just watched it and it looks very nice and natural! Great work :). You must have shot a bunch of clips to get 13 minutes. I shoot around 150-200 clips and by the time I finish editing its down to about 6-8 minutes. The russian lenses are also nice, im still waiting for my PL Mounted Helios to come in from Russia. Anyway, keep up the good work!
  2. SLR Magic Anamorphot 1.33x Compact 40 is your best bet for that stretch. The problem is there isn't much budjet anamorphic adapters at all for single focus. Most people these days just attatch single focus rangefinder optic to the front of anamorphic adapters go make them "single focus".
  3. Agree. Besides, it's not like those 6K Panasonic or 8K SHARP cameras can shoot RAW, although the resolution is quite attractive. They'll still have that "Digital" look. ML Raw is truly MAGIC. It will be developed even further in the near future.
  4. Yeah! EOS M50 with Magic Lantern would be insane. But it doesn't look like it'll be completed any time soon. By the time it finishes, there will probably be cameras out from Sony/Panasonic that can shoot 10K lol. The new Panasonic SH1 is introduced with 6K and 14 Stops of Dynamic Range and then there is an 8K Camera to be released. I'm still loving the upscaled to 4K footage from the outdated ML Cameras LOL.
  5. I know people who have tested the EVF-DC1 on the original EOS M and have stated that it "doesn't" work. Not sure about the EVF-DC2 I would presume that won't work either. I use this: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/V6-Magnifier-Hood-LCD-2-8x-Viewfinder-Extender-Magnetic-For-CANON-Eos-M/252672339287?epid=874907218&hash=item3ad471ed57:g:0RAAAOSwsW9YyVQF Does the trick. Funny thing, I actually superglued the frame to the EOS M, looks great and the Viewfinder works like a charm!
  6. If the EOS M does well, I'm presuming the 70D should also. Prores is nice if you want something quick, though skin tones and detail are not as good as RAW. I prefer my old Sony A6300 for Prores. The Dynamic Range and cinematic image are what sets the BMPCC apart from other cameras within its price range.
  7. I recently purchased the Original BMPCC and have only tested it gently using a Lumix 20mm f1.7. I'm waiting for a Metabones Speedbooster to arrive to officially test it with my awesome lens pile, but so far I can say the EOS M RAW is sharper and more detailed. People describe the BMPCC as having "cinematic" image due to its soft cinema look. it's like someone stuck an invisible 1/8 Black Pro-mist filter in front of the sensor. Until the other gears arrive for the BMPCC, I really do prefer the EOS M.
  8. Nice one Andrew! These frame grabs look very nice coming from the 70D and even the 7D! Glad to see Mr. Blue sky in the image, sets a nice scene.
  9. Focus peaking is not great. But there is magic zoom which creates a small, medium or large box depending on which you choose on the left or right side of the LV and it magnifies the focus for you. You can also enable live view sharpness which will sharpen the subject that you have in focus. I use it all the time and it works great, especially with an External LCD Viewfinder.
  10. If you need AF Badly and a flip screen, the 70D would be the better choice. Personally, I'm a sucker for the EOS M.
  11. Cool! 😄 I don't get them straight from the ML Site as they're a bit "out-dated". Daniel Anderson uploads new updates regularly for certain ML Cameras, the link is here: https://bitbucket.org/Dannephoto/magic-lantern/downloads/.
  12. Loving the EOS M mostly due to its size and the ability to apply a Focal Reducer. Sold the 5DII. You can put the EOS M in one pocket and a C Mount Lens in the other lol. But yeah the 70D is very nice indeed with that captivating Dual Pixel Autofocus alongside RAW (Gosh!). Not sure about the Aliasing with that camera though from what I've seen! Look forward to reading the blog! Cheers
  13. YouTube compression may have helped here as well. But in general, the results were pretty good and I was quite surprised considering the price of the camera. These days most people upscale or upload their videos in 4K to YouTube to avoid making their footage look like Minecraft from YouTube Compression, so even in 4K, the result was pretty clean.
  14. Most other cameras are too. Nothing wrong with your copy. Are you using a speed booster? And what lens? I think the worst thing most people do is increase the ISO in dark situations instead of applying lighting (unless you have the A7S etc.). I use a Viltrox Mini LED Light indoors on a tripod to light one side of my face, whilst the other is lightened through natural window lighting (I'm no lighting pro, but it seems to work).
  15. I was scratching my head between choosing the Lens Turbo II, Viltrox EM2 & The Metabones (For BMPCC). It's a shame the cheap speed-boosters (Viltrox) don't allow for IS or OS on Canon or other Third Party Lens. They almost had it in the bag.
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