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  1. Good to know! May look into it as I really like the 25mm look owning a 7Artisans 25mm. I own the zeiss Jena tessar 50mm f2.8. Very nice character indeed. Though it's just slow for a 50mm. Heard good things about the 35mm f2.4, but whenever I get a medium/wide lens, I'm somewhat forced to get the equivalent brand 50mm. I've already owned the pancolar 50mm but find it a little saturated like Jena tessars and not as organic as the contax zeiss line. Never tried the Rollei Zeiss QBM Mount, wondering if they allow for infinity focus with EF Adapters or EF Mount. Cheers!
  2. Indeed! Thanks for sharing those clip grabs. The 25mm looks like a scene from the Force Awakens or something. Well Done! I've heard the ZF/ZE are poor wide open and too "clinical" which has kept me away from them. I have used Zeiss Practical PB Mount also which are fantastic. The Zeiss Practica PB Mount 28mm f2.8 is a steal if you find it, just a pain to adapt. It's as sharp, if not sharper than the Contax Zeiss 28mm I used to own and goes for less $120 or less if you can find it attached to a poor camera. Cheers!
  3. Thanks Alex. Contax Zeiss series do work wonders! I used to own the 50 1.4 and was inspired to collect these again after seeing them being used very nicely with the URSA Mini. They really create a cinematic feel/vibe! Cheers
  4. In light of all the latest cameras out now, magic lantern is still awesome. This is a recent video put together from the eos m raw. Contax Zeiss 50mm f1.7 + Canon EOS M RAW https://youtu.be/w5YeZfvpee8 Still a great camera from 2012.
  5. Thank you. Still need some practice with these adapters (especially aligning them and cropping sides in post). Best way forward is to test your current anamorphic setup with double focus and if you're sold on the look and the effort, then a "single-focus" solution may be the next step forward. For me, I prefer the general use of spherical lens for short films, but anamorphic is fun! Thanks
  6. Canon EOS M RAW 2x Anamorphic with 7Artisans 55mm f1.4 & MOSTY SC43 2x Adapter. *Double Focus *Recorded @4:3 (1600x1158) converted to 2.39:1 (4096x1716)
  7. I mean each visual in the sequence of clips flow nicely, creates a nice atmosphere.
  8. I guess the story exceeds the resolution Nice one! @theraywong.
  9. Really like the look of this one. The look is nostalgic and seems as though it was shot using B4 Lenses or C Mount Lens. Good work! (Just hope the GH2 wasn't used to make this, otherwise I might add this camera to my shopping cart).
  10. Agree with this. Run & Gun Anamorphic is the way to go with all these new, light weight, mirrorless cameras these days. Having great luck with the MOSTY SE 16mm 2x [GOLD], very nice anamorphic adapter indeed, rally sharp wide open, faster focus than my taking lens.
  11. I have four EOS M batteries, but barely get through the second, then again, i'm using vintage lenses. I'm guessing you're using the native lenses? There is a dummy adapter where you can charge the camera with a power bank (5000mah, 10,000mah etc.) via the usb end. I know its a 'dummy adapter', but it's a 'no-brainer' (pun intended). Link: https://www.ebay.com/itm/LP-E12-Power-Charger-Cable-ACK-E12-DR-E12-Dummy-Battery-for-Canon-EOS-M-EOS-M2/143167084446?hash=item21556c579e:g:wHAAAOSwZrtclZfW
  12. Haha, all good. Its good to see the EOS M getting a good work out Best cam for me in my opinion. A lot of people are seeing its true potential and what beautiful footage it can create for the price.
  13. Definitely an interesting one! Looking forward to seeing the winners Guess GH2/NX200 users have a good bet...
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