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  1. Stars Wars analogies do not bode well for future canon cameras.
  2. Canon are certainly shook up since the days of only having sights for Nikon as a competitor. They also strike me as a company to have things in the pipeline way off for shipping- maybe they added the HQ modes after the design was finalised, didn’t like the idea of making it too-useful a camera anyway, got in touch with Tilta for a 3rd party solution and threw caution to the wind.
  3. At this point we know it’s intentional. They also made the 1dxiii which doesn’t overheat. The fact that Tilta released their cooling system says they both had preproduction units and/or schematics, and were aware the camera would SHIP with overheating and thus made a viable business decision on that knowledge- with canon in the loop.
  4. I was wondering this too. What if the R5 was designed and ready a while ago when Canon were still conservative on the video specs side and changed course late in the day.
  5. I get your POV, but you can’t even do that. I should have a dedicated R5 completely unused for the time I want 120 fps? And then if we don’t get the shot, I should have a second when the first overheats? If it even can record anything at all?
  6. But it’s not a bonus. Even if they didn’t market the video the way they did. You literally can’t use your “bonus” most of the time. You don’t sell someone chocolate and say actually you can only eat that for 3 seconds and then you have to wait to eat a little bit more. And you don’t include 8K RAW VIDEO if the design is inadequate to actually operate it. If it was a stills camera first, then you simply don’t include those video features at all. Basically what they did with all their other 5D cameras.
  7. It’s beginning to feel like they’ve been caught with their hand in the cookie jar. If it’s as it sounds with a timer regardless of temp., expect many lies to cover it up.
  8. Imagine if Canon created a breakthrough sensor with low RS, good DR, 8k and doesn’t overheat- but exactly like the 5dIII after the II thought, ‘we can’t give them something this good, let’s cripple it’. But then they cripple it too much on the secret insider cripple-o-meter and get caught because if they uncripple it everyone will know.
  9. It is just bizarre. Either way you cut it, why did it get released? I’m looking forward to your findings and possible workarounds.
  10. Back to the Candragon, I think it strikes a good balance if you have a (future) ProRes recorder for Raw when you need it.
  11. Agree on the Sony hijacking. I personally do care about stills but, life is too short to wait around for the one camera to rule them all and waste money switching. When the perfect camera does come, I'll buy three no matter the manufacturer.
  12. Agree. If you have the cash to explore all systems that's great. But in a frugal persons arsenal, story and craft matter so much more- if not for every filmmaker. I switched to Sony and got burnt and see no exponential improvement to their products in the areas that weren't good enough. I just had the feeling of being a beta tester for a 2nd version camera with the A7s II.
  13. But other videos from other cameras on YouTube don’t look thin. I agree YouTube degrades videos but, it doesn’t take away from the overall look of a video in my experience.
  14. So by hand you mean person. I agree to an extent that IQ is paramount. However, how something gets that IQ is also important.
  15. I watched Philip Blooms sequel film, and I came to the exact same conclusion- it looks thin. Same as the sII. At the right fingers any footage can be fixed and improved, I'm just not convinced Sony have made the leap into 'doesn't need to be touched and it looks right' territory.
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