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  1. I haven't read all previous comments, but: IT IS NOT FUJIFILM YET in terms of skin tones colors etc. NO ONE can beat Fuji on these yet...
  2. you can't use your lens with any anamorphic, you need longer focal length... especially with the Isco
  3. never existed this ''SOLA'' thing, it is seller's own made experiment lens and in general be aware of this seller: in the recent past he made a 1.33x one and put a stick on it and named it: ''Century Optics USA'' ? ... He fooled someone but when the buyer discovered the scam, he left him a nice negative feedback ?
  4. which decade you're referring about? never sold for less than $500 the red ones, except of rare findings sometimes of course
  5. sounds bit overpriced bro, the Recti sells $1200 new & you ask $1500 for the rest? anyway not my biznes
  6. seems similar to Proskar, Sun, Eiki for 16mm. they"re all good, you can't go wrong
  7. The 36 without MC is not MC It is simply the same lens like the old original Iscorama. Later they made the 36-MC read this from Andrew Reid (he has one) in that link below: " It isn’t the multi-coated MC version. " source (scroll down to that page): https://www.eoshd.com/2012/04/shooting-in-london-on-the-5d-mark-iii-with-iscorama-36-1-5x-anamorphic/
  8. Nope. Use the screws provided with the DNA & you're ready to go.
  9. next time it will appear I'll send you. but it's not the one he's talking about from a US seller
  10. exists indeed & appears every couple of years. smaller than the usual Isco "ultra star" ones
  11. may I ask why you spam here with at least 3 listings of the same lens??? it's too much man
  12. anyone tried these? - http://philipbloom.net/blog/clog/ - https://sellfy.com/p/ul1t/
  13. having tested the G80 & the A7R2 & A7S2, the in-body stabilizer of Panasonic is better
  14. the "50" is sharper, this one is like the Rangefinder
  15. this problem occurs only with G80/G85... It's Pana's stabilazer that creates the problem....
  16. I don't like this lens, their 50-anamorphot is better, this one seems a real fail though
  17. Lens again for sale here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/252642514154
  18. I felt across this one: http://www.ebay.com/itm/262705764935 Anyone knows something about it?
  19. mini iscorama?? this thing doesn't exist. I mean the "mini" :D this is a recently came out adding to these Isco models (so no actually Iscorama, but Isco, a bit different) from a seller in germany searching for fishes to bite :D
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