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  1. $925 shipped. last price drop
  2. $950 shipped US. paypal verified only
  3. lightly used leica 42.5 with b&w filter. comes with box and case. $1050 paypal shipped to usa only pics to come
  4. I think because its canon. and the price point its at, the 5D4 should have always been better then the gh5 from the start. At least as good video wise. The suppose update is just catching it up to what it should have been released with. Even so, it'll still be monster. With a monster price tag and monster size compaired to the gh5 and m43.
  5. i pre ordered mine in feb from best buy and they did not ship yesterday. updated ship date of 4-3 :/
  6. my best buy order from feb changed from "have it by 3/30" to "have it by 4/3" so im hoping it ships tomorrow also.
  7. Welp. Did what I said I was going to do. Sold Oly 12-40 & 40-150 for PL 42.5 1.2 & PL 15 1.7 When I got the Oly lenses I excited to get my MFT journey underway. But the lenses (looks & handling) didn't really do much for me. Obviously first impression's dont mean much if it preforms. But after using Pana 12-60 it was clear I wanted faster lenses. Got the PL 42.5 and for the first time since buying the Canon 135L, I feel pretty damn charged up right now. This lens looks and feels the part and hopefully its balls to wall like everyone says it is! Super excited.
  8. Thanks for everyones help. After watching some more video footage on the Leica lens, Ive come to the conclusion im most likely going to sell the Oly 12-40 & 40-150 for tge Leica 15 & 42.5. Ill hold off until the GH5 comes in, but I think Ill want the faster lenses down the road. And in a few months add the oly 75 1.8.
  9. TBH,moving away from canon kinda feels refeeshing. No doubt there glass is incredible, but using a metabones and canon glass just doesnt appeal to me. Even though it works. Hard to explain. Not to mention, just the 35 II eats up all the budget for m43 lenses. As for trying sigma art. I first tried the 35mm ART before buying the 35 II and it had WAY to many missed auto focus. It wasnt one every once in a while. But more like 50/50. NEVER had that with the canon. So thats my sigma experience
  10. Let me first say, I really love the forum. Mostly I just read through and watch the discussions, but need some help. Last 12 minths ive been doing alot more video. Once the specs were announced on the gh5 I pretty much immediately sold my 6D, 24-105, 35L II and 135L to pool my money into my move to m43. Gh5 has been ordered and Im really second guessing my lens choices. With the remaining money from the canon gear, I bought an Olympus 12-40mm 2.8 & 40-150 2.8. It seems like the logical choice based on the aputure and coverage of focal lengths. Today, I was watching some clips from my 35 II & 135, and I feel with the olympus lenses I might not get that WOW factor. Both those lenses produced special things. I have no real world experience saying the olympus lenses wont do incredible things. As Im actually just sitting on the lenses until the gh5 ships. All that said, with what I could get for both of them, would it be best to put that into a lens that has that wow factor?
  11. Using my right thumb is easier and more stable than searching and using my pointer finger. But If It doesn't allow me to change that, then Ill have to deal with it
  12. Ive looked in the menu to do this. All look again. At least I know its possible. Anyone know if I can change it to Start/Stop for video?
  13. So I sold all my canon stuff last few months and PO a Gh5 and just got g85 a few days ago. On the GH4 the start/stop record button was on the rear of the camera. The G85 and GH5 have it on top and using it right now on my G85 is driving me nuts. Its about flush with the body and Im constanly looking to see where it is. Im looking for two things. Any way to to use the AF/AE button as a start/stop in video mode? Also, anyway to use the AF/AE button as a BBF in manual mode? I cant find any info on this. Thanks
  14. I started doing video last year with my 6D. Im really contemplating POing the GH5. Has what im looking for (so does a6500) but takes it a step farther. Only thing that keeps me from ordering is that it actually might be to much camera. I figure I can grow into it, but 8 bit vs 10 bit and all that, im not exactly up on. But if I was going to spend $1400 on the Sony, I could scrape together another $600 for GH5
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