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  1. Before tax: Moeney After taxes: Less money Location: NYC Type of jobs that you do: Advertising, Music Video, Short film Stick to your guns. You asking if it's "worth" it, isn't going to get you anywhere, if you really want to do it, you will and that drive will get you your worth in cash.
  2. First of all, I have no idea what's going on between these two photos, clearly tons of processing of the image from Xiamoi. Second of all, what are you trying to prove with 2 examples, with no clarification on how you took the pictures, what settings you used etc. I have an iPhone 11 Pro Max and my photos do not look as crap as the one you have in this example. Again, it sucks that the stock photo app on iPhone can't access the RAW photo (I don't really feel a need for it but it would be nice to have the option straight out of the box.) But yeah, here's 2 untouched photos I've taken with my phone for reference. (I did have to convert from HEIC to jpg to upload them here so have that in mind). I also uploaded the info about the two shots from Bridge. The one from Dec 28 is the outdoor shot btw.
  3. I don't know if I can add anything useful here but this is my set up and I can run a full day on 3 Sony batteries. I also use the black 1TB T5's for consistent look. I LOVE this set up! (don't mind the apple plug, I took this for my instagram back in december for my Instagram) (Also, I know the cog is on the zoom, so no need to point that out 😂)
  4. Just curious, why not do your color in DaVinci?
  5. Ah, got it, I’m gonna head over to B&H tomorrow and check them out. Thanks for reply!
  6. So I was about to buy some Sony F970 batteries today but found out that there’s a newer F975. I tried googling but found nothing on the topic really. Is it the same battery? Please enlighten me, thanks in advance.
  7. I bought the maxed out model. 2.4GHz 8-core i9 (5GHz turbo) Radeon Pro 5500M 8GDDR 64GB RAM Will be receiving it this week as I'm bringing work on my holiday travels. Usually work on my iMac Pro: 3.0GHz 10-core Intel Xeon W (4.5GHz turbo) Radeon Pro Vega 64 16GB HBM2 64GB RAM Will be exciting to compare as I've had zero issues working on my iMac Pro so far. And I'll be gone for 3 weeks to work on the new MBP so will def get an extensive trial of it's capabilities.
  8. I've run into this a lot and am so tired of it, so yeah, when masking in a crop effect, doing invert and then 100% I always get a line on my right side of the image that won't disappear. Anyone else having this issue? I have updated to 2020 today and problem still persists. EDIT: Creating a mask in the opacity effect layer won't leave a line like this, so I assume it's just a bug in the crop effect, anyway, if anyone has a solution, please share! Thanks
  9. Quick question! what is this W next to my running time, I don’t think I’ve noticed it before... Tried to find a manual for BlackMagic OS on their website without luck.
  10. Saw on Twitter I think, that Tilta said this was a collaboration with what you call "the Chinese guys".
  11. So I'm stupid and haven't done this before but this year I got quickbooks to finally be serious about taxes and I have some questions to all of you who freelance. What exactly do you write off? I've measured my office space in my house and all that, but then looking at other stuff like meals, can I write my lunch off everyday? And what about web services like Hulu, Netflix, Google Drive etc. Do you write that off to? This is all so new to me so please tell me everything you want to share. I literally put a video game I just bought as business because it's "cinematic", and I might learn something (lol). Yeah, everything, and were to draw the line. Thanks in advance!
  12. Yeah I remember you saying that, and forgot to thank you for your tips! Does anyone here use the metabones support for the tilta camera? I see two different options on the website and one does say "PL type", which is not what I use but Nikon mount. So should I assume the other tiltaing support bracket is the correct? I have a Speedbooster ultra. https://tilta.com/shop/lens-adapter-support-bracket/
  13. I'm back with a question about the use of Sony F970 in the new tilta handle. Will these work well with the BMPCC4K? https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1468019-REG/watson_b_4238_np_f970_lithium_ion_battery_pack.html/specs They're so much cheaper than the original Sony's but I like Watson and own a lot of their batteries.
  14. Sweet, and thanks! Are you using Sony ones or other brand?
  15. Hey guys, does anyone own the Tilta Side handle with P970? How is the battery life with these batteries?
  16. Looked around the website and read specs, so if I’m correct, the weight and size/design between 4K and 6K units are the exact same? Can’t find any comparison options so am I correct to assume this?
  17. Take the GH5s off of the ronin? Edit: And buy a native OIS lens if you don’t think it’s “stabilized” enough. Edit2: I don’t want to sound like a jerk so sorry for my edits, but my original thought was more in terms of like, why spend all this money of a new camera+setup when you have something that you like and actually works for you. I shot a mini doc, run and gun with bmpcc4K and it looks great, so I can’t imagine you would do worse with a GH5s with IBS and OIS lenses.
  18. I need to go through all functions at one point, want to copy all my keyboard shortcuts from Premiere. I’m actually starting to enjoy DaVinci more and more!
  19. In premiere in the export window you can choose to scale your source material to fill the screen. I have a time line with over 200 clips shot 4K DCI in DaVinci now and can't find an option to scale it to fill a 1080p output. Just wondering if I have to go manually and scale each clip by itself in the edit page or not... EDIT: Figured it out. You can just CMD+A the timeline in edit page and then adjust the scale and it will adjust all of the clips marked.
  20. Wasn’t the point of this upgrade that you can actually update it yourself compared to the old one? Did you see specs/video?
  21. They’re a company. Usually shoot with big team but this one they tried to keep it small. Newway12 posted BTS
  22. I don’t know if I’m understanding you correct but you want to add the effect to everything in say V1? If so, just add an adjustment layer in V2 and make it as long as your in to out. Then just add the effect to that adjustment layer, everything below the adjustment layer with take its effects.
  23. You can downgrade if you want to keep CDNG. Also it’s not BMD’s fault. Enjoy! Also Deezid, below is not aimed towards you, the forum merged my two comments. I bet everything I own on that the first few months now we will hear how bad BRAW is from people who can’t handle a camera and shoots waves in slow motion as their “profession” on YT. Same with P4K, remember just a few months ago how tons of people completely bashed it and now people call it a marvel. Lol, I should prob get off the forums until summer is here when people are hopefully happier
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