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  1. If we control your vocabulary a bit, I would take you into account. We are not all born with the camera in hand but we have to adapt to the new. I'm not going to buy more gimbals and I'm looking for something to make the most of with a camera and a lens recording handheld. Could you stop being so angry with the answers and abstain if you can not contribute anything? It is not bad at all what we are recording in hand with GH5s and, adding a stabilized lens could be a good improvement. Thank you!
  2. I use a6500 and I heave overheat problems! I'm not anybody's fanboy. I have Canon, Sony Panasonic an GoPro.
  3. I have GH5S for inside workshop shots placed in ronin mx but it weighs a lot and I need something lighter for handheld! I'm thinking of buying something less heavy for handheld but I do not decide between the Panasonic s1 and the kit lens + ninja atoms V, gh5 + 16-35mm stabilised + ninja atoms V or directly Panasonic cx350 (too small sensor and very poor user manual) I need 4k 422 10bit, as stabilised as possible for handheld use. I would like something FF or super 35 minimum to take advantage of the Canon EF lenses that I have and could use them in the tripod when the situation requires it. I say 422 10bit for the ease of working colors in Davinci. C200 or Eva1 are not stabilised, S1H is not yet available. The sony's I've had get very hot and I do not expect more from the next a7s III. I know that Panasonic auto focus is as it is but I work in manual normally. I prefer good stabilisation and good colors. ???
  4. I also have a6500 and I get the colors but many times I need more ISO and here is where the colors fail me. With GH5S this does not happen to me at high ISO but the sensor covers me insufficiently. At the moment what has failed me with the colors are the lenses, less the APOs.
  5. With an EF to Nikon Z available, we could have the nikon in mind too.
  6. Let's see what conclusion you get. The color match, I do not know if it will be possible between S1 and GH5S. GH5 and GH5S do not have the same color science (as an example) Thank you! We make videos in a metallurgy lab. I have a lot of macro lenses but the only one that gets me the colors of metals is voigtlander 125mm macro. As I said, I have no extensive knowledge and no time for color grading but with this lens, the color comes out easy. I will never buy mirrorless lenses, good or cheap because we change the camera every time we can to improve and all the lenses we have are EF. When changing we do not have fan brand complexes. It may cost money to buy a good body right now but not as much as changing the system. We work in a lab and the weight or dimensions of the lenses do not matter. We also have Otus and it is ridiculous in a mirrorless but it gives us good results and this is what we are looking for.
  7. Hi. I have GH5S and nice lenses EF adapted to MFT. I need FF or Super35 camera for the best color HD, No Log. Stabilizer and autofocus I don't use. I don't have time and knowledge to grade Log, Vlog, etc. GH5S it is perfect for what I need but I lose angle in my lenses. I don't want to buy boosters for CA and I have APO lenses. S1+MC21 only for Iris is ok for the color match but EOS R+original adapter is ok as well for my EF lenses and the price difference is not important. ? Any push to one or another, please?
  8. In the end, I bought gimbal and motion control. The MC bought it from another brand but returned it for not moving fluidly. For the moment I will stay with the gimbal because I like the results it gives and versatile. Thanks for your help!
  9. I want to use the MO for macro video shotting with focus tracking in real time. I have notified the seller and he has assured that there is not a problem. I do believe that it is a problem to maintain the focus with a 125mm macro in MFT (250mm). I have given all the details about what I need because I do not want to buy to send back
  10. Thank you @DBounce! +1 for motion control
  11. Hi. I have cameras (GH5S, A6500, GoPro7), lenses (all EF mount and adapters), tripods and normal sliders. I do youtube videos in my lab to promote my business. I want to improve my videos adding motion and I am between 6-Axis Motion Control SET from sliderkamera and Zhiyun Crane 3 LAB. At the final I will buy both but which one is more useful to buy first? Motion control is cumbersome to assemble to prepare each scene and I think I will stop using it for complexity. However, it has the advantage of the slider. The crane has a follow focus too and it is easier to set up before a scene. I have never used crane or motion control and I would like someone who has both systems to give me their opinion. Thank you very much for your time! Coly
  12. I decided for GH5S because - it is tested and retested for video - I can buy new and it is 2017-2018 product - I can find LUTs and lot of info ( I bought Leeming LUTs fot the moment) - large video settings possibility for a mixed video/still camera
  13. FS700 + upgraded FW can be very good gear for my needs, and for the price. Thank you
  14. Let me study all this info. Low light it is not so important, I use lights. FS5 in UK it is £££££££££££££££....... ☹️ FS700 it is 5 years old....
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