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  1. Given that it's udma 7 it should handle everything but uncompressed raw (the blackmagic site has the data rates of each format listed). But best to get someone else to confirm as I'm not %100. Have you noticed any difference in viewing angle? Also, would you be happy share which one you got and for how much?
  2. Andrew, I get what you are saying but maybe i had too much bias creep into what I wrote (I've ordered a bmpcc). My point is that between the two the features and price are different enough that each are targeting different audiences. There are plenty of people that think each camera is garbage and amazing. Personally, I didn't even consider the gh5s or gh5 because they are far more expensive. So even given the they have differences, I would have taken a hit on quality and features just for the sake of saving money.
  3. I think you are right because these cameras are using the same sensor or at least very similar. It's a matter of preference and perspective though, the bmcc goes all in on video while the Panasonic attempts to remain a run-and-gun hybrid. But with such a low resolution for photos and - to a lesser extent - no IBIS I wouldn't be content shooting stills on it anyway. Which is why some people prefer going for the extra video focused features of bmcc. Not to mention, the gh5s is a completely different price point.
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