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  1. There is no video yet. Just stills from upcoming test clip
  2. @Mrrvrn Sigma 18-35 combined with that Viltrox looks pretty good on Pocket 4K. Stills from Note Suwanchote
  3. Comparison with original Pocket and RED Gemini
  4. 1. Maybe because he asked nicely ? 2. 1 hour
  5. Oh. You're right. Then definitely a fake.
  6. Another video from BMPCC 4K Probably my favorite so far.
  7. I am very surprised by the comments about the lack of "film look" in the footage from new pocket. Sure, first two videos with skin tones test did not look perfect in this regard, but the rest? I watched all the clips and I still see this organic, "classic BMD look". But with better, more natural colors, more details etc. compared to original BMPCC. My favourite shots I think that looks way more cinematic than BMPCC. Actually, if someone told me that the mirror shot was filmed with Ursa mini, I would believe him. Also almost every camera (and lens) have his "weak" moments, I can found on YouTube high amount of BMPCC videos that looks extremaly digital, as if they were shot with cheap DSLR.
  8. 4K 60fps in RAW 4:1 is more than enough for me. No tragedy
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