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  1. I have played a little with these luts today (daylight and tungsten) and I like what I see. Proper exposure and whitebalance and picture look really nice with healthy skin tones. Good job! I let the more advanced users to comment more later.
  2. So it performs in cold too, display too but must have been quite slow. Yeah. I have bought Ronin-S with DJI's focus motor and some lenses. They are waiting for the P4K.
  3. I pre-ordered about 23 of August and still waiting. This is in Finland. I am little upset because BM is so silent. 3 months and not a word what is going on with the camera shipments.
  4. That mini scenes advice I try to remember. Good one!
  5. I am sure many would be intrested to know something about the audio quality recorded with camera's internal mics. I have understood it should be quite good for internal mics. Does it capture camera's fan noise, or how about the noice floor, is there much hiss in sound? I haven't heard any sound recorded with this camera yet.
  6. Yes, thank you for these videos! I hope I get my Pocket in the first shipment although I preordered only a week ago. But I also paid it, so hoping to get it then. I know I'm going to love this camera.
  7. I like the footage. I think also the grading has something to do with highlights rolloff/near clipping in the forrest. I like also the higher ISO performance, quite clean. And last part is also nice. Looking for more footage please.
  8. Personally I really would like to see the movie first before digging deeper of how it was made. I don't wan't to ruin the illusion. But that's just me of course, I quess...?
  9. If I can buy a bluray disk someday with finnish subtitles , I will. Payment via PayPal from somewhere or straight from Finland
  10. Maybe a bug with Adobe RGB. Just a guess. But it has wider green color space than sRGB has.
  11. Just spend the whole night trying to do something with Fusion. Never used that before. I would like to be able to add something to my videos with it. I bought used BMCC some time ago and it is my first cinema camera. So I have plenty to learn. But Resolve is and will be my tool for making my videos. I think BMD is a great company.
  12. Agree. This is the point off all of this. But even one .dng would have made a difference. But I can wait, no problem. I bought the BMCC couple months ago. So I can play with raw. Still have my 2 NX1's though. So I am too interested what is going to happen with this raw thing.
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