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  1. I have played a little with these luts today (daylight and tungsten) and I like what I see. Proper exposure and whitebalance and picture look really nice with healthy skin tones. Good job! I let the more advanced users to comment more later.
  2. So it performs in cold too, display too but must have been quite slow. Yeah. I have bought Ronin-S with DJI's focus motor and some lenses. They are waiting for the P4K.
  3. I pre-ordered about 23 of August and still waiting. This is in Finland. I am little upset because BM is so silent. 3 months and not a word what is going on with the camera shipments.
  4. That mini scenes advice I try to remember. Good one!
  5. I am sure many would be intrested to know something about the audio quality recorded with camera's internal mics. I have understood it should be quite good for internal mics. Does it capture camera's fan noise, or how about the noice floor, is there much hiss in sound? I haven't heard any sound recorded with this camera yet.
  6. Yes, thank you for these videos! I hope I get my Pocket in the first shipment although I preordered only a week ago. But I also paid it, so hoping to get it then. I know I'm going to love this camera.
  7. I like the footage. I think also the grading has something to do with highlights rolloff/near clipping in the forrest. I like also the higher ISO performance, quite clean. And last part is also nice. Looking for more footage please.
  8. Personally I really would like to see the movie first before digging deeper of how it was made. I don't wan't to ruin the illusion. But that's just me of course, I quess...?
  9. If I can buy a bluray disk someday with finnish subtitles , I will. Payment via PayPal from somewhere or straight from Finland
  10. Maybe a bug with Adobe RGB. Just a guess. But it has wider green color space than sRGB has.
  11. Just spend the whole night trying to do something with Fusion. Never used that before. I would like to be able to add something to my videos with it. I bought used BMCC some time ago and it is my first cinema camera. So I have plenty to learn. But Resolve is and will be my tool for making my videos. I think BMD is a great company.
  12. Agree. This is the point off all of this. But even one .dng would have made a difference. But I can wait, no problem. I bought the BMCC couple months ago. So I can play with raw. Still have my 2 NX1's though. So I am too interested what is going to happen with this raw thing.
  13. Yep, tripod too. One point is to get in the mood when the fireworks happened. That is why I don't ad music. NX1 can record very nice audio, but you must listen with headphones or with good speakers. And dark room with large computer monitor would be optimal. I know many do not like videos without music, but this is a little different video
  14. First time I tried multicam editing in Resolve. Shot with two NX1 cameras. This is fireworks in Kuusankoski Finland (part of Kouvola city) clock 8pm
  15. It is really nice that people who have real cinema cameras are trying to match NX1 picture with their main camera and give us the settings to try out. Refreshing
  16. This is the second part of installation prosess: https://github.com/ottokiksmaler/nx500_nx1_modding/blob/master/video-bitrate-mods/nx-patch/nx-patch.zip Instructions are in the ZIP-file. The hack has the killall button and it is usefull, because using it the other parts of the hack (except bitrates) are not using any prosessing resurces. And after using killall you can't open menu before the battery has been out of the camera ( shut camera and after that battery out for few seconds.) However the Killall function doesn't remain on many days. You have to do it again after day or two. But you start to make it habbit to check, with double clicking the little lcd light button, that if the killall function is still on or not. Not a big deal.
  17. It is this: https://github.com/ottokiksmaler/nx500_nx1_modding/blob/master/nx-on-wake/nx-on-wake.zip Click this link with left mouse button, and new page opens and there is download button.
  18. Is the info.tg file also in the card?
  19. Did you check that there is anything inside the ZIP-file. I just tested downloading and if I click the nx-on-wake.zip with right mouse button and try to download that way, it wont work. The downloaded ZIP-file is empty. You must click with left button and new window opens and there you can download the ZIP-file. Then unzip it to your empty formatted cards root. From instructions: "3. Unzip the file where you found this README in the root of your SD card. Double-check that your SD card now contains two folders: install and nx-on-wake, placed in the root of the card"
  20. As it is said before in static scenes it is hard to see any difference. But I have seen horrible macro blocking in some sky scenes before the hack. Also there is some stange "macro block flashing" sometimes in even shadow surfaces ( grounds, roads, walls...), there can be little with hack too but much more without. Can't explain it, but it seems to me some kind of macro blocking. I have also seen really horrible macro block, color kind of flashing when shooting snow during snowing. I have not seen it with the hack yet. I have no words to explain it correctly, sorry my english. All in all, simply the picture seems more "peacefull" with the hack. I use it all the time. Nowadays at 140 mbps (AF and IS on)
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