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  1. thanks for the replies guys. I will check it out in a different settings and let you know what I think. I read all everything I could find on the matter before installing the hack and was expecting to see even a minor or tiny difference in still video as well. if you can only tell the difference while moving and with tress and small details that the eye cant always pick anyway, it might not be so much of a deal. I was also (mostly) interested to see if color grading would effect the different files - I know it`s not 10 bit but still, more data.
  2. I have been reading about the hack for a while now and decided to give it a try today. I took the same video with the camera on a tripod filming 2 toys with different colors and small details, dark areas and bright areas, not a lot of light and strong red, blue and green colors in the frame. ISO was 200, WB was on auto, shutter speed 50, 25p, 3.2 aperture. I started with bit rate of 80 and slowly went up by +20 each time. When I got to 220 the card could not take it anymore and recording stopped after 4 seconds. I use the sandisk extreme pro 64gb 95mb/s - sound was on. I then used both after effects and premiere to scan every detail of the different videos just to see if I can see more details or anything that can give me a hint to the fact one clip is better than the other. Beside the huge difference in file size, they all looked exactly the same even when I got in 800%. The 200 had the same look as the 80! Either I am doing something wrong, or there is no point for this? what do you actually get out of it if you cant even see the difference? It`s like taking the h265 file and use editready to create a high quality prores out of it. You get a huge file that thinks it is 10bit but it`s actually just a fake one. Any one can help me see the light? thanks
  3. Didn't think about the ISO as the issue....but maybe....usually when you shoot in low light when you get this
  4. I know this issue might have been discussed in here before but I couldn't find it.... I have been searching for info about it over the net and came up with nothing. I use the App with a galaxy phone but it's not ideal for film and it's more of a cool thing to talk about but not to use. Does it work with any other view finder with a different lens on (not samsung) ? or this is another issue with the system? - + plus : does any one here know of a program that can play the nx-1 files smoothly? the only way I can watch them on my Mac is with the latest version of Premiere. No other softwares the claim they can play HVEC (like the new vlc) play the files....I tried all the free things I could find and nothing play them.....what is the trick? thanks
  5. guys I am not such a newbie....I do it for living....i know about shutter speeds and WB. I do not know why I keep getting strobes but I know it's something only my NX-1 suffer from.....I get the strobe issue in any wedding I have done since I got the camera. It sometimes happens with certain street light....I mainly use it on the best quality with 25P shutter speed 50 (which give me the best results). going to any other frame rate and shutter speed will make strobing worse. I have noticed that 25P on HD give less strobe then 25P on 4k for some reason....but doesn't mind what I do I get a strobe you can see!! Same place, I take my 5D or other canon camera.....no strobe at all with the same frame rate and shutter speed so it's something with the NX-1 system. Knowing they got the issues with the WB make me wonder if it another problem with the camera.....it's kind of a bummer I didn't know about it before buying it....
  6. damnn I was kinda hoping my camera has something bad with it....now you tell me it's the whole brand.....this is a major flaw no one talks about when writing reviews about this camera...... along side with the fact there is absolutely no way to cancel the strobe effect around most new LED lights that they put now in wedding halls it's almost useless for events.....wish I have known that before buying this camera.
  7. so re installing the firmware solved it?
  8. it's been going on for a while now..... I shoot a video (no matter what type or how long) and every now and then the color of the image will change from being slightly red to green or the other way around. It's like something is changing my color specifications while shooting a video. first I thought it might be an issue with the spot meter for light which makes the color change when I aim the camera to a new direction but it keeps on happening never mind what I do. I think I got everything on manual so it cant be some kind of auto adjustment.....I am lost. Anyone ever got that issue with the camera? What can cause this? it really fucks up my videos thanks
  9. Hi guys, Any one here trying using the NX-1 for VJing? I was wondering if it is possible to use the camera as a source with an application such as resolute arena. I guess i need a streamer in between the camera and the computer right? thanks
  10. Hi there, I got what might seems like a stupid question here. How do i get my nx-1 to shoot on 120p or 100p? I know I am supposed to change my settings to 1920X1080 25p or 50p and then choose X0.25 or X0.5 in order to shoot slow mo (what ever it is, PAL or NTSC) but for some reason I cant choose the circle to make it slow....I see it there saying 120p (or 100p) but I cant choose it. No matter what I tried it won't become available....any ideas? Plus I also read somewhere that the converter won't recognise the 120p video clips and won't decode them to h264...is that true? thanks
  11. guys I think you are not understanding what i am saying.... I know about frequencies and so...I know what cause the strobe effect. What I don't understand is why on other cameras, like my 5d mark 2 when I shoot in the same light with the same frame rate I get a good image and with the nx-1 I get the flickering....and by the way, when you shoot 4k the nx-1 will show more flickering then when you shoot FHD....I don't understand why. Is something is wrong with my camera or you all got the same problem. Again, what i am saying is that the nx-1 will flicker when a different camera won't with the same settings. thanks
  12. I know that already....still it happens with certain lights. It only goes away (not completely when I shoot 1920X1080 or less.....there is also a strange half a second light change when I shoot on certain conditions, not sure yet why. I was wondering why the NX-1 cant get rid of the store effect when other cameras can....is it something to do with the sensor? thanks
  13. I am starting to discover strange things about the NX-1 video abilities....no doubt they are good but happened to me twice already that I got the flickering (strobe) effect from artificial light source no matter what frame rate I used. Usually with neon and certain led lights 50 frames per second or 60 (depends if you shoot PAL or NTSC) will make it go away but no so with the NX-1....I worked with it on two different locations where I had this issue only with the NX-1 and not my canon camera.... Is that normal? anyone knows why? Thanks.....and by the way....does the Rocky mountain convertor comes in an english version also?
  14. Hi guys. I am new here and although I was looking for an answer I couldn't find it so I will try my luck, I just bought the nx-1 and have been trying to work on videos with it just to find it almost impossible. Even after converting it with the Samsung software to a regular HD format and matching my sequence and project settings on premiere CC 2014 with it, I can't really work with the files. Premiere will play them but it lag every other second even when I drop the quality to the minimum. I also get this strange green screen frame with the end and beginning of each clip. It almost feels like the computer or software find the files too heavy to deal with.... I got the strong mac book pro version from 2013 and everything else run smooth on it so i don't think it's the computer.... Anyone else got the same issue? what am I doing wrong here? thanks
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