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  1. do you guys believe in this? https://www.cinema5d.com/bullet-ssd-ultra-portable-500mbs-drive-2tb-capacity-kickstarter/
  2. Ronin SC with BMPCC4K with a smallright counterweight works like a charm
  3. any word on bmpcc4k phone live screen?

    1. BTM_Pix


      Yes, I keep meaning to do a post about it but the solution is to use the CineEye HDMI transmitter then you can use it in split screen with ourĀ 3C app.

      I haven't got time to do a full post about it for the next week or so but here it is in action.

      With the Tilta wheel integrated into 3C it makes quite a nice little package.


  4. Footage is very noisy, I expected better for Pocket 6K
  5. any info/experience about the cctech pocket 4k battery?
  6. If the BMPCC4K camera has a Still button to take images why can't we just simply preview them in camera? it would be really helpful and must have feature.
  7. How does the Pana 12-60 lens stab work on BMPCC 4K when there is no IS button on the lens itself?
  8. 2.8K Anamorphic Mode 2.6K 120 FPS Changeable area sensor size new frame guides + custom Spirit level https://www.4kshooters.net/2019/09/20/bmpcc-4k-to-get-2-8k-anamorphic-mode-custom-windowing-of-the-sensor-and-more
  9. any update on live view mode? You promised June
  10. Good development. I am waiting for the live view hardware
  11. Anyone. would share some original 4K/HD braw footage please to download? I would like to play with it in Resolve and Premiere until my cam arrives. I am mainly interested in high iso content but I accept everything. Thank you guys.
  12. Any video out there how the new codec handle high iso? is it better thank Prores or are they similar? Any experience?
  13. but we also lost the uncompressed RAW ability of these cameras.
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