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  1. any update on live view mode? You promised June
  2. Good development. I am waiting for the live view hardware
  3. Anyone. would share some original 4K/HD braw footage please to download? I would like to play with it in Resolve and Premiere until my cam arrives. I am mainly interested in high iso content but I accept everything. Thank you guys.
  4. Any video out there how the new codec handle high iso? is it better thank Prores or are they similar? Any experience?
  5. but we also lost the uncompressed RAW ability of these cameras.
  6. Blackmagic RAW for P4K released! https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/support/readme/d258337e43844b47a0a88d554755345e
  7. Great work. How soon the liveview update coming, will it take weeks or months? What seperate driver should I buy? Thank you.
  8. is it possible with the new braw codec that the Pocket 4k will able to shoot 120 fps in less crop?
  9. sounds bad, i guess i need to find another solution for extending battery life in a cheap way (without swapping)
  10. ae there any external monitors which are around the size of 5 inch that able to power the Pocket 4k at the same time (both on)?
  11. waiting for this cool app
  12. why there is a shadow noise in the black areas?
  13. I am sorry for people who bought EOS R, this one is basically the same, also with eye AF, and almost half the price.
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