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  1. I think I started to veer warmer in my corrections because, as I stated in my OP, I've been doing a lot of work that is being mostly consumed via handheld digital device or laptop. As much as I would love for more people to watch YT and such on their big fancy smart TVs, we're just not there yet according to the back-end analytics.
  2. Fair enough, I believe you're right. I'm definitely no professional colorist, and I probably have started to lean towards preferring more warmer tones lately.
  3. Maybe, but I found it to be the case in the other 2 shots I colored as well. All three had to have reds and oranges pushed into the highs and mids.
  4. Yeah I really like the BM color science in this PCC4k, but it does skew cool in the highlights and mids for sure. I'm pushing quite a bit of orange and red into them for that balloon shot, using the color wheels in Lumetri.
  5. Been lurking in this thread since the announcement. Thought I'd throw my hat in the ring and put some color on the footage. I wanted to color it with the least amount of lift to get it looking good, so I chose colored it within Premiere only using the available Lumetri Color panel. No sharpening or grain correction (adding or removing), no HSL Secondary, just color. My rationale for this being that I think the BPCC4k would fair rather well on shoots for a media company who's main delivery is YT/FB/.Com etc. This is the world I currently work in professionally, and the skill level of a video team in that world can vary greatly. I think it fairs pretty well without going with an extreme pro level of correction, with fairly minimal time spent. Which is exciting when I'm thinking about projects where the deadline is tight.
  6. [quote name='Chrad' timestamp='1347658089' post='18063'] Looks like an Ikonoskop. [/quote] Ah, cool. Never heard of or seen one before. Googling now. Thanks!
  7. I'm not sure what to even google for this, so if it's been discussed I apologize. I've been editing video for NY Fashion Week. In the last eight days I've scrubbed through about terabyte of video. While going through video yesterday I spotted this camera and at first glance I thought it was the Blackmagic camera. Then I saw it from the profile and had a "WTF?" moment. I asked the videographer if she happen to ask him what it was and she said she did but only got a vague "it's a prototype from sweden" as an answer. Anyway i grabbed some cropped stills of the camera and the operator. Anyone have any info?
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