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  1. You can spot the fools duped by the Soviet propaganda machine because they regurgitate the buzzword phrases they’ve been fed; “so-called,” “like a fiddle,” “the libs,” etc. You all sound like someone pulled the string on the back of your Putin dolly. So far the right-wing commenters here are relying on gaslighting, straw men, and false equivalency. Not a single fact or citation to defend Comrade Trump. But I suppose if this was the guy I thought was a hero of the people, I’d have nothing to go on either. ?
  2. “I didn’t read what you wrote” should be the new MAGA hat. But I guess it could be shortened to “I don’t read”
  3. I love the folks (who most likely don’t vote in the US) saying that Liberals are upset and triggered. But it’s you lot that scream and burn your sneakers on Twitter and shoot up houses of worship. Eh comrades?
  4. He didn’t win the majority vote though. But I’m sure you knew that. But if you didn’t, I can link you to some “electoral votes” for dummies videos if you need them. ?
  5. Why wouldn’t you just downscale 4K though? I guess I’m in the mind that if I’m shooting RAW I want the biggest image available in terms of resolution. Otherwise what’s the point? Kinda like being upset you can’t drive a Ferrari down an unpaved foot path,
  6. Ha. I guess my question did come across ignorant. As I’m aware lens correction in post is possible. I guess I was more asking if it being in done in camera was something possible and “better” than the process in post
  7. This might be an ignorant question, but the above conversation about lens distortion had me wondering, is correcting for the wider lenses something that BM can correct in a firmware upgrade?
  8. The Panasonic 12-35mm definitely fisheyes and distorts at 12mm. i can post the raw, but I had crop in on the wide shot of the fountain in this clip because of the fisheye vignette but you can see the distortion pretty plainly
  9. Haha I see your point. I guess I’ve only ever saw the video clips and not the way they were used in the marketing material.
  10. I’m curious about the folks “taking away points” from the BMPCC4k for not being a run and gun camera. I’m not sure I saw marketing that claimed it was one. So while I’m sure some people find that input and insight important when choosing a camera, I still find it odd that some use it as a metric to claim the camera is “less usable” But i guess i agree, if you’re looking for a camera to shoot wedding type events in run-and-gun mixed light scenarios, then this probably isn’t the camera for you. If you want that setup and footage you can just drop a LUT on and not think about. GH5 is hard to beat. If you’re a more planned and set-up type of photographer who needs a cheap camera that gives you a cinematic raw image that you know how to color correct. This is an excellent choice.
  11. The demand must be pretty strong. B&H restocked when the 6K was announced, I got mine that week (end of July I think) from them in store without a preorder and they seemed to be pretty well stocked. Must have moved a lot of units for them to be sold out again less than 3 months later
  12. Might help give some heft for a shoulder too. EasyRig solo isn’t that much of a pain. You just pull down the cable with one hand and mount the camera with the other. I used to do it all the time with a c100 mk2 operating without an asst for one reason or another
  13. The extra weight and bulk would come in handy if you had the camera mounted on an EasyRig.
  14. I’m not much of a pixel peeper. I don’t use any quantitative measure or anything, I just know what my eye likes. And while I do see the difference between the OG and the 4K, I’d be hard pressed to say I like one over the other. They’re slightly different, but not earth shattering, in my humble opinion. i really like the image I’m getting from the 4K, for the price of the camera I think the image is incredible. I haven’t had a project come through to put it fully through it’s paces, but so far it’s been more than capable of roaming around the city with me in a minimalistic setup. Besides the lens, the only thing rigged to the camera is a SmallRig T5 bracket bolted directly to the top 1/4” and a Jobby 5k gorilla pod to use more as a forearm brace than tripod for support. All of it with batteries and filters fit in a Peak Design small sling bag. While not in my pocket, still pretty light setup that’s easy to bring practically anywhere. I even have enough space in the bags for a Cineo Matchbox light The screen isn’t ideal, but honestly it’s just as frustrating in direct sun as the c100 mk2’s display, and that one swivels ? Maybe I’m easily amused, but I’m happy. Here are a few more quick shots BRAW Panasonic Lumix G 12-35mm ii f2.8 Black Pro-Mist 1/4 Hoya Prond32
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