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  1. I believe that he would immediately lose his immunity, if he was removed, but what wouls he be charged for? Having a Vastly Oversized Ego? I f that was criminal, then there would be a lot of Americans in the dock. On another note, Andrew, do you know, or have you had any discussions with anyone who has had access to the new Mac Pro's prior to their release. I have seen a few pics posted on the net of people using them. I am wondering if they will really be worth the money. The monitor looks like a very niche product. I can see myself buying the computer, but I could never j
  2. It's good that we can have a conversation about different view points. "This is somebody who wants to take credit for something he had no involvement in. He merely walks up the doorstep to endorse it. " I think that DJT can take some credit for Apple's decision to continue to do some manufacturing in the USA. I am also not American, and have no dog in this race.The president invited many CEO's of large companies to discuss the reasons behind them moving their manufacturing offshore, in an attempt to find out what the issues were, and what his government could do to reverse the trend.
  3. Wading into politics in this heavily polarized & heated environment is a good way to lose half of your readership.
  4. Maybe someone who has actually used the new firmware could chime in. Andrew?
  5. "In addition, you can not record motion pictures while using the HDMI output" Does this mean no internal recording while monitoring through HDMI, or no recording of the 2880x2160 HDMI output? Kind of confusing.
  6. Clarkson should screw BBC and look for some backers to start his own program, based on the Top Gear model, and syndicate it himself. I'm sure he would easily find backers and would make a lot of money for himself and his investors.
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