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  1. When is somebody going to make a decent loupe for this camera? I got the cheap Australian one from eBay, it’s not great, but better than nothing. BMD should make a loupe. One of the things I like about the Sigma FP is Sigma is making the essential accessories for it. It’s been over a year since the P4K was launched at NAB and we still can’t get a high quality loupe or a P4K specific speed booster. 🤬
  2. I’m only getting around 2 hours with NP-F970 batteries. The P4K is a power hungry beast.
  3. I can think of a couple of good films made without those things.
  4. Too early to call it the baby Alexa I’ve been hanging for, but judging by the specs and the fact Sigma is already in the Cine lens business, this camera looks like the ultimate crash cam for big budget features, and even a B-cam for low light shots, assuming the color science is good and rolling shutter is minimal.
  5. I'm super interested in this camera. It looks like finally after 7 years there may be a camera that can do what the 5DMk3 with Magic Lantern can do and more. About the only concern I have at this point is that the FP doesn't have an OLPF, the Z6 does. I hope it is a 1.5x crop, if not an option. Paired with the Sigma 24-70 f/2.8 OIS lens it could be an awesome setup for doco and narrative work. With HDR it should be capable of around 14 stops like the 5D is with Magic Lantern dual ISO mode.
  6. No worries. Some of the examples on the BMD forum were super-saturated.
  7. I shot some low light footage last night and I'm very happy with the results. 3200 ISO speed boosted shooting is one of the primary things I bought it for, and I chose to shoot with it last night because my testing confirmed it performs better than the 5DMk3 ML raw and the X-T3 in low light. Sunny days: not so much 😁
  8. I'm not a hater, I noticed the issue a month ago and I didn't say anything publicly because I didn't have the time to do more tests at that time. It wasn't until after I saw the thread on the BMD forum that I posted my tests. As soon as there's a blue sky I'll do some more tests and hopefully come up with some answers, but so far I think @deezid may be right about it being a denoising issue, either that or compression, or a combination of both. Either way it's something that shouldn't be too hard to fix with a firmware update.
  9. I'm still trying to figure it out, so far I'm thinking underexposure could be what makes it visible, but I have to do some more tests to confirm that hypothesis. And no I didn't "boost the saturation way more than you ever normally would and then get upset about it" on my initial test. However, on a later test I did have to push the grade to an extreme level to break it. Adding filmconvert grain is a big no no, it makes it much more visible.
  10. No I didn't, this thread is monitored by BMD staff, and there's a thread on this issue on the BMD forum. Grant strikes me as a good guy. I don't want a refund, the camera works very well in most situations, however this blue sky problem is not an issue with my other cameras, so it's something BMD needs to have a look at.
  11. Happens every time. 🙄 Why do think I didn't post about it when I discovered it on the 9th of June, I had a big job to prep for, I didn't have the time to open that can of worms.
  12. I’ve always had this feeling that Blackmagic cameras are never quite finished, this isn’t a problem exclusive to Blackmagic, but it seems to be more prevalent with BMD. Being a small innovative company that caters to no-budget filmmakers, I can accept that BMD cameras are a bit rough around the edges, what I can’t accept is BMD keeping quiet about flaws and not fixing them in a timely manner. Since the days of the D90 and 5DMk2, blue skies have been a go to for testing for codec flaws, when I get a new camera it’s one of the first tests I do. I noticed the Pocket 4K macroblocking on the first blue sky shot I took with it. If BMD think this flaw is acceptable then they should market it as the ‘Pocket Hobbyist Camera 4K’, or put a landscape with a 🚫 symbol on the box, because it falls well short of the IQ expected of a cinema camera for landscape shots. I haven't noticed any codec issues shooting interiors, it doesn't appear to be a problem there, but I have hours of shots to edit and review. BMD needs to think very carefully about how they respond to this issue, just a hint of bullshit or patronizing will not play well for them. Users need to be told exactly what the problem is, and what is going to be done to address it.
  13. These thoughts have crossed my mind. Beta testers sign NDAs, they're gagged. With 4K raw video there's an expectation that it will produce frames that look not unlike 4K still frames. I recall one beta tester whose judgement I trust saying he couldn't break the codec. I thought BMD was different, my bad. Fool me once...
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