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  1. The incompatibility with certain lavs is a known issue. I've heard the Sennheiser ME 2-II lavs work OK, they're the ones I'm buying.
  2. My advice to everyone is: never record with anything you can't constantly monitor with headphones. I broke this cardinal rule of location recording on a very important shoot recently. I was shooting a dinner for a doco I'm working on solo; it was quite dark and my eyesight isn't as good as it used to be, and I accidentally switched the input on my mixpre-d to AES/EBU (digital input). I lost some important dialogue before I noticed my error.
  3. It's more than double the price because it's double the storage space. Anyone who thinks they need more than 4K resolution has rocks in their heads. I don't particularly like speed boosters, but I like the thought of 6K less.
  4. $1500 sounds good to me. It really depends on how good it is in terms of color, rolling shutter, AF, aliasing, high ISO noise, and dynamic range. I already have a camera that's great in most of those areas, the Pocket 4K, but DPAF would really enhance my setup, and I'd rather shoot without speed boosters. The Sigma FP sounds like what the 5D mkiV and EOS R should've been. After the Mk3, most filmmakers went for a Sony, Blackmagic, GH5, or stuck with the Mk3 with Magic Lantern. The thing that turned me off the MkIV and R the most wasn't the crop, it was the hideous rolling shutter, and no raw.
  5. It's true Canon could totally own the mirrorless/DSLR market. If the EOS R had a 1.5x crop, no binning/skipping, 13 stop 4K internal raw or over USB-C, and <16ms rolling shutter, who wouldn't want one? Filmmakers are a fickle bunch; I'd be the first in line. 🤗 But I can't see it happening any time soon because it would totally run against Canon's "what can we recycle out of the parts bin?" business model. Sigma gets it, the FP will be huge if Sigma nails the tech and the price is right.
  6. I haven't bought any Canon gear since 2012. Since then the 5D Mk3 with Magic Lantern has been my workhorse. The Pocket 4K beats the 5D at everything except color, but it's very close, and it can match the 5D pretty well without a lot of work. With a few accessories, I can get an image that's equal to or better than any of Canon's pro cameras except in extremely low light, but it's a lot cheaper to just buy (or rent) a 2K equivalent LED, or use a very fast lens. I shoot a lot in low light, and I can't imagine a scenario where the Pocket 4K wouldn't be enough. If the Sigma FP or A7sIII deliver on raw, great color, and great AF, it's goodbye Canon.
  7. Welcome to the club. The mixpre-6 mkII appears to be $50 cheaper, it might be worth selling the mk1 for 32bit float, timecode, and adjustable limiters.
  8. If you want to be sure the camera shuts down in the middle of a shot, the LPE6 is definitely the way to go. And for the record I've been using genuine LPE6 batteries with the new firmware.
  9. The other problem is you can never be sure when the battery is going to conk out, that goes for LPE6 and external batteries; the battery metering is not to be trusted.
  10. Nikon so easily could. Nikon doesn't have a pro video line to cannibalise, and if a small company like Blackmagic can do internal raw(ish), so can Nikon.
  11. Don't waste your time with LPE6 batteries, Canon or otherwise. 20 minute run-time just isn't worth the hassle, nor the embarrassment. Get some Sony NP-F970 clones and one of these https://www.ebay.com/itm/Full-Decoded-LP-E6-Dummy-Battery-NP-F970-770-Mount-Plate-Adapter-for-Canon-TK/202760180667?hash=item2f3572d3bb:g:HV4AAOSwvpVci7MT You can mount it to the 1/4" hole on top of the P4K, or onto a shoulder rig with a rail mount like I do. You'll get 1.5 to 2 hours run-time per battery, and they cost about the same as a Canon clone.
  12. "it won't happen overnight, but it will happen". Australian proverb. Nikon will get it right eventually (said me in 2009)
  13. 30p only according to the brochure for Australia and New Zealand (PAL countries) Brilliant! just brilliant! 😂🙄 https://www.canonrumors.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/EOS-90D-Tech-Sheet.pdf
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