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  1. I remember reading a comment something like "We know Canon will kneecap these new models. It's just a matter of how".
  2. Nice,. Might have been nice to add some features to the body. Flip out screen, 2nd TA3 input..
  3. RWR

    Sigma FP

    What is the track record of their prior cameras?
  4. The LS300 "zoom" on prime lens feature would be good to keep.
  5. Quite common to be lacking details in a "dream"
  6. I know the gh5s has timecode input, less sure about gh5 or S1H
  7. Different opinions allowed here without accusations of mental health issues.
  8. So is the 16:9 5.9k strictly 30P? The newsshooter article says "up to"
  9. "I think people are also underestimating the value of a flippy screen. Some vloggers have been using Pana G85's or GH5's almost solely for the flip screen" Besides "selfies", there is significant utility in monitoring from low/high/side angles...one of the benefits of these small form factor cameras ability to use in tight spaces and unusual angles at a moment's notice...moreso if you have IBIS
  10. (I can't imagine cinema maker that will buy this niche dream and than rigged it instead of UMP4.6.) Which has a "selfie" flip out screen Regarding expectations, they were broken with the S1 in the sense that anyone used to the utility of an articulating screen on the GH series would wonder "WTF". Maybe Panny should have removed the screen entirely to prove cine cred. I take it no timecode input on this cine camera?
  11. no flip out screen on specific cine model?? WTF? Cinema people shoot selfies now?  Right..THAT'S the only use.
  12. Why would that be? I'd think a fully articulating screen would be better thann fixed screen spray & pray overhead shots at events etc.
  13. 6k for a cine cam without xlrs and timecode might be pushing it.
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