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  1. Good going Andrew! Nice work. (just couldn't contain yer political shit to twitter)
  2. While Obama was a wet blanket on the economy, Sanders would be a lead blanket. Warren is same but more likely. Hey..how 'bout them cameras!!!
  3. MR. COOK: Thank you. I’d like to thank everybody for coming and joining us. And I particularly would like to thank President Trump, Secretary Mnuchin, and Ivanka, and the other members of the administration. I’m grateful for their support and pulling today off and getting us to — this far. It would not be possible without them. What you’re seeing here — the product, the Mac Pro — is 15,000 times more powerful than the original Mac, and it can perform 56 trillion tasks per second. That’s 56 trillion tasks per second. It’s absolutely blow-away. We cannot be more proud of the product. It’s an example of American design, American manufacturing, and American ingenuity. We want to thank everybody for coming. And I turn it back to — oh, one other thing: This morning, we also announced a one-billion-dollar investment, groundbreaking — Rebecca was there with me for this — for a three-million-square-foot site in Austin, about 10 minutes or so away from here. So we view Austin as a very key place for the future of our company. It’s the second-largest site in the world for us, next to our home base in Cupertino. So — and I’m hoping for, obviously, more investments to come. Thank you very much. https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefings-statements/remarks-president-trump-tour-apple-manufacturing-plant-austin-tx/
  4. Yes, yes..the sadly maligned centrists. Now put in terms of camera companies...as well as camera "snake oil".
  5. "I rely on Wikipedia and the BBC. These are impartial by nature, the BBC is impartial by law." Ha!!!
  6. Pocket 4/6k has timecode in..though it rarely gets attention in reviews.
  7. Bit rate reduction to cover all that extra computation..no audio..no DPAF..who knows.
  8. ..in my inbox today from Canon Rumors (subject line): "Canon is gearing up for a big 2010."
  9. Battery issues were known here. I would expect at minimum the BM battery grip/expander before heading out. Screen issues and alternatives known as well. I'd like to know more about lag using the card though.
  10. Hmmm... Andrew Reid‏ @EOSHD 10h10 hours ago Pocket 6K is complete shit. Unfit for purpose. A show stopping bug on every shoot. Battery would drop dead at 40%. Slow-no recording locks up camera. It’s got more issues than a cracked hooker 13 replies 2 retweets 18 likes
  11. Jimmy G, FWIW, in your timeline Canon brought out the EOS Cinema line, if I'm not mistaken.
  12. I remember reading a comment something like "We know Canon will kneecap these new models. It's just a matter of how".
  13. Nice,. Might have been nice to add some features to the body. Flip out screen, 2nd TA3 input..
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