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  1. I got to the end of Season II and wondered whether a 3rd was coming: https://deadline.com/2019/07/counterpart-starz-cancellation-1202655113/ “Counterpart was a great show, we had great partners in MRC and Justin is a great writer, but it was a very complicated show, a very male show. We had picked that show up and made a two season commitment before we’d honed in on this premium female strategy,” he said. “When you look at bringing shows back, it really has to serve that core premium female audience and if it doesn’t we have to find something else,” Hirsch added. “If it doesn’t
  2. One of the GH5 variants had that, I believe.
  3. "Along with ND, the other big inclusion needed is timecode." Would be a first for Sony to put jammable tc via something other than a traditional timecode jack.
  4. Saying the quiet part out loud...with a big stupid grin. Andrew, please consider adding some of the video-centric marketing in this piece.
  5. Release the cripple hammer with a paid "extended mode" FW update that comes with Cannon heat resistant gloves.
  6. Give Canon credit for creativity. There was much speculation of how this one might be crippled. Canon said "Hold my sake".
  7. Ha! I so needed the laugh. I didn't think EOSHD would be the one to deliver it By the way, I remember having overheating issues with Gopros when wifi enabled. So..depending on how the Canon works, might be adding some heat to the situation.
  8. Have multiple bodies maintained/rotated by the new crew member: Thermal Management Technician. 3rd party needs to fashion something similar to the old film camera sound blimps, but more like an icepack for ankles.
  9. Kinda odd to throw away their "nothing before bulletproofing" standard. Ah well
  10. More of an issue for those who didn't previously experience need to start/stop in prior DSLR.
  11. "championing full institutional overhaul of the oppressive system." Pictures would indeed be inadequate to encapsulate that.
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