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  1. Given the demand/supply issues with BMPC4k, seems unlikely an update or pro version would happen so soon. I am definitely in the camp that the large but non-articulating screen is a hinderance. BM seems to have a bit of a blind spot (pun intended) with screens..tending to favor size over flexibility/sensibility. (Remember their cam with the wind-sail flip out?)That fixed angle might help low angle shots, but not high or side viewing. Grant Petty yapping about vlogging use with that along no continuous AF rubs it in. I thought they had come around on the screen issue after releasing the Ursa Mini pros
  2. Anaconda_, Maybe simulate it with a minimally recharged battery.
  3. Has BMD recognized the issue?
  4. FWIW, P4k is a "dedicated video camera".
  5. Given the tour name, would be weird if it wasn't. But..you know..it' s Black Magic
  6. "For actual filmmakers it’s not really much of an issue." At minimum, on overstatement. Bet you'd have a different opinion re that without the other qualities of the cam.
  7. Although...Aren't they marketing the FS7mkii as having better color science? Anyone here liking that?
  8. "Maybe someone should take the insides and make a proper re-housing with a proper F battery instead of the Canon" Given the many non-Canon devices using this battery format, there ought to be 3rd party folks making various capacity compatible batts as is common in Sony style. The LPe6 has lots of room to grow in depth and capacity. Make it so. (you too Mr. Petty)
  9. Umm..articulating screen separates itself in that sense from the recording bits. Probably helpful to managing heat at the recording/processing core.
  10. He's wondering how his pocket got so big, yet so empty.
  11. "Unless this has been lost in translation, the A7S III is going to be a minimum of 2 years away." It's not a translation issue.. Think marketing formulated disinformation... Although, a graph/trajectory of A7SII sales might inform..
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