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  1. Hi. Thanks. Which format would you recommend to transcode to ? Would you recommend to work with proxies or just transcode ? Hi Andrew, thank you for your answer. It just does not do in Premiere CC even using the latest drivers running on the GPU etc. What format would you recommend to work with instead if he needs to transcode ? Going with da vinci. Would it perform better than Premiere CC ? Thanks Rupert
  2. Hi I am asking on behalf of my son who is an enthusiastic young aspiring filmmaker. He is using a laptop (Windows 10, Dell Inspiron 7577, i7, Nvidia Maxq 1060, SSD drive). He has a LOT of issues with his Premiere workflow. Its slow. Its cumbersome. He cannot play back 4K. He takes HOURS to transcode 4K with Adobe Media Encoder. In summary he is about to give up on the NX1. So I am asking : What is the best workflow for 4K and Adobe Premiere CC ? What tricks are you using to make it work for you ? What tools are using to transcode H.265 ? What format are you using to edit inside Premiere ? What format do you export to ? Are you working with proxies ? Or is it not possible to work without a BIG computer with the NX1 4K files ? Or is there a better software stack for it ? Da Vinci, Avid etc ? Sorry for the long topic. I would be grateful for any suggestions as I believe the NX1 to be an absolutely amazing camera and a bit my fault that I recommended it to my son. So I hope the videos it creates can be worked with. Thanks!
  3. Hi I am looking for a used Samsung Nx 16-50 OIS lens in good condition. Thanks Rupert
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