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  1. anonim

    M43 not dead Panasonic S1

    Friendly advice - but hardly it doesn't already in your mind: stay with Voigtlanders of choice, because you'll always come back to them after excursion in the realm of vintage lenses (Voigts have best combination of vintage/clear-modern traits). Than, slowly spare money for Fujinon MK zoom (or best Leica R zoom with speedbooster 28-90 - zeiss contax 28-85 as cheap alternative): firstly, it is much better to make dreaming for perfection longer, and secondly, your kind of commitment simply deserves and logically aims just for the best (still inside of the boundaries of achievable).
  2. anonim

    Nikon Z6 with Edelkrone Motion Kit and HeadPlus

    Actually, that is base task for compositor's seat in studio, being it with Nuke or Fusion - extracting and playing with plans, paralax projections and z-plates in 3D space But, of course, filming and moving on fresh air, dancing with camera instead of sitting in twilight-zone of vfx room, is much better and natural solution!
  3. anonim

    Gudsen MOZA-Fake Website?Moza Air 2

    Funny, as for any other gimbal, reviews fall in totally opposite parks Even weight is not firm objective fact... So gimbals are really strange birds.
  4. anonim

    Gudsen MOZA-Fake Website?Moza Air 2

    @Kisaha Finally someone to whom I can completely believe Please, share here your experiences with Ronin S ASAP - I had just Crane 2 and sold it, so I'm also in process of evaluating maybe another gimbal...
  5. anonim

    Gudsen MOZA-Fake Website?Moza Air 2

    I had never see so much general disagreement between reviewer as in the case of gimbals. From most positive to most negative comments, from one to another as best or flop. It seems that market is very tight and too much players in it so struggle and youtube presentation of duels are very harsh and... contradict.
  6. anonim

    Why So Many Canadians Do Photo/Video For A Living?

    Indeed, it is obvious that you must feel like mr Savior.
  7. anonim

    Why So Many Canadians Do Photo/Video For A Living?

    Wow, tell us more - how much barrel of beer or something more sophisticated used in front of cable TV is needed first to believe in, thеn to casually spread this American peacemaker's nonsense?
  8. anonim

    GH5 In body stabilization

    There's no crop with just sensor stabilization, even in 4K.
  9. anonim

    Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

    Grey market of course, but with internal guaranty period (Panamoz, for example, even give three years on cameras buying). Till now I bought several products from eglobalcentral, including Zhiun Crane 2 or Voigtlander 42.5, shipping and service were perfect. But at the moment, actually, eglobal is in its top price period... wait few weeks and discount will be much better (usually additional 3-5%). E-infin is Hong Kong base, so also without additional VAT to pay in UK as eglobal (which is UK registered as Panamoz) - i. e. paying price is always that you see listed. „Problem“ with BM price in UK is that never existed grey market for them - and what is dollar in US is pound in UK, so official price is 1300GBP... so, for extremely spare buyers - or those that simply can't count to easy make usage of warranty (there's no nearby services etc. ) difference between, say, Pocket 4K and GH5s even now is not so big (especially in Europe) as it seems judging from officially announced. Moreover, we have to wait to Pocket 4k for months, and who knows what will be than price for GH5s... From my experience with BM cameras (had several), to the moment they were far more fragile than Panasonic's. Actually, one of the reason I often bought and resold them and again bought was afraid to keep them too long, expecting technical problems. I don't know how better is Pocket 4k in that regard, but that's also factor to be count... Of course, not so much in countries where servicing is easy task...
  10. anonim

    Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

    If somebody is still interested after all these compliments to Pocket4k, I have good experience with e-infin... that's the best deal at the moment for GH5s that I've found in Europe (through holidays price somewhere were droped to 1425 GBP). Unfortunatelly, it seems impossible to expect Pocket4K in Europe earlier than several month period. To buy it now, price in UK is 3000GBP. https://www.e-infin.com/uk/item/3545/panasonic_lumix_dc-gh5s_mirrorless_micro_four_thirds_digital_camera Best price I found for Ronin S is at eglobal, and occasionally it is lower, about 450 GBP https://www.eglobalcentraluk.com/dji-ronin-s-3-axis-single-handled-gimbal-for-dslr-and-mirrorless-cameras.html
  11. anonim

    Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

    Unfortunately, I'm not (ultimately) in that camp... As far as I can recognize it, for me all this fussing with cameras has, at the end, two - strangely and maybe interestingly - two complete opposite but convergent goals: escape from loneliness and escape to loneliness - or, better to say, creative solitude. So, cameras with their specifics for me are ultimately tools that help me to find a peace in that creative shelter with least amount of distraction. Saying that, with due respect for any camera's combination of virtues and isolated advantages, besides appropriate aesthetic image BM cameras were greatest for me because of providing me the best opportunity to forget to annoying WB set up... As much as GH5 (with help of GHa lut) is greatest for me because of, besides enough appropriate image, provides me the best possibility to forget to annoying antishaking set up. And when I said "aesthetic appropriate image", I mean, of course, to opportunity to dive as much as possible into wonderful solitude world of grading... ... and to wait for someone noble to join me in that world and break my solitude of an filming/dreaming/sleeping beauty (or, well, the pretty ugly beast).
  12. anonim

    Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

    @leslie I'm referring to clip above and its creator who entitled his work "Why I sold my P4K"... I mean, I asked not (just) for new camera from the store, but more if someone by chance saw it on some hot auction in UK. One friend of mine is there at the moment, so...
  13. anonim

    Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

    I see... so community of disappointed P4K buyers and fond lovers of previous BM color science looks pretty small or timid!
  14. anonim

    Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

    I suppose to may guess answer, but still have to check: does anybody know if somewhere in UK Pocket4K is in stock for immediately buying?
  15. anonim

    From 6d to GH3, is it worth it?

    I'd say, for your usage is better to go with GH3. Far better build, battery last forever and is the same for GH4-5, clip codec and container is readable in all video editor (GH2 clips you have to convert for using in Resolve). Although, image quality from last Panasonic-made (multiaspect) sensor used in GH2 is nicer, more pleasant, more "organic," less crop (x1.86 instead x2) less sharpened with great hack variation contributions. But, all in all as workhorse tool, GH3 is more modern as multi purpose and more robust camera. Codes is also pretty solid and well matched with vintage lenses.