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  1. I got the H6 Accessory Pack back when I bought my zoom, and the AC adapter that comes with that pack is literally a USB wall socket, so you'll be fine. In fact, I think I've used other USB sockets far more often than the original one. The original Zoom unit's output is 5.0V and 1.0A.
  2. Wanting one camera to do it all is certainly reasonable! And I realise that my own desire for a camera that isn't reasonable is pretty unusual, and shouldn't really matter to the camera makers as long as I'm not actually buying anything.
  3. This is my first post on any camera or filmmaking forum ever, and I registered just to write about this camera. I would have bought it already if I had any money, but last year ruined me – I'm sure there must be people with the same needs as me who aren't totally broke. First of all I think this camera, just like the original FP, is going to be immediately appealing to some people and not to others. If you don't like the way it looks and feels you'll come up with something that's a dealbreaker, and if you do feel drawn to it like I do, you'll come up with reasons why it would work for you. For me, this camera has three features that I want, and that no other camera really hits right now: it fits in my coat pocket with a lens on, it can produce ridiculously high quality video if you put in the work, and it can take higher resolution photos than any camera I've ever owned. This camera is not about doing the same things that my GH5 does but better, it's about doing completely new things that I've never tried before. That said, I totally understand that the lack of a mechanical shutter is be a dealbreaker for many people, and that the lack of a really good lightweight video codec is a dealbreaker for others, and there's any number of other things of course. But I don't think this is ever going to be somebody's first and only camera, anyone who buys something in this price range probably knows at least a little bit about what they want and what they can do without. And I'm not actually sure that it would appeal to more people if it was cheaper. It's 2500€ where I live, and at 2000 or even 1500 it would still be too expensive for people who shop based on price, and too limited for people who want a do-it-all camera. Personally I'm not interested in the viewfinder as it is now, but if the viewfinder came with a cable that let me hold it separate from the body I'd be very interested, and if that cable viewfinder had a shutter button on it I'd probably be borrowing money right now and buy it anyway.
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