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  1. To be more precise - look at "Lens Correction" tab at the bottom of Inspector panel in Edit page of Resolve. And to be even more precise - and I apologize if you already did it - take a look just at most cinematography-wise acclaimed movie from last year production, The Favorite by Yorgos Lanthimos
  2. IDK... To me the most or even only important is precise/smooth manual handling and focusing, and I'm expecting that aberrations will be enough well controlled. But, to be honest, although I understand problem of, say, distorted image at wide focal length, I didn't find that it is so important or distractedly noticeable in moving pictures and movie making for average spectators. What extremely bother me with Panasonic zooms is totally unusable (even for my pretty tolerable criteria) manual focusing. (Granted, I found that 12-35 II has pretty impressive stabilization.) Is it something improved with 10-25 and clutch mechanism, I don't know. Dzofilm's constructors are promising true parfocal design, and, all in all, true cine lens experience for relatively modest price. I guess that even for such newcomers price for FF or APSC counterpart lens will be more similar to Fujinon MK zoom 18-55 (which, of course, doesn't have such UW range). That's why I think that, contrary to death-prediction or afraid by many, it is gold time for m43 movie make aspiring shooters. Simply because of the most important thing - lenses. As much as I've found that Voigts 0.95 lenses are unique regarding value/specs/usability/affordability between all lenses on Earth, it might be that these Dzofilm zooms will match that mark. And as Anaconda already mentioned, they are actually pretty small, about 15cm and 1kg what is ideal for run/gun, considering way that I'm using it - combining handheld and quickly shoulder mounting rig. (I simply couldn't stand gimbals, although I tried them, bought and sold several times.)
  3. For the case you maybe missed it (I sold 12-35 and 35-100 and preorder 10-24)... Actually, IMO it seems that with such newcomers m43 cine-usage case becomes even more attractive http://en.dzofilm.com/index.html
  4. There's nice review from Florense Piovesan, using P4K almost exclusively with 12-35... Several pages up I posted my own test-clip-story with same combination.
  5. Thanks, and no need for excuse, opinions are always welcome, at least they are now divided But, apart of usual youtube execution (especially at iso4-5000), it is brief attempt of two-part quasi artistic story (not camera-accurateness-intended-showcase) with weird at first and everyday at second part atmosphere and similar grading goals - and to catch it, it has to be seen all... which might be, I suppose, pretty boring experience.
  6. In the middle of an more serious and exhausted job, I've found two days and appropriate hero to test Pocket 4k and Panasonic 12-35, all I had with me at the moment... So, to add contribution to the topic of this so lovely camera... Maybe someone find some usable conclusion about its possibility in extremely unprepared, worse than run/gun conditions - except for plenty of will and little bit of ideas.
  7. I understand. But, from the other side, chasing and waiting for more and more just incrementally-important better specs, we often make the worst of bad compromises (apart of falling to addictiveness of network knitted by logical task of market-industry to burn aquisition-lust in us) - that one with ourselves, with our laziness and conformism versus ability and self-sharpening in finding solution. Which are, as you know I'm sure better than me, the most important parts of creative process and indeed outstanding achievement.
  8. If I'm asked, you'd already have S1 not just to look at its tasty look, but to make tasty things with it And S1H also. Actually, keeping looseness of this thread in spirit of looseness of its announced hero, maybe it could be idea for mr Read, taking in account all goods that eoshd made for Panasonic: to form voting thread with goal to elect most skillful contributor based on here published work, and suggest that one as promoter for, say, namely Panasonic newcoming cameras. Creativity vote from user base, for its own ambassador of reputation and reliance that will test cameras for all of us. (Needless to say I'd vote for O.D. :) (Although I'd also like to read picturesque descriptions, remarks and comments from mr webrunner55.)
  9. Thanks, I'll no worry. And I believe and compassion with you in both.
  10. Oh, sorry, I didn't know you are with me, but this one surely will bring you back to me from elite
  11. Hey, you win and already destroyed my pretending mask behind was hidden (but not anymore) my hate on S1H, Panasonic, your grandfather, your country and you (and much more that you so generously don't like to make public). But, please, can we make some reconciliation, can you find some mercy dealing with people that have no such great insights, knowledge or reason to be proud on their family origin, success, on so clean and glorious national history or so? As you probably saw, I'm not the one here that feel uncovered in our inferiority and bad motivation under laser beams of your mind... so could you be so kind and forgive me and other our mistakes, and keep up with more gentle addressing?
  12. More precisely, I'm still waiting that Pocket being delivered to friend of my in UK (she wrote me that vendor informed her not before 10. јuly). Yes, unfortunately I had to sell GH5 for funding Pocket, especially while I'm occupied with other type of so-call creativity. But, depending of next type of my camera works involving, I can easy buy GH5 again... Having at the moment idea and attempt to motivate some combine younger crew for filming, while also having free access to some great scenery and locations - my estimation is that RAW possibility and crowdfunding paper with provided specs closer to cinema standard, at the moment is more important for such plan than keeping GH5. (Although there's no doubt that indie feature film equally could be made with GH5 as well as XT3.) More decided factor is sentimental connection with Voigtlanders Having trough times all kinds of set-lenses, I'm so unwilling to sell them But I have DoP friends from whom I always could borrow, say, Leica R's (that I sold to them once upon a time). Problem for me is that that guy - so lovable living inside of its own movie Knight-against-Gorgona-type-of-enemies with dozens heads - is so almost innocently funny, and that I so greatly appreciate this forum also as some sort of relaxation resort zone But I'll of course retreat, respecting others (bloody China's or antiprogressive or past technology's or so agents).
  13. Maybe I can help. From mr Skip77 logic, GH5 is system of the past, and as such, people who still love and use it simply hate progress, of whom mr Skip77 feel himself as protector, because he knows what is road map and future - as well as GH5 relict-pensioners, being metaphorical ghosts from past, don't know anything about path to the future, and so they represent certain iteration of dark force against which mr Skip77 always remonstrate bravely and resolutely. As such defined haters, GH5 users deserve special treatment against their contamination influence.
  14. GH5s is not geared for everyone... including reliable/credible information of century by Mathew Frazer (2:40) : it gets 2 stops more DR in comparison with GH5 approaching 14 stops of latitude, which is high end cinema camera territory...
  15. I'm always really glad to hear speculations totally opposite to mine, given from equally well-intentioned angle Actually, we may easy agree that S1H might end up as bargain of the year (but not for 4000)
  16. Even more to feel sad, GH5s has so great updating potential (external codec possibility, true 2k, probably with at least 24p RAW), and had so better starting advantage position over Pocket 4k or Zcam, at least half a year monopol in cine m43 market and possibility to redefine price accordingly... So, to sum up - weighting and rethinking price level could be sign of worry, devotion and truly best wishes for concerned camera... Actually with better friendliness attitude than blindly justify and applaud to every favorite camera manufacturer's decision (even suicidal one :)... And now jump to 4000, again without IBIS... I'm afraid those who in theory would buy it for 4000 as B camera, must have budget close to 20000 just for two cameras and base adds, and that's rather category for comfortable renting what-need-to-high-paid-job.
  17. Regarding question of A or B cameras, for my recent goal - struggling to organize team and budget for feature film - presence of RAW capability pop upped as the must one, of course because of the highest margin of production compensation possibility and flexibility in post. Depending of situation, I'm keeping on radar, as reachable, two offers of UMP4.6k mk1 nearby for around, I hope, 3.5k euros with some adds.
  18. Actually, reputation of that few Hong Kong dealers in UK market extremely depends of severe public monitoring, good service and keeping warranty - because of more suspicion they normally gathered. So, as far as my experience go, they are really great and responsive. As I wrote, GH5s showed 2-3 times in any level of production team in my area, and go back for the sale pretty soon to get most money back because of plan of investment in Pocket 4k. I never heard for anybody that use Sony consumer cameras in production, after initial hype about lowlight usability of Sony A7s. Even A7sII nobody use. I had opportunity to use Canon c100 II just once - my experience image wise and comfort is stunning. But at the moment I consider BM Micro the most darling camera I ever had or tried
  19. You can buy GH5s for 1500£ with 2 years warranty at panamoz https://panamoz.com/digital-cameras/panasonic/panasonic-lumix-dc-gh5s-mirrorless-micro-four-thirds-digital-camera-body-only.html or with 12 months warranty for 1399 at einfin - https://www.e-infin.com/uk/item/3545/panasonic_lumix_dc-gh5s_mirrorless_micro_four_thirds_digital_camera At the moment you can buy it on "grey market" via eglobalcentral for 1398£ (although eglobal central is legal and extremely reliable shop from my experience) https://www.eglobalcentraluk.com/panasonic-lumix-dmc-gh5s-camera-body-only-pal.html as well GH5 for 999£ with 12 months warranty at https://www.e-infin.com/uk/item/3282/panasonic_lumix_dc-gh5_mirrorless_digital_camera_(body_only) From my region and possibility to buy (asking friends mostly in UK, rarely in USA and sometimes in China for favor) grey market acquisition of Panasonic products is risk that I'm ready to take. Panasonic is so great in that regard, because of unbeatable solidness and quality control of their products. But recently I bought Pocket 4k with best found legal price of 1100£ in UK - even if exists grey market for Pocket4k or BM products in general (but it never existed ), I wouldn't dare to buy it there... Simply, in comparison with Panasonic, BM is too unreliable regarding quality control. ... So yes, GH5s dropped in price significantly pretty fast, but, as I wrote, too late, missing opportunity to indeed becomes a hit, exclusively because of wrong initial price estimation. Danger that, as I see it, is even more over the head of theme of this thread.
  20. anonim


    SLR Magic MicroPrime 18mm
  21. I firstly like to give a tribute to original idea of @DBounce for such thread. Than maybe suggestion to offer preliminary stratification about primarily intentions and goals of usage. I have zero interest about photography or wedding usage, so my preferences greatly differ from people whose usage rely more on such different goals.
  22. I'd point to GH5 as a pattern of well balanced expectation and probably already deserved status of rare legend. But everything changed with Panasonic's calculation with GH5s that came almost year after, with price that inaugurated steps of +500, nothing less. Why I'm still on thread about no existing camera with just hook thrown to users - is to express worry and respect for Panasonic GH2's spirit. I was eager to buy GH5s, idea of make a pair with GH5 is clever and nice with their specs that complement but not surpassing each other - but price was restrictive, tolerated just from those who can afford curiosity, who can immediately return expense etc. - but that's the moment where Panasonic lost balance with lower base or more need-to-move-fast base of indie filmmakers, staying stubborn while witnessing enormous success of Pocket 4k in spite of all its expected quirks... Around me - no one of the extremely rare buyers from industry (planning to use it as B or C or sometimes A camera) didn't keep it longer than year, while still keeping GH5 - every single one go to Pocket 4k. If I remember correctly, one of the benchmark user with great skill and opportunity whose works I admire greatly - mr Peters - in thread devoted to what to buy next to pair with GH5, didn't choose GH5s in spite of easiness he probably could return expense. How much all of that could be different just if Panasonic placed initial price of GH5s to 2000, showing also in that way that it is complementary camera? It seems to me that Panasonic made rigid long road projection of prices for products on producing line - and stubbornly stay with that projection as leading imperative. My feeling is that GH2's leading spirit was different, govern with more flexible idea of getting users at first place, not taking money form them. Look just numbers of pages in thread about P4k and GH5s that are closest competitors as could be... Grounded on fact information about disaster of sale I have, as wrote, just for my region of Europe... GH5s, produced initially in far less pieces dropped price accordingly to GH5 (but always too late for better sale because of initial level), and at the moment reach around +/-1400 pounds, while GH5 is on the level +/- 1000 p. with 2 years warranty (that's where I can buy them with lowest price). But it is too late - with all enormous number of targeted users who already went with Pocket 4k and patiently/proudly wait their subscribed acquisitions to come. Panasonic even ignore better priced offer from Zcam, company that should be considered as hand made one in comparison with Panasonic mass production capacity. I know that +/- 500 can be seen as too much or as not so significant. But, there surely exists some interesting threshold tolerance in users, when we started to react psychologically, not just as consumers. That's threshold of perceived treatment and global strategy profile or direction of manufacturers. (Maybe worth to note about direction is that Panasonic priced G90 in level of XT3 and Pocket 4k.) That's threshold when we more seriously start to look around weighting offers of others. I simply worry that Panasonic's dedicated team again makes even bigger mistake with this one 4000 for dream camera announcement. Camera that for months will tiе for itself greatest part of developing resources of Panasonic's division.
  23. Again, I think that point of @Coii is strictly tide with price... Every modern top of the line consumer camera may be adapted to be used as A or B. But with higher- than-could-be price Panasonic shrinks possibility that S1cine be used as A camera (in spite of enough comparative characteristics). That's the point of estimation: why don't go little bit closer to route of Pocket4K and catch wider user base, instead of rely on users with pretty elite-like wallet capacity? Why not immediately establish reputation of dream camera between those who are strongest public for dreams - fixing price now as much as could be popular, instead of after several month and bad sale ratings, when, very possibly, new products too arrive? Why with such approach Panasonic forces me to buy Pocket 4K instead of GH5s for double starting price, while I know that at least in my market-region GH5s is, at the end, selling-disaster?
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