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  1. What annoys me is when I browse a website and thanks to all the ads my CPU utilization hits 100% and the machine becomes even more non-responsive than when doing a video render. I get that it's how many pay the bills, but there has got to be a more efficient, less all-consuming way of doing it. In consequence I recently finally started using an ad-blocker, which many sites quickly detect and complain about. So I move on.
  2. But can the SD cards handle the 6K Prores RAW data rate at the frame rate of your choice? Also, I wouldn't expect to see Prores RAW on any camera (Nikon) or third party recorder (Atomos) until after the two Apple petitions to the US Patent Office about REDs' RAW patent legitimacy are resolved.
  3. I would like to personally congratulate Apple on making a custom fully loaded ThreadRipper system look like the bargain basement option.
  4. I would wonder if keeping the rear LCD flipped out helps. It should help make the back effectively thinner so it's easier for the heat to get out. Of course that makes it hard (impossible?) to use the viewfinder. At least you can do it to help speed cooling the thing down when not using it.
  5. ​I thought it was no one under 85 working at Canon.
  6. I don't like Pentax for many of the same reasons. Their video quality is trash. I don't complain about it. I expect to switch to Sony in the near future. Canon simply isn't part of the plan with the possible exception of their lenses + appropriate lens adapters.
  7. Panasonic has done a great job of steadily and vastly improving the GH line of cameras. It is coming up on a year and half since the GH4 was announced, much less actually available for sale, several FREE firmware updates have been released with additional functionality, and they still get trashed for not providing the next FREE firmware update on OUR schedule, whatever that might be? I'm sorry, but to me the #1 problem is expectations outrunning what is realistic.
  8. ​Actually, Sony only need bump the A7S2 up to 18MP to allow for a true 4K APSC mode. If they bump all the way up to 24MP, the question quickly arises: Why does the A7 exist? The A7R2 and the A7S2 would cover all bases and the normal A7 gets squeezed out.
  9. ​To be fair, most of the cameras sitting at the edge of convergence between stills and video have a limit on the clip length. For most it is under 30 minutes. The number that go past that can be counted on one hand. Of course for a camera that is being marketed for video at this price level, even the dinosaurs at Canon realized they had to do better.
  10. The one thing the XC10 has got is record until the card is full. Having said that Sony could easily take this cameras sales by taking the RX10 and: 1. Enable 4K recording, just like the AX100 2. Remove the clip length limit 3. Sony could even give the price a healthy bump from $999 and most would still be happy. As it is, many will head to one of Panasonics u4/3rds offerings, methinks.
  11. I would bet that this will be part of the Cinema EOS line, with high end prices to match. For the prosumer shooter it will be irrelevant as the prices will be to high to justify. But it's nice to know Canon is finally moving, even if only at the higher end.
  12. @quobetah "For audio, that Sony hotshoe is magic. You can attach this awesome accessory and you'll get dual XLR inputs" True, but you may have noticed the small point that your audio adapter costs more than the camera. Note to Admin: For me Cut-n-paste (Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V) does not work, neither does the Quote button.
  13. Cons * 1080p is getting a bit old - 4K is the future Be honest Andrew. You were definitely NOT expecting 4K at this price point and form factor!
  14. Don't let the rude teenagers get you down, Andrew. As my remaining elderly uncle says, "They're not human, they're teenagers!". I see them flipping you the bird along with the graffiti covered trashcan opposite them, with garbage strewn all around it on the ground and somehow it all fits. It's them, not you, don't sweat it. By the way, the videos and pictures you produce are topnotch. Even of snotty teenagers.
  15. Quickie simple question: How many MB/second when shooting in RAW mode? I'm trying to figure out how long a 32 or 64 GB card will last. Thank you.
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