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  1. G no trouble. Metering with old ais and screwdriver, mehhh. But might be user error to some extent. I guess they don't have the prong but then also demand to fully close aperature to work.
  2. Since I am a portait and studio whore, I still would go with z9. Also don't really get the z8 price point. 3.5k would have been nice and then leave out some of the highend features. Is it true that you can't shoot 240fps in HD? Recording on to SD would have been nice.
  3. I kind of cool to be able to share/scan film. I only do it analogue so cant share it, hmmm. I should figger out a way to do photos of the negatives... ...My dad had some F lenses so I kind of stuck with it.
  4. These horror pics are insane. Just to keep this going. I shoot with an F2 and a F100 both Nikon in BW with Hp5 from a big roll or any Colour film I can find thst is cheap. I alternate between the two cameras and basically only use them when I am on vacation. @mercer because you asked about caffenol. Thats how I do it. It works pretty well and you can just dump it. you can also push two stops without much trouble depending on what you are after. Colour film has become crazy expensive and my fridge stock is nearly dried up. Apparently its because china is hardly doing the chemicals anymore or something. 14,-€ Colour film my ass...
  5. Hey, sounds great, but i am a troubled mind with a business to run, a house and a boat to keep up and a wife and little ones, Jesus. Hey, fuck it lets have a coffee then or go for a sail. I am still lusting over the bmpcc...
  6. Well, there are lawsuits about chord progessions in specific scales. So some lawyers argued that, e.g. a progression in a key in minor pentatonic is copy righted. It's a very sad world.
  7. There is a forum called "Sailing Anarchy" and it is great. It is very free speech orientated. Dummies are put in their place by anyone coming along knowing better but mostly in a fun way. New members need to show their GFs tits (running gag) bevor getting replies to their first post, etc.. ..One way the Forum is sponsored is, Industry can buy a thread or subforum. E.g. black magic can talk directly to users here. Small rig for all things rigging etc. Anamorphics have had a boom, no?... This does not mean that one can't have an open opinion about things also in the same thread. For me camera wise the interest about specs have come to an end. Most of them have leveled to a, good enough point. So I guess no one is interested in hacking a t2i or something. There is still some nitty gritty bit that is interesting, How to make the files excell, grading etc... how to shoot, sound ( @IronFilm) I really do miss you videos like NX1 in Lisbon, etc. It would be nice to get at least two a year done. It also starts discussion; What lenses did you use, camera, technique. I am in Berlin, let me know if you need a BTS Goon or something. For me I have a business to run so I am mainly a lurker and only pick up the camera for jobs anymore. On holyday I shoot film. What you could need is younger film students, they have time to experiment. What are they shooting with? How can you help them? Cinema history knowledge, vintage gear etc... why is it relevant? I liked your YT videos, is there a niche for you, just on the side? And finally, this is your house so you can behave yourself how you what to, but then there is also Gastfreundschaft. People like Webrunner ( and so many more which have left) seem to have been meaning mostly good and some of them even had great content and knowledge to share. Maybe it is better to PM them if you get pissed off with them, as nobody likes to get assraped in front of the forum mates. Lots of love and I hope all your ideas florish to great things, Best, Hansel
  8. It would be splendid if the "fullofhimself" director would be played by Philip Bloom or Froknowsfoto or better by the Angry Photographer but he is probably to nice. It think keeping it simple is a major priority. It feels like the two workshop situations could already be enough discrepancy. Controlled environment, cast can improvise, etc...All the things mentioned like, power,"terror and alienation, loneliness and dumb stupidity"etc. will be woven in by dress, acting, situations in the play. Plot twist? While Alienated Heath giving the workshop, the Uni is being stormed by a Fret boy that is feeling hard done by to start a massacre. 🤪 x
  9. Dear Andrew, been lurking a bit recently again no conversation from my side though. My event shooting is dead so no work besides shooting for my brand. No idea if you are back in Berlin but I regularly go up to the Polish Baltic sea for some surfing in frigid waters so if you need a change of scenery for shooting let me know. In the end it comes down to having fun, being inspired shooting things ( no matter with what gear ). Dude do it!!! We all appreciate it. Adding to that. Since I shoot with (old) nikon glass and I like that stuff also happy to see Nikon not losing it completely....
  10. Yeah, this hack saved my life before because Resolve also just sets 24p as project standart which catches blue eyed, quickly aroused, emotional unstable people on the wrong foot, like me... ...
  11. Hey kye, thanks for the support! I will try to play around with timeline settings although I think they have advanced the whole fps thing with version 16, which is good! I have gone the Handbreak way now which works. The problem I ran into was that I could not sync audio to video ( I probably could have by changing indivdual clip speed and so on but...) normally I just match the clap at the beginning and that works fine. Maybe for anyone that reads this later there is also clip attributes which lets you change fps for a clip by right clicking on it. Yeah, from what I have tried once frame rate is set you can't change it and have to export in that frame rate. I know, should not have happended. But three different cameras, people not knowing that they are contributing to my editing, and then, the heat of the moment, running around doing b-roll and someone grabs you to get a quick interview with some one.
  12. Hey, I am sure some one is smarter than me but I have a general failure of understanding how to handle multiple framerates in Resolve 15 (in the same project). The way they SET fps in the beginning is totally retarded, they should do this for timelines but not projects. Here is the Setting: Event shoot, different cameras, different framerate, several Interviews = audio sync-up cluster fuck. Export should be 25fps, How do you do this? So I started an "interview bits" project that needs to be 50 otherwise the audio does not sync up. Matched the audio with the 50fps easy no trouble. Now I can only export in the same framerate. But I would also like to put b-roll (different fps) over it and so on... I mean the main trouble I am having is that I would like my project setting to be 25fps and work with several timelines (different fps) to then bring together a fine piece of 25fps. It seems that my only two options are: 1.convert clips to same fps with Handbreak etc. beforehand and hope audio sync works later. or 2. to start three different projects 25fps, 50fps and 59,94fps export the respective clips an then try to muddle it up in the 25fps project, which seems bad practice imho.... How would you go about this? Any experience in this? THANK YOU VERY MUCH!
  13. To put digital content on your phone which otherwise could've been drag and dropped....?
  14. Hope that every man and their dog will get rid of the totally under gunned p4k now.
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