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  1. No idea where you at but some kind of habour area could work maybe, could even be a habour on a big river....ones were they unload containers and stuff. Maybe an oil rig or an abandoned stranded tanker of some sorts? Maybe even a marina, that was smashed up by a hurricane....
  2. Aarghhh. I specially looked it up the ninja v can record dng, too. But this probably does not mean it can rec raw from z6, meehhhh?!?
  3. hansel

    Cleaning vintage lenses

    Haha, yeah you are totally right. It is more like “you clean your shoes before entering the house” kind of feeling. I think it is pretty much about triggering the stuff to grow or give the spores not enough substance to life of....
  4. Exactly, that’s what I meant with “reality just not quite there yet.”
  5. But can't take a fs7 apart and make it small. Also no idea but the next cam with autofocus and raw is c300? P4k, no af and the lot does not take photos either. I am on the verge of getting a p4k but to really shot it stable you need to rig it up. With z6 the only rigging to be done is add the ninja Ibis should do the rest. For me it seems still the smallest package. hybrid, continues af, Ibis, raw, in a10x15x15cm package, jfc. Specs wise it is mind blowing. Reality not so much, yet. Let's see how the firmware updates are coming along.
  6. hansel

    Cleaning vintage lenses

    Hey Kye, I took apart some old Nikkors and found this dude to be very straight forward. https://richardhaw.com/ For my nikkors it was quite helpfull to have the propper Japanease screwdrivers to not strip anything. Watchout for the coil?!? threading you really have to mark that stuff other wise all is lost, you will loose infinity or close focus afaik. you can always find it again but re and disasamling the Lens more then 20 times and testing for infitiy will drive you nuts, my brother in law did it, I got the lens still laying around here, perfekt for macro stuff but, hmmmm. Keep infected glass away from the others!!! From my point of view, it is the labour intensity that makes it only viable for better ish lenses. I cleaned a Nikkor 50 1.2 from a little fungus and it is great. Screw the coating it is all about character and bang for the buck. Happy fiddling.
  7. Why was it painful to shoot, to much weight? Video looks very clean.
  8. Haha, is this a typo? Image video about a company, dadida?!? Like: "Our company does this and that, nice B-Roll, while someone talks over it, cut back to the guy talking, dramatic music after he makes a good point and so on... Very good point! It seems (on my cam) that pans up and down are smoother. Maybe right to left panning might be better. Also one could turn the camera upside down. Or shoot 4k portrait and crop the picture in post landscape :D . It's not like I am wip panning like a crazy fool, just a tat to fast for the codec to catch up, damn. Thanks, It might be just good enough that they will hire me again one day. On the clip there is writing on the wall and that is just fairly jumpy, that's were I can notice it the most. Will definetly check the Video and see what I can do.
  9. No, there are no artifacts it just turns to mush. And yes exactly when I check video on a small tablet or smart phone everthing is gravy but reviewing on my screen gives me eye cancer. A well....
  10. Haha, ok so what you are saying is: I can blame the camera, or me for doing pans. Great. Can't wait to get my hands on RAW then. One more question if you shoot 4k and pan and then convert to 1080p would this make it less shit? Cheers.
  11. Hey Guys and Kaylee, so I am adding the finishing touches to my first "proper" coorperate image clip, man what a cluster fuck but still fun and quite a steep learning curve on every level, communication wise, shooting and editing aswell. To get to the point. Some clips I have shot espacially ones where tripod panning it feels like I am back in Canon t2i country resolution wise. On top of that I have shot the pans in 50p and when rolling in 25p it seems fairly choppy, slowmo seems to sober it up abit. I was wondering if someone has a trick for Resolve to even out the chops? Further would the precieved resolution los (maybe just motion blur?) be less when shooting in raw as the compression can't really handle it and mushes it up? Just in general I am trying to get to grips with how it works as pretty much all the glide cam shots i did seem to be super smooth (as in not choppy) AND sharp but they are not straight pans. Is it a sensor readout problem? Anyway maybe so can enlighten me a bit, cheers.
  12. Pretty sobering. But everyone knows canon dpaf is the ducks nuts. It's just they are cunts. If i could afford a 6k camera for fooling around I would kind of be working on productions than would gain me 6k and up. It is just not, I found a cheap gh5 and made a nice short or what not territory. And in that sense the z6 seems to do quite well if you compare it to everything canon has done in the "up to 2500€ 4k😂 realm". Would i switch to canon, yeah totally, been there. It's just like so said upstairs, you can vote with your wallet.....
  13. hansel

    Help me record a rap

    No idea how deep you want to get in the game? But I would consider to at least stick with one discipline. If you will try to master rap, beatmaking, producing, Puhhh. See you at the other end, unless you want to spend the next 5 years in the closet. I would suggest keep it simple. get beats from the internet, contact people ask them for beats. Once you have recorded over it. Get someone to master the stuff. And/or keep it fun trashy and simpler give it some "live recoding" feel and fuck HiFi dont do drugs and gang stuff 😬.
  14. No one stated the obvious so far. It is a shame they did not put a round a eye piece on the two cameras.
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