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  1. Highly likely to be the YouTuber fault.
  2. This thread inspired me to break out the 5D3 and play with Magic Lantern Raw video again. Took it with me to a shoot instead of the R5 and I forgot how great the old optical viewfinder is for photos. Anyway, I shot some a lot of footage in 1920x1080 and in 3072x1308 and upscaled it to UHD in resolve. I've missed this look.
  3. I still…even with the bmpcc4k and R5 8k raw haven’t be able to replicate this look and motion from 5D3 Raw.
  4. They look great and professional in the right hands. Alot of these people don't know what they are doing or talking about.
  5. Firmware 1.6 solved the overheating issue for good on the R5. The only thing it needs is the removal of that pesky record limit and a dynamic range boost in its none raw mode formats like the R5C. I think this will come with the R5mk2.
  6. Very nice. So with a battery grip and power offs between shots is 80plus minutes doable?
  7. This is a great camera someone like me that operates quickly and with a small agile crew. I can fit a R5C, R5, and EOSR all battery grips into one bag plus lenses and audio gear….break them out and attach to a lens and tripod super fast for multi camera/angle shoots. R5C will be my new A camera. R5,EOSR, and C100MK2
  8. Keep the site. Look at what happened today....Facebook, IG, WhatsApp all down. Decentralized content will make a comeback.
  9. I've been using a FXLion 50wh and 150wh vmount battery interchangeably with power through a usbc cord with a usb adaptor to connect to the battery side to power it. For some reason the usbc out from the FXLion battery would not supply power to the fan but the USB port did.
  10. I'm going to test 120 later this evening.
  11. Picked one up last week and finally got to to test it out. It does indeed extend record times and keeps the camera cooler. With the fan set to high in a 75 degree interior I was able to record to a 512 GB CF Express card 3 times with a overheat shutdown but for stopping the test. That's about 78 mins of 8k raw recording. The Temp icon came on about half way through the 2nd card recording and stays on but the camera doesn't shut down.
  12. After you make a sale immediately disconnect your banking info from ebay...never leave it connected perpetually.
  13. I have one and can edit the 8k ipb and ipb lite files on a 16in macbook pro. Anything higher and its a struggle.
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