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  1. jpfilmz

    C200 vs C100 MKII

    I agree. I think the C200 is grossly overpriced. Im don't see $4000 of image improvement between the 2 cameras. The C200 should be priced around $3499 and the C100MK down to $1499. Im curious now how the 10bit 4k image from the EOS R compares with the C200 image in raw.
  2. jpfilmz

    C200 vs C100 MKII

    Has anyone see this? Are the images really this close if you upscale the C100 to 4K? Canon C200 vs C100 Mk II - Internal Slow Motion Recording Modes explained
  3. on the 5D3 MK3 1080 Raw is stable and doesnt over hear the camera.
  4. The part about not holding back on features might be believable but.....Magic Lantern RAW.
  5. jpfilmz

    I am leaving Vimeo over their scandalous DMCA policy

    The Vimeo facebook page is getting ugly with the comments. People are PISSED about this DMCAgate. Im NOT renewing my Pro account there for 2019.
  6. jpfilmz

    I am leaving Vimeo over their scandalous DMCA policy

    Indeed, I received this same message today. I'm migrating everything to YouTube for now until another platform emerges. I'm on my 2nd strike and really received NO warning smh.
  7. jpfilmz

    Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

    Agreed...This thread has descended into complaining and cry baby whining.
  8. jpfilmz

    Camcorder for Narrative Filmmaking

    What about the XC15?
  9. jpfilmz

    Ursa Mini Pro w BPRAV vs Canon C200 with Raw Light

    It the UMP really this soft compared to the C200?
  10. jpfilmz

    The new Blackmagic RAW Codec

    This is insane. I can edit and playback the 4.6k braw files smoothly on my 2018 macbook pro.
  11. jpfilmz

    The dislike for Andrew Reid

    I enjoy his no nonsense reviews. His guides and articles have been a great resource for me. They have had more utility than alot of youtuber reviews who take up half their video with vain talking head spec reads and regurgitated videos.
  12. jpfilmz

    Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

  13. jpfilmz

    Magic Lantern successfully tested on 5D Mark IV

    Wow. If they stablize this for 3.5k raw or 4k raw it will be a KILLER coveted image. Im definately watching this closely.
  14. jpfilmz

    Canon EOS R full frame mirrorless talk hots up

    I like the image i'm seeing from this camera. I'm picking up the Pocket 4k for any film related task and adding this to my Canon camera line (C100MK2, XC10, & 5DMK3) up for event relate task. In mixed lighting the HD is a good match for my C100. Much better than the 5DMK3 sans magic lantern raw. For event work the auto focus for me is just critical. Running and gunning trying to keep subjects in focus using the follow focusing method with your hand sucks. I'm sick and tired of that for events but for film I can still tolerate. I'll probably retire the 5DMK3 to photo only task.
  15. jpfilmz

    Canon EOS R full frame mirrorless talk hots up

    I agree with this assessment and I'll be most likely adding the EOS R to my camera kit.