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  1. The latest Intel processors will support 10-bit 4:2:2 H.265 hardware decoding which will work with DaVinci Resolve 17.1
  2. Now for 1500€ including shipping. (it will be updated to fw 2.0 when it comes out)
  3. Selling the following camera body, with box and all accessories. Completely like new with the latest 1.7 firmware and V-Log installed (Prores RAW support coming). Only 337 exposures taken with a few hours of video. https://photos.app.goo.gl/2CKs7KuJadjvewqn7 Asking 1700€ including shipping. Payment: bank transfer or PayPal (fees on buyer) PM me if interested and thanks for looking.
  4. I hope to see them side-by-side, but it looks just like R5 standard 4K to me.
  5. So basically almost exacty the same as the R5 in all modes (except no 4K HQ).
  6. 4k30p binned goes long enough, I really don't need to shoot 4k60p for long (which is the same quality anyway, so it matches binned 4k30p perfectly), so it is flawless for me. The internal 30-minute clip limit is a little annoying and micro-HDMI are not great. But again, I don't consider these big enough flaws compared to the mountain of things that they've improved drastically for stills and video. For Canon, yes, this is a revelation, no doubt about it. The 5D IV or 1DX II had the same 30-minute limits (external output was useless) and yet many people used it for serious video withou
  7. Others left around the time of the EOS R, which already came after the A7III and initially received bad press, thinking Canon does not take mirrorless seriously at all. Even though they've already showed with their amazing lenses that they indeed do. I guess Sony A7SIII will come closest then (I expect it to offer DCI 4K), it is great to have choices and none of them will ever be perfect in absolute terms. I am not happy with some of the crippling they did with the R6 (But also not surprised and based on the past, I expected much worse), but the R5 seems almost flawless for the things
  8. Well the binned FF 4K on the R5 matches that very well in every sense (including rolling shutter) and it goes about for 1 hour 30 minutes. Could be more of an issue on the R6, yes, but again, apart from the S1 with the cropped 4k60p weak AF and big body, there is no FF camera to be mentioned alongside it. Personally, I'd just rather have overheating and AF than a big and heavy camera body. I simply don't need it to run non-stop (if someone would request it, I'd just go down to 1080p, better for file size, too) And of course it kills the GH5 (S1) for stills too, before we'd just forget th
  9. It probably sucks, if all the good stuff with the new firmware update like BRAW or Prores RAW are going out via HDMI.
  10. I think the A7SIII will rely on taking the 4K120p raw feed out of the camera to an Atomos recorder, it won't be able to record it internally. At least that would be my guess, we'll see. The PXW-FX9's features should provide an overview about how it's going to do some things. And the PXW-FX6 (or full-frame FS5) can't be very far either, I think it will rely on an external recorder for a lot of things as well just like how the FS5 did.
  11. I've yet to see a C200 user that is not raving about the camera for the most part. Not perfect with the codecs and stuff, but it is just really good in almost every way and the price has been dropped. A lot. Canon is first to admit about when they cameras overheat and how. Their representatives are laughing because they know that they are not really lagging behind in that area compared to the capabilities of that camera and it is just a huge upgrade over what they've had and other companies didn't make the same jump ahead. The A7SIII could be the 4KFF camera for video for the momen
  12. While everybody is criticising Canon for various things - which is questionable in practise, like: why would you ever need more than 4k30p to record for hours? Serious question here. They should also criticise everybody else as well. A lot. Why? Because Canon really do not need to do anything better if they don't have any cameras that are comparable. They just don't, they seem to be at least one generation behind at this point without uncropped 4k60p 4k120p, etc. and still remain as full-on stills cameras, not go low on megapixels aka A7SIII. When they actually do, they might ha
  13. If I see it right, it was re-started after the 20-minutes on the first one so no time to cool down, it won't be nearly as bad in practise for short clips. The crop mode is 1.6x and who wants to shoot upscaled 4K, it does not make that much sense sense for me. Much better to save up for the R5 if this is important and have no crop at all. If we look at the stills side of things though, apart from the 12fps mechanical shutter over 20fps and the tough build quality, it provides everything that the 1DX III LV mode does with IBIS and a flip screen for 4000$ less, not bad at all.
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