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  1. "By coincidence, a Canon employee was present at the wedding as a guest and has seen how ridiculous it is that the camera is constantly overheating while the camera is barely being used. He thought this was scandalous and will try to help with this." Lol... so what can the employee do? Blow at the camera ? Lol
  2. the thing is if we knew and expect it overheat. then ok lets go with that and work with it. as sony camera was famous for. but then the recovery time... and then we find out how really warm it get and not to mention all this hack to bypass the "heat problem".. The "why, because and reason" of "overheat" just smell shady! would you guess this is pure based on to protect cine line? i also remember someone mention a firmware upgrade to extend the record time.. so "heat problem" can just be "mended/fix" with update like that. would also be interesting to see how much more they give us and yo
  3. i used to study and live in japan and yeah know the system etc how it work. just sad they choiced this way instead make it a super camera. they could like i would say steal the thunder with it. In a positive side. it seems they have a capable good sensor catching up on DR and the temp seems very impressive to be honest. Bad side is all this Cripple stuff and artificial blocks their way of doing stuff. i have a hard time buying anything from them because of this and what i read. I was in looking for camera and lens. r5 and canon was in sight. went with sony instead. I know sony also have shady
  4. keep pressure them. you doing good work ! i mean if they got nothing to hide. why not just answer us? even when lousy excuse. this was canon "debute" camera and all this shit? never seen so many creative way to use the camera as this one. If so then canon should made a manual for "other way to make it work".
  5. Daai

    Sony A7S III

    thanks for the explanation
  6. Daai

    Sony A7S III

    just you also get banding with slog2. and youtube is 8 bit so banding anyway?
  7. Daai

    Sony A7S III

    so slog3 more DR than slog2 ? and wish we could turn off the internal NR of a7s3
  8. Daai

    Sony A7S III

    not a7s3 question. But on a7iii would you get more DR on slog3 compare to slog2? i know 8 bit etc. but to get most dynamic range which profile?
  9. i mean if we need to use all trick in the book to make the camera "usable" i think that is the problem already. Why should you wrestle with the camera ? make no sense... It is not even a cheap camera!
  10. Maybe we find the r5 cripple info in there
  11. hit them where it hurt most. talk to them with your wallet. share the article. make them trend on internet!
  12. Techical artist is fake and BS
  13. What about lens resolving this 12k ?i take it super35 lens can handle it np?
  14. i though they had this lens and ibis work together thingy?
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