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  1. Gregormannschaft

    Canon C200 like new for sale $6,750

    Dang, I’d bite if this were in Europe.
  2. Australia’s home, but I used to travel to NZ frequently. It’s a beautiful country, the nature is incredible, would love to be there and be able to explore and shoot a little, very jealous of your remaining time. And so many good options for cameras in this price point, EVA1 certainly wins out for codec and slow mo. Like the ‘living photograph’ remark as well, can’t wait to do some traveling with the C200.
  3. Some lovely shots in there, the 120p is killer. There's still something about the tonality of the shots that I find a little off putting though, been looking to invest recently the C200 still has it for me in terms of colour. I'm nitpicking though, it's beautiful footage and makes me miss home. Quick question, the track is lovely. I asked Siri but it directed me to a death metal song. What's the track?
  4. Gregormannschaft

    Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

    Just dropping here, have we actually seen any decent footage from this camera yet? I didn’t like those staged set tests from NAB earlier this year. I want to see it out in the wild, moving.
  5. Gregormannschaft

    Tips for achieving this style if cinematography

    Agreed. I see a lot of part time videographers forget about setting shutter speed and it annoys the hell out of me. Motion blur matters, even if it’s not obviously perceptible on occasion. Secondly, learning how to maintain good exposure is a crucial part of the job. It’s hard at first but it quickly becomes second nature, just learn it. Don’t look for shortcuts. If you move upwards to bigger shoots with cinema cameras you will be exposed (pun unintentional) and there’s no reason to be.
  6. Gregormannschaft

    Tips for achieving this style if cinematography

    Incredible. I heard the A73 is much closer, but that is really impressive. One thing I will say with the movement is make sure it's motivated. At times it can look like you're moving for movement's sake. I think in these high end fashion videos of the same style, the movement tends to follow a 'logical' path the human eye would take. I checked the original video and the movement tends to go like this: eyes > feet, feet > eyes, swinging bag > eyes etc etc And if you watch again, there is a lot of movement, but a lot of shots are focused on the eyes with some swaying here and there. There's a shot where she's running through a pool, the camera focuses on her smile, and then moves down to view her feet going through the water. It feels like a natural and logical movement. That's probably a lot of words on pretty much the same point, but I think it's an interesting topic. Movement is so rarely discussed and is a huge part of cinematography.
  7. Gregormannschaft

    Tips for achieving this style if cinematography

    Actually pretty impressed with how it ended up, nice work! Slightly too much movement for my tastes as well, especially when you're swinging around the guys while they laugh. But I like the energy, and the grade emulates the style you originally showed. Like others have said, I felt it could have used a few more beauty shots in between the movement. And perhaps the movement could have been slightly less agressive, it feels you are reaching for a style. It's definitely 'there' though. I like the use of primes, shots have great character to them that I feel is lost with zoom lenses a lot of the time. (edit: Oh! Also, does the GH5 REALLY have that little rolling shutter? Couldn't dare do some of these movements with the A7SII. I've heard it's gotten a lot better with the GH5/S and the new A7III, but I didn't know it was that good)
  8. Gregormannschaft


    I'm just editing a little highlight reel from the Berlin Fashion Week last year, and I deeply regret selling my Canon FD 24mm 2.8 lens now. Some of the rendering is really nice, to my eyes at least. I replaced it with the Sony 28mm lens, and that's great, but it is just lacking something. Also used a Tiffen Black Pro Mist 1/4, GFILM settings and Deluts Downtown Alt as a base LUT if you were curious.
  9. Gregormannschaft

    The Canon C200 is here and its a bomb!

    But RAW wouldn't save time right? You would have to edit with proxies and export with the original RAW files as far as I understand. And I even thought H265 was a better editing format?
  10. Gregormannschaft

    The Canon C200 is here and its a bomb!

    Have one on me.
  11. Gregormannschaft

    The Canon C200 is here and its a bomb!

    Agreed, plenty of positives. It's a lot of cash, but I have found some second hand units out there for 6000€ with a few CF 2.0 cards included. Just waiting for something more local and I'll bite. And they did announce the middle codec, still 8bit unfortunately. Only difference was it stored all the metadata. I think I could look to film most corporate work in RAW, use the proxies created in camera and then switch out for export. Should be a pretty easy workflow now that Premiere and FCPX accept the RAW files natively.
  12. Gregormannschaft

    Sony FS5 II announced with 4K 120fps RAW recording at NAB 2018

    Confused. On the WEX video, they tested the straight out of the camera look. On the Vistek video they seem to be inferring 'Venice' color is a picture profile. I would have thought Venice colour was simply the colour science present in every profile. Anyone understand this better? Either way, certainly in the WEX video colours are hugely improved. They look awful on the FS5 Mk. 1 - blown out cyan skies, horrible magentas, orangey reds. None of that on the Mk. II.
  13. Gregormannschaft

    Sony a7III Rumored to be Announced on February 26th

    Hah, this is really impressive. I'm a sucker for getting nervous, or feeling overly intrusive when filming or photographing people.
  14. Gregormannschaft

    The Canon C200 is here and its a bomb!

    I think it depends what work you're doing, really. @IronFilmand @zerocool22 conversation was quite interesting. I'm at a point in time where I'm building up my portfolio and network to be working on jobs constantly, and I think investing in a camera like the C200 could be a good idea. Personally I feel you can tell the difference in quality between something like the C200 and a A7SII or a GH5. It's also a differentiator. So many people are 'grinding small businesses' and using GH5s and A7s which means investing in a C200 could certainly help secure some bigger, better paying work from clients who are looking for above average quality. Naturally that also means better lighting, gimbals and sound. And, obviously, experierience comes into it. Just jumping from a Sony A7S to something like this without really getting to the point where you are getting the maximum you can from that kind of camera would be a bad idea. For me though, I feel I'm at a point where moving up to a more dedicated video camera would actually help develop my skills. I also don't really see the negatives with 'grinding small businesses'. I get that it's not as 'professional' as being on a set, as part of a bigger team, but there is an attractive element of it in that you often have a lot of control and often get to have a lot of input into the final tone and look of the video. Obviously, putting 'DoP' as your job title is a bit much, but I don't really buy into this idea that you must be doing narrative work or on a large set to truly be called a professional.
  15. Gregormannschaft

    Sony FE 24-105 f4 G OSS Lens

    Price: 1180€ Selling the Sony FE 24-105 F4 G OSS (SEL24105G) which I picked up a little earlier in the year (March). I've used it twice since buying it, once on a short vacation and the other to film a conference. It's a sharp lens, it doesn't have the focusing issues that some of the earlier batches had (you can check the serial number on the Sony website should you want to) and is sharp across the zoom range at the widest aperture. It's in like-new physical condition, no scratches since using, and comes with all of the original packaging and materials. Bought from Amazon on Amazon.de and has 2 years European warranty. I would like to send to somewhere in Germany or even arrange a pickup in Berlin, but am willing to send it across Europe as well. The price for German shipping is €17.89 (with added insurance and C.O.B). Let me know if you had any questions.