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  1. Lol wut? RAWLite is a really lovely codec to shoot with and the quality far surpassed almost every camera below that price range when it was released, and still holds up now. I think the biggest downside of the C200 RAWlite is it's subpar noise performance at higher ISOs. The 8bit codec is bad, but if you really bought the camera for an 8bit codec you probably didn't do your research.
  2. Honestly that would be atrocious. The C200's 8bit is pretty bad by modern standards. I always thought it was weaker than the 8bit codec in the A7 series of cameras, both in terms of grading flexibility, noise and detail. I pretty much only shoot RAW nowadays on the C200. The C70 looks really interesting but not at its current price point.
  3. I'd be interested in checking this out, got a link? I shoot RAW on the C200 for most projects and the only thing that really lets the camera down is noise in the shadows.
  4. Great shot, is the cyclist getting really wet a second after this was taken?
  5. I don't know if you found it, but back in early 2019 he uploaded the creative treatment that landed him his first feature film job, as well as lighting diagrams and the shot lists from the first few weeks of filming. It was pretty eye opening, very rare to see people sharing so much.
  6. Really? I'm kind of surprised. I find Patrick to be pretty down to earth and find his own takedowns of his own 'shitty' work make him pretty likeable. Most of the time he just sounds exhausted, if he was all 'awesomes' and 'supers' I wouldn't have kept listening. I find a lot of other podcasts a bit light and appreciate the level of depth Patrick puts into his lighting breakdowns, although they might only be available to Patreon subscribers.
  7. I've been listening for the past 3 years or so. Standard podcasts are great and I feel for the breadth of stuff he puts out there its more than worth paying 5 bucks or so a month. I'm not anywhere near the scale of projects Patrick works on, but his discussions on how to manage a set and breakdown shots are fascinating.
  8. He uses them so well, no doubt, but I really liked his stuff before the gimbal craze and felt he was more creative with his shots. And cheers, yours was beautifully shot.
  9. I really, really like Brandon Li's stuff and think it's pretty impressive how he's grown his own personal brand but kind of wish he would stop using the gimbal so much. I'll put something together as soon as I finish a project I had leftover from before the world came to a screeching halt. Will be a struggle to not make something revolved around the pandemic, I like that Film Riot expressively said no doom and gloom.
  10. Totally agreed. I could get a nice handheld feeling without the jitters with Sony's IBIS, exactly what I wanted. I'm not so keen on the movement you tend to get from gimbals and wouldn't want that ultra smooth quality all the time.
  11. Those videos are amazing but I hate them. When they were all the rage, I had a corporate client request that their corporate video be in the same style. It was a one man band shoot, just me, a Sony A7SII and a gimbal. I mean...
  12. I can’t answer your question but I’d love to ask. I’ve been looking for a cheaper alternative to the Rhino, Edelkrone and Syrp options out there. Have you tested it with heavier cameras at all? And are you able to get smooth motion with small movements? I find the brands above incredibly overpriced and would rather not spend 800 € on what should be simple camera movements.
  13. C200 as A cam, BMPCC4K for B cam and gimbal work, and Sony A7SII for the odd shoot. It will likely get sold soon which is a shame, it's been incredibly reliable over the years.
  14. Well, what about driving around in Lambos with a RED?
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