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  1. Of course - makes sense. Thanks for sussing that out. Waiting for that PortKeys O-eye 3G EVF to come out.
  2. Anyone know how they hooked up that Ursa EVF (1:09) to the BMPCC? The Woodencamera mod kit is no longer available and it's SDI anyway.
  3. Yeah - I keep a small piece of black tape on the opposite side of the adapter for when I pull out the filter. Keep the filter in a small soft pouch in my pocket. Not ideal but it's a great ND & better than carrying around assorted step up rings.
  4. For this style of shooting the RF 35mm 1.8 works well for me. Other lenses here are EF and FD. The EF - RF Variable ND adapter makes me almost prefer using EF glass.
  5. Yes, ML for raw, crop mode &Technicolor cinestyle. Stills are great. I like the touchscreen zoom focus mode. Too bad it doesn't work while recording like a Sony. It's a fun little experiment for $149. Put EOS Pro Color on my A7s. Surprised - thanks.
  6. My SmallHD Focus came in yesterday & it's making my A6500 a monster handheld rig. I'll spring for Pro Color but that EOS M has a vibe more than just color.
  7. I also just bought an EOS M for $149 & an FD adapter. My first foray into Canon. Colors are killing my A7s & A6500.
  8. This guy shoots amazing stuff on an eos M with Magic Lantern & crop mode
  9. Misread jase's profile settings and did Standard / -5 Contrast instead of everything -5 EXCEPT Contrast
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