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  1. I believe you if you have the latest firmware for the BVA and the FP you should be all set. Maybe double check with Blackmagic design support.
  2. Sorry to post my own stuff again but here's my latest pandemic lock down piece. Confined to my backyard.🙄 The FP continues to inspire.
  3. I've never owned a more inspiring camera than the OG FP. I bought a C70 to make work a little easier and tried out a Lumix S5 for a week to check out the advantages for anamorphic shooting but quickly returned it. Nothing has come close to the IQ I'm getting out of the FP.
  4. Finally got it - user error. Calibrting now.
  5. So excited that my AFX showed up today in the US! Just having trouble pairing my BMPCC 4K.🤔 Any tips?
  6. alanpoiuyt

    Sigma EVF

    It's called the GSS Ocular. https://mktradingco.com/product/ggs-s1-black-lcd-ocular-a7-ii-a7-iii-a9/
  7. alanpoiuyt

    Sigma EVF

    I did the Power Chung flip screen mod last week on my FP. That, with the GSS Viewfinder is a sweet combination. The loupe retracts and the viewfinder becomes a hood.
  8. I'll keep hoping - the FP is my favorite. Good luck with the future modules.
  9. One last plea - how about using a Ninja V leaving USB open for the AFX?
  10. Any chance you'll upgrade firmware to work without motor with the Sigma FP with L lenses or MC21 adapter? I just pledged on Indiegogo for my BMPCC 4K. Can't wait!
  11. AF works great with the Metabones. Same as a Canon EF to R.
  12. I use the Metabones EF to R 4K Speedbooster on the EOS R and you can do some pretty interesting things with it in 1080 and older Gold Ring Canon EF lenses. Shooting 1080 with these lenses you get a wider image circle of the lense so in this example the EF 85 1.8 becomes a 60ish 1.2 with swirly edges kinda anamorphic - like. With stabilization enabled the image is cropped enough to almost cut out ll the vignetting in 2.4:1. Most of the shots in this video I didn't crop out the vignetting. I've been experimenting with the R in 4k since the release of the R5 and with the Speedbooster and stabilization on enhanced and these Gold Ring lenses you get a very reasonable 4k 24p - gimbal-liked stabilized image. Will be very interesting to experiment with the 4K Speedbooster in this 1.6 crop mode in the above Chinese video.
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