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  1. Yes, ML for raw, crop mode &Technicolor cinestyle. Stills are great. I like the touchscreen zoom focus mode. Too bad it doesn't work while recording like a Sony. It's a fun little experiment for $149. Put EOS Pro Color on my A7s. Surprised - thanks.
  2. My SmallHD Focus came in yesterday & it's making my A6500 a monster handheld rig. I'll spring for Pro Color but that EOS M has a vibe more than just color.
  3. I also just bought an EOS M for $149 & an FD adapter. My first foray into Canon. Colors are killing my A7s & A6500.
  4. This guy shoots amazing stuff on an eos M with Magic Lantern & crop mode
  5. Misread jase's profile settings and did Standard / -5 Contrast instead of everything -5 EXCEPT Contrast
  6. Loaded up A3G3 on the white balance and Neutral -2. Looked good. Then I pulled out My A7s to refresh my memory what Brandon Li's Autumn Leaves -3,0,-3 looked like. Had to do some major grading to emulate the Sony. May have de-saturated the lemons a bit and the over-exposure of the auto ISO on the Panny didn't help but I thought the handheld stabilized sensor held up pretty well against the gimbal. All purely unscientific. Don't try this at home kids!
  7. Here's some quick footage. I like the stabilizer. Pretty harsh Mathew. We're here to help and share with each other and maybe not to bash. Just grabbed my one-day-old camera on my way to the Bug Fair to mess around and thought I'd share. Hope it was helpful to some to point out some of it's strengths and limitations. Took a look at some your International doc work - nice.
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