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  1. I can't stand Potato Jet because it's shameless consumerist hype, but I don't mind Gerald Undone. I don't expect him to be an artist - what he does well is putting together videos with extensive detail and testing regarding tech specs. There is some value to that in evaluating these tools, and he does it better than most others on YouTube.
  2. I just like that on first impression it lacks that immediately recognisable overly sharpened camcorderesque look that it's typically hard to get away from on the GH5/S.
  3. First footage. Looks great to me. Detail, noise and dynamic range look very BMPCC4K like, as I'd hoped.
  4. Something I find interesting is how many have commented on the distractingly shallow depth of field, but I haven't seen anyone comment on another characteristic of this F0.95 wide-open shooting...the softness, which was to me very noticeable in wide shots. Goes to show that we gear-nerds and pixel peepers get way too hung up on technical perfection. I suppose it's different if you're doing product shots or ads that are trying to project a clinically cutting-edge image, but the majority of the time, no one cares that much as long as the image registers. See also on Netflix the grain storm
  5. Don't count on it, probably just raw output. Red patents are locking it away.
  6. The Canon dream lenses did give the film an interesting and unique look. It's the first time I've seen a major production embracing the quirks and 'character' of an exotic vintage photographic lens. Couple that with the overuse of shooting wide open and it's like a strange hybrid of studio and DSLR filmmaking. I can understand wanting to make the characteristics that only appear at F0.95 a major part of the aesthetic, but it was still misguided to shoot everything wide open. It creates the impression that a lot of the real sets are CGI, and generally it looks a lot better in close-ups tha
  7. According to Nokishita via 43 Rumors. Very interesting. I wonder how it will stack up against the Pocket 4K's Braw, with the sensor output now freed from the GH5s heavy internal processing. Also makes me think that the pandemic must have done a number on their ability to produce a GH6. With this, another update to G9 and the GH5mkII, it looks like they're trying to squeeze as much life as possible out of the old models.
  8. You think believing the Kavanaugh accusers is wrong because it's based on feelings rather than evidence, but then chose to believe that they are lying, based on your own gut feelings. And somehow this has something to do with Pol Pot and Stalin?
  9. You are wrong to equate them. Bernie Sanders held to the same beliefs for years, even though it made him politically unpopular. It took decades for enough of a critical mass to come around to his way of thinking that it became feasible for him to run for president. The evidence is that he is a man who has held true to his beliefs and fought for them all his life. Trump on the other hand is a populist demagogue who made a late pivot into politics out of his business/entertainment career. Not that long ago he was considered to be a friend of the Clintons.
  10. This is bullshit. The left hates Trump for what he says. For his race baiting, for his sexism, for his climate change denial, etc. If he believed and acted in accordance with their beliefs, they'd speak well of him. It would require a drastic turn around to reverse the negative perceptions of him, but that's what your hypothetical is suggesting. It's a useless assertion anyway, since it's impossible to prove or even provide evidence for. As for your end justifies the means argument for Trump support, no matter how ignoble his conduct - have some goddamn integrity. It's true that ma
  11. Full frame cine/Eng hybrids will help with the transformation of the evening news into YouTube.
  12. It's really documentary where the crazy high DR becomes a major feature, no? In the early days of cinema feature filmmakers were lighting to film that held significantly less DR than any recent hybrid.
  13. It is an issue for Sony cameras. It's one of the reasons I've chosen Panasonic cameras. You only hear the complaints about the S cameras because it's what Panasonic users expect. This is supposed to be a hybrid camera and they haven't included one of the most useful features for video shooting.
  14. Chances of Panasonic putting SDI on a DSLR style body are maybe a smidge above zero.
  15. Yep. You either do it, or you don't.
  16. Haha at the thumbs down. It's a joke about black people being stupid and unintelligible - if you're going to post it in a public forum like this, own up to what it is.
  17. When they call it a 'true digital film camera', what they mean is that you need to always watch the capacity and reload it often. Only with batteries instead of film.
  18. Man, I *hope* they'll bring this thing to M43. It's a little ironic that this tech that's kept us M43 true believers faithful for years finally hits at a time when it seems Panasonic are shifting their professional push to the full frame world. Full frame is a shark infested red ocean market. I think getting a foothold there is much riskier than leveraging their existing M43 system with incredible tech that redefines the format, but I fear their execs see dollar signs from the higher margins of a fully 'pro' L-Mount system. I doubt there'll be a GH6s. I don't believe the GH5s has
  19. Will be close to ideal once the D-tap cord is widely available. A better option than the dummy battery, since you could charge a real battery as you run the camera.
  20. I'd trade IBIS for a proper 4mm MFT filter stack.
  21. It depends on how you shoot. It might not be a major issue for many, but I draw a lot of inspiration from the aesthetic of directors who make prominent use of ultra wides like Terry Gilliam, Terrence Malick and Michael Mann (of late), so it is for me.
  22. It would be good to see some infinity focus tests on the Voigtlander 17.5 - that lens has quite a bit of field curvature.
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