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  1. Haven’t used the 11-16. I was referring to the 18-35
  2. I use the .71 speed booster. I don’t get vignetting.
  3. 14mm 35mm and an 85mm. They are very solid. Manual lenses though.
  4. I wouldn’t use b and h. It took forever for me to get mine from them.
  5. Does anyone else get a flickering histogram?
  6. I’m trying to update my firmware, but for some reason my computer isn’t recognizing my usb device (the camera) anyone have any suggestions?
  7. Does anyone have a flickering histogram?
  8. Looking into buying a small rib cage, and I’m wondering what the functional difference is between a nato handle and a regular handle.
  9. I’m looking for some suggestions from you guys. I just got a new sigma 18-35 for my pocket 4K and I’m wondering whether I should sell my rokinon lenses (35mm, 14mm, and 85mm) and buy a sigma 50-100. Do any of you guys have any experience with this lens on a MFT camera?
  10. Just got another “out of stock”message from B and H this morning. I wish their was a way of knowing what number you were in line.😒
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