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  1. The Nikon Z6 has all those things
  2. @Andrew Reid can you shed some light on this?
  3. That may be so, but the xt20 shared the same internals as the xt2 and had noticeably worse rolling shutter.
  4. Is the ruling shutter on the xt30 the same as the xt3?
  5. Neither. Like most things, it's just a matter of taste. Most film and television we see have perfect focus control, which most filmmakers want to imitate and so they resort to AF.
  6. Hey guys I have a D750 and am finding I can't change the shutter speed whilst in Shutter priority in video mode. Is this normal?
  7. Looks like the quality of PetaPixel's journalism has improved. When I stopped reading their site, it was because they would merely post links to other sites/videos with little commentary and click baitey titles. Now they're writing gems like "Afterwards, the duo ran a simulation and calculated the efficacy with 500 rays, and the resulting average satisfaction for all examples was 99.9999999999%. Which, of course, is great news for gear reviewers on YouTube, as they will still be able to argue about the 0.0000000001% of sharpness difference among lens brands." Also have a look at the algebraic formula in the article. Holy smokes.
  8. You can already do that on Mac and PC. https://www.duetdisplay.com/ There is a slightly noticeable latency
  9. Can someone tell me how good autofocus is in video with EF speed boosted lenses?
  10. Some awesome work being shown in here. I just noticed also that bodies are going for less than £1000 on ebay now. I swear it took the XT2 a lot longer to fall below that mark
  11. I saw the example video on reddit a few weeks ago. Looks great! Thanks a lot for doing this tutorial
  12. What do you mean are they "worth it"? They're free...
  13. Damn, someone cutting onions in here?
  14. Photographing is fine. But when you're doing video and the lens is constantly refocusing I think the noise may be more of an issue. But you know... Just my opinion
  15. I wasnt even thinking about the microphone pick up but yeh that's another thing to think about. The noise would probably disturb a quiet venue and be picked up by your mic if it's too close. The 18mm f2 is the worst, followed by the 35mm 1.4 and then the 23mm 1.4. I haven't used the 56mm f1.2 so can't comment on that.
  16. I never mentioned the newer lenses?? I agree they are functionally better than the old lenses
  17. I've heard the old lenses work a lot better on the XT3. But you'll still have to deal with how noisy those fast lenses are, especially the 35mm 1.4 and 18mm f2. If you're doing a wedding or some other quiet event then I wouldn't recommend it
  18. Has the transition between out of focus and in focus areas improved?
  19. Really interesting stuff. First time I've heard of Duclos, Celere, CML or most of the rest that was written. Surely the easiest way to prove Celere and Samyang lenses are different would be to post the lens diagrams?
  20. Inazuma

    Galaxy Fold

    Psssh. Who needs a hoverboard when you have a phone with 12 gigs of ram ?
  21. Inazuma

    Galaxy Fold

    I'm just glad they called it the Fold rather than something ambiguous like the XS, pronounced ten - s. But this isn't how I imagined a folding phone. I was thinking something that rolled out into the size of a phone. Not a rectangle the size of a phone that folded out into a small tablet.
  22. oh damn, forgot about the 120fps update! Is it any good?
  23. On a side note, X-T2's are now going for £500 on ebay. What a time to be alive.
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