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  1. I really dislike the clinical rendering of modern lenses. I love the flares you get from old lenses, such as this taken with a Minolta 28mm f3.5 (not my photo). Modern lenses are convenient though for their autofocus and EXIF data. Has anyone here ever tried to remove the coating from their lens or has any tips on how to do so? What chemicals or tools would you use? Would removing the coating from the front element be sufficient to create the shape of the aperture blades as in the above picture, or would I have to go for the rear element and the internal elements too?
  2. Holy shit. This guy needs to learn to use cameras before he starts making videos about them. What the hell.
  3. My point still stands that from Canon's point of view if you want to to do long form video you still need to buy at least a c200.
  4. What a strange headline. And how exactly did the EOS R and RP show culture and heritage? The Z line cameras trump Sony's in SOOC image. No they don't have internal LOG but they do have a dynamic range setting that works in video which gives plenty of DR while still retaining Nikon's superb colour science. In addition they have great feeling bodies and great ergonomic features such as the Stills/Video switch. Their IBIS and AF is also reliable. Their 1080p and 4k image are detailed and uncropped. What Nikon lacks really is focus. Why do some of their bodies have full flip out screens, some have just vertical tilts and some tilt 180 degrees down? Why do they keep releasing APS-C bodies but only ever release zoom lenses for them? Why did they go mirrorless and create a large diameter mount but then still make primes that are big and expensive (and ugly)? Why are they making a lower-end Z5 when that market is already flooded and they still lack native lenses?
  5. Did anyone here get this camera? I've disregarded it for a long time because of its size compared to the RX1 and the 28mm focal length, but I've recently come to see the light. 28mm is quite nice to have and the fact that it's f1.7 and 47mp means you pretty much get a 35mm f2 equivalent when cropped. Also the lens is stabilised and when you want to do a bit of a video it gives you 1080 up to 120fps and 4k up to 30fps, with fairly detailed and sharp images from what I can see, as well as only 16ms readout.
  6. Doesn't look like roling shutter to me. Just looks like IBIS warping. Rolling shutter would be very obvious in the close-up shots when he's riding in the buggy. You'd also see it when he's waving his hands around or when he pans at 4:29.
  7. Doesn't count. It got cripple hammered with terrible rolling shutter and yuge codec. Also it costs about the same as the C200 and is about the same weight too.
  8. I meant from Canon's point of view. And for 4k60
  9. Clearly if you want to do long form work you still need to use a dedicated video camera
  10. Same. I think his older stuff looked better, although this latest one is a step up from his other recent work! I still think it was a strange move to go from the Canon to the Sony. The a6300's 1080p is as bad as Canon's in terms of moire and detail. It was like a sideways "upgrade" but with worse colour?
  11. Inazuma

    Fuji X-T4

    Hi @Brian Williams and anyone else who owns the camera If you have time I was wondering if you could do a quick test for me... I'd like to know how well it stablises video when the camera is held at a portrait angle. When holding it still and when doing slow movements. Most of my content is watched on phones so this is of interest to me. Cheers
  12. Honestly I'm stunned that this camera is less than £5000.
  13. This is in such contrast to Blackmagic. Whenever Ive had a problem with Resolve, I just email them and get a response within a day or two. And that's for a FREE product! Back a few years ago I even got a direct response from a senior engineer there.
  14. Inazuma

    Pro-Mist Filters

    I made this thread years ago The Ultra Contrast softens the transitions between light and dark in a really nice way. I ended up getting the strength 3 version. Footage shot with it will require a bit of post work - mainly increasing the contrast and saturation. Maybe some tint adjustments. These days I mainly use the Black Pro-Mist 1/4. It gives a slight bloom to the edges and slight softening of contrast. It just takes that digital edge off a little without requiring additional post work. It seems to me that most professional productions use this filter or something like it. The weakness of all these filters is when you shoot directly into a strong light source. The image looses a lot of its contrast. It's like using a lens without any coating. If you look on ebay you can sometimes get these filters for a lot less than retail.
  15. Yeh theres a fuck ton of vloggers and even more people aspiring to be. Even when you just search for a product review a lot of the time it'll be in a vlog format. And a large percentage of teenagers aspire not to be filmmakers, doctors, bricklayers, but vloggers. Panny really missed the boat on this one though. The camera they need to put out is an LX100 with flippy screen, mic jack and new sensor with no 4K crop and better dynamic range.
  16. Your best bet is to google for "vignette correction" or something like that, along with the name of your editing software. I also would increase the exposure using either your camera settings or lighting.
  17. So the Alexa isn't a proper camera?
  18. I use this lens on my Canon M6 II. At 70mm the OIS is very jankey. It jerks around a lot when youre just trying to hold it still. Does yours do this, Andrew?
  19. Thanks for the links. Like a lot of the audience, I also wrote down B and F as my favourites. I'm quite gob smacked to be honest because when I had the GH2 briefly I didn't love it. But to see the Alexa come second to it here is really quite something! This really makes me question all that time I used to spend comparing the colour and dynamic range of cameras. Do we know whether or not their GH2 was modded? I was also suprised how much I disliked the Epic and high end Sony images.
  20. Instructions unclear. Bought two more cameras using stimulus cheque.
  21. Is there more info on this? What does he prefer it to? Why/who asked the quetion?
  22. The camera will have a small sensor and the focal lenth will be wide so I don't think you'd need to stop down to get achieve the desired depth of field. And for a small sensor you'd need to let in as much as light as you can otherwise the image would be grainy. Also you can only get 4 pointed stars with a lens that has 4 aperture blades.. and I've never heard of a lens with 4 blades.
  23. Does anyone know if they use a particular type of lens or filter for this?
  24. The silver Fuji X-T4 with that seperated stills and video mode is sex for me
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