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  1. its an iMac pro, not a Mac Pro - but It depends on the format. 10bit IPB at 24fps is fine. 10bit IPB at 60fps stutters. 10bit All-I at 24fps stutters a lot, I can't edit it without transcoding, and this is with the footage on a fast SSD drive and in FCPX. I can say that Canon's video software, whatever it's called, played those files back better than FCPX. I have no idea how. So maybe its an optimization problem with fcpx.
  2. got the 1dx III - Shot a few projects with it. It's very nice. Highlight rolloff is my favorite part. 10bit ipb 60fps won't playback on a 10 core iMac pro. same for all-i 24fps. that part sucks. Here's a trailer from the wedding with the 1dx III. I got to play with pushing exposure to more of a light and bright look, which matched the planners style - this was clog and IPB recording.
  3. Used the 1dxIII on two full shoots now. Really beautiful image, Clog is lovely in 10bit and the Neutral color matrix, was never a fan of it on the 1DC. Full frame, over sampled 4K with Canon color is a magic combination. Though I’d gladly take a kick in the pants to have DPAF in FF 60p.
  4. It's possible that straight off the sensor 8k recording is less heat-generating than 2X oversampled 4k recording. My iMac Pro can spit out a 4k Prores file from 4k footage quicker and with less heat than it can a1080p h264 file from the same footage. No?
  5. Since we know from the 1dx III that Canon can now handle oversampling, does anyone know whether oversampling more pixels , as would be done in the R5, requires more processing power compared to a sensor with less pixels or is it all the same? I just don't see how they can get more processing in less space, unless they actually held back on the 1dx III.
  6. I agree. If you take raw files and convert them to tiffs with no highlight recovery etc, you've lost a lot of what raw has to offer. You basically just did what the camera does internally. Though it did seem very sharp and had decent DR though.
  7. No it happens in video mode as well. I saw it in another review. It’s no good at all. Gimbal work could be messy with this. I’ll see when it gets here.
  8. That looks like awful rolling shutter, something I never notice on the 1DXII. Crap.
  9. Is the EU tax on the 30minute recording limit still active or is Canon limiting it as a cripple?
  10. I said the same thing about the 1dxII MJPEG files. 3 Years later I'm shooting weddings on it. It's important to remember that the RAW option will become more viable as time goes on and storage gets cheaper.
  11. It seems like this is regular Canon Log, and not Canon Log 3, even though the 10 bit codec should be able to handle that. Does anyone have any other info?
  12. exactly how I feel. Such potential. Ugh. So sad to think of how things could have gone! Rocking a FF 4k 5DC would be amazing
  13. With a speedbooster XL the gh5 has me questioning my 1dxII - better files sizes, ibis, small size, flip screen, and the colors are nipping on Canon's heals.
  14. $7499 - https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1340800-REG/canon_2215c002_eos_c200_ef_camera.html
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