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  1. HDR mode on the Air 2 is a beast. Add a little noise reduction and it's super clean.
  2. can confirm 1.1.1 works with date change and battery pull method to reset timer.
  3. We need to know if firmware can be downgraded in this thing. Someone needs to be saving these firmware updates in case we can.
  4. Here's the thing to remember : A large companies marketing department is totally separate from the engineering guys. that's how this type of stuff happens.
  5. I'm convinced that Canon shooters judge skin tones at the gut level and Sony shooters judge it with their eyes. This won't make sense to a lot people.
  6. Oh I forgot about that. you're right that was a huge pain the only way around it was going to 4k 60p with a 1.3x crop, which also sucked when you're all framed up for a FF shot.
  7. Been using the 1dxII in 4k for weddings over the past 3 years. It's an amazing camera, and no bride will ever ask for more. The file sizes can suck though. I ended up with a workflow of converting the MJPEG files over to 4k h265 files, reducing the weddings by 85%, and they looked 95% as good. It's a workaround for the biggest downside of that camera.
  8. Well the 1dx III is FF and has IPB 4k 60p and its oversampled. No overheating.
  9. I can feel the binning going on here. I'd be curious how it compares to the 1:1 readout of the 1dx II. Thats the baseline. If 8k binned is the same as 1:1 4k, cool. Right here, I'm not so sure. Oversampled mode is insane.
  10. The thing is you can shoot pixel binned 4k and it will never shut down. That'll probably like like 1:1 4k in terms of sharpness, I assume. Sprinkle some 60p here and there and a few 8k estabs and you're good to go. The real question for the r5 is how long of 60p 4k recording do you get after rolling for 45 minutes at pixel binned 4k.
  11. I read that as well. That means that either that guy is wrong, or Canon have the stupidest marketing department in the world.
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