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  1. id love to see some side by side video off the canon vs say the s1h see if its even noticeable difference
  2. we buy now for 6500 then 8 month from now price drop to 5000 ha
  3. i don't really use AF no worry there. DCI works for me as well. Very powerful camera i just wish was 4,000 not 6500
  4. new mk3 confirmed no crop at all in 60p
  5. no crop at all on the new mk3 its for the bokeh
  6. whats sad as i dont care about the RAW or 10 bit CLOG anything. i just need 4k UHD @ 60p @ full frame =( maybe sony a7s iii will come save me
  7. at 6500 this is a bit tough for people who need more than one thats for sure. i need 3 matching cameras and it puts me in a bind. if they were 4000 id have preordered 3 already but damn 6500 is a lot.
  8. you are sorta missing the big point with the video. this is the only camera with a full frame sensor recording 60p 4k under 15k dollars. thats why these will sell. thats really why im considering buying one. cant afford a c500
  9. what cameras for a B/C camera to pair with this haha
  10. what cameras to pair with this? eos-r? 5dmk4?
  11. hello hello! so im going to be buying the new 1dxmk3 and im trying to decide which two b/c cams to get. Eos-R vs 5dmk4, anyone have personal input?
  12. isn't the voigtlander soft wide open?
  13. yeah a7s3 possible. i dont really need/care for AF. the 1dx is sorta everything i need its just so damn expensive
  14. yeah i did, that helped a good bit but it was/is still noticeable to me in specific situations i keep running into. but i mean this is a total style choice right.
  15. ive been in this boat for awhile. ive tried just about every camera out there. i need 4k60p.. soo i eventually settled with the blackmagic 4k's... but now I miss the full frame bokeh and my workflow is insane having to CC braw.. FML so now im on a panny s1r and mm the bokeh is back baby and IBIS is incredible but now im stuck with a 15min recording limit and only 8bit.. WTF. so now im thinking it might be time to just bite the bullet and get the 1dxm3 so i can have canon color science right out the gate and FF bokeh.
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