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  1. I've always found Gerald to be very transparent and unbiased in his opinions IMO. Maybe others out there not so much but I've used his reviews of gear many times to help make large purchase decisions.
  2. Well, are there instruments for measuring the accuracy of an instruments sound? Thereby taking all of the human factor out of it? Gerald uses charts math and science to review most of the gear on there which requires zero artistic skill whatsoever. Or do you think the engineers at Sony that design the sensors and put together the cameras should have a cinematic portfolio as well?
  3. I think you are confused a bit. He is a gear reviewer from a purely technical standpoint and probably the best there is on YouTube. Can't even begin to understand, what is so hard to understand, about that one.
  4. Hello Sony users. Was wondering if there is a full frame e mount go-to lens for gimbal work? Something that has an internal zoom like the sigma 16-35 for balance issues?
  5. if anyone comes across some raw footage to download of this thing please post
  6. anyone have any links to some a7s iii footage of people?
  7. yeah basically gotta figure out if the sony skin tones are better this time around and gradable, otherwise..........
  8. ugh could this be the one?? but i want my canon colors!!!!!!!
  9. for me, I basically need a b-cam that I can shoot 50 or so 10-20 second clips in 4k60 over the course of an hour or two. Having a hard time figuring out if this will actually workout or not. Now I'm reading the 4k60p is the low quality mode? lolllllllllll wtf. and if i have to keep it in 4k cropped mode why even buy this over a 1dx m2
  10. i dont understand how there isnt a single review on youtube showing the 24p 4k recording in 90 degree air and whether it overheats or not
  11. Yeah I can definitely see the value in having the r5 for the "short clips" of 4k60p and occasional 120 here and there. Especially for shots on a gimbal that would get the 4k60p full frame auto focus in there. Yeah maybe just need to wait longer and see real world results. Someone needs to put a damn r5 in the sun and press record on 24p already lol
  12. Just read, thank you for the insight. Yeah trying to really feel this out since its a costly upgrade. Considering also just 1 r5 for gimbal only and stay with the 2 1dx's for the rest
  13. Okay so specifically for wedding/event/interview long formats (think 1 hour). R5 4000 $ after taxes 1.4 Crop Pixel Bin 4k to avoid over-heating ("indefinite" at 72 degrees, what about 90?) 10 bit 4k, Autofocus, IBIS Half Filesizes with h264/h265 1DX Mark II 3000 $ Ebay Special 1.3 Crop 4K Proven body no over heating 8 bit 4k, Autofocus, No IBIS (but tripods anyway) Nearly double filesizes with older compression ------------------- I wonder if the 8bit vs 10bit will be that noticeable? Having a better filesize would be nice, but otherwise it appears to be a tie with the 1dx being more affordable? Missing anything here to consider? I have the R5's pre-ordered but feeling like they are not worth the upgrade for this specific task.
  14. I want to feel the same way, just worried what may happen say during a hot day ~90 degree weather, will the 4k 24p over heat on a long take or not =/ also if im using the 1.4ish crop for all of my long form shooting.. wtf is the point of buying it over a used 1dxm2? Same crop, more durable, tested and proven body, though I guess 8bit vs 10bit.
  15. I want to see someone record that pixel binned 4k at 95 degrees to see what happens
  16. Yep this absolutely just screwed sooo many people lol. R6 is out. R5 is a just maybe now but probably not for a hot outdoor wedding. Thinking two 1dx m2s and 1 r5 now but that would be super annoying with ef and rf lenses so maybe just going with 3 used 1dxm2s idk
  17. You guys are confident the crop 4k60p in the r5 will be nicer than the r6?
  18. This over heating stuff puts me in a weird position. Really need to get some clarity on exactly what modes the R6 overheats in. Will it be better because its IPB and not All-I? Is it only limited to 4k60 Full Frame? What about crop mode? If the crop is fine, then its still a better buy than a used 1dx m II or even a 1dx m iii if ur only goal is 4k 24p and 4k60p and can live with the 1.4 crop.. or will the video look like garbage in the crop mode? FML
  19. With the ibis and AF i can look past having to shoot 4k60 in crop mode if i have to.. just needs to not overheattttt
  20. Gotta find out if the r6 over heats in the lower IPB mode 4k60 full frame
  21. Cant afford a 1dx m3 but yo m2s are used for like 3k right now lol
  22. So uh with the overheating issue looks like back to the 1dxm2????
  23. I wonder if the IPB recording on the 4k60 of the r6 will thermal limit badly too? If that is the case then it sounds like the 1dxm3 is the only choice. Except they freaking disabled AF in 4k60. Canon WTF
  24. Hmm zebras on the r6? Gah i cant figure out which to pre order. I dont really need raw i just want the best 4k60p 4k24p.
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