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  1. Just out of curiosity, why is this thread pinned?
  2. @Mattias Burling Why don't you use video AF? Surely manual focus with non-linear lenses are a pain in the ass. And you're not going to switch to classic lenses every time you want to pop off a video?
  3. I have to rescind my previous comments on the 85mm. On the grey market they go for just £400-450. A real steal.
  4. Does FLOG and the DR400 mode work in 1080p?
  5. I haven't seen any direct examples but I linked some charts from dpreview here: Doesn't have CLOG but at least you can use the same lenses with the same FOVs between the two cameras.
  6. Check out the Eos m50. It has better 1080p than most of canon's dslr's
  7. Nice test. How would they have compared if their standard profiles were used, ungraded?
  8. Wow the blackmagic is so much better there. You can actually see the colour of the grass bouncing off his skin, whereas the Panasonic does its usual thing of dragging the colours kicking and screaming to this weird neutral orange/red
  9. That's great Andrew. By the way have you heard of the Canon EOS R? I've been trying it all weekend and it's just fantastic!
  10. The video posted above looks great. But I do get what you people mean when you say it looks a bit video-y. I think that comes down to 1) How contrasty it is - particuarly in the mids and blacks in the outdoor scenes. When you compare it to Westworld (which is shot on film), you can see there's more of a rolloff there. 2) 4k detail. Honestly I think there are few examples out there where 4k does not diminish the "filmic" feel of an image. Even the Blackmagic Pocket 4k image looks quite generic to me.
  11. My GAS has vastly reduced since I got the Sony A73. I am craving a traditional DSLR with the size and specs of the A73 or potential XH2 though. I miss looking through the mirror box
  12. Yeh it seems like a great casual, compact camera. One of the reasons I was holding out was because of the the lack of primes, but I'm really pleased they've now released a 32mm f1.4. Can anyone tell me how much of a delay there is when switching between evf and LCD?
  13. I just saw David's video about the M50 and it inspired me to have a look. I was surprised to find that the M50's 1080p is actually pretty good. Perhaps one of the best HD images from any non-cinema line Canon. Canon M50: Canon 80D: The difference is particularly apparent with the foliage in the corner. The codec on most canon cameras turn foliage into mush.
  14. That was great. You guys have surprisingly good chemistry. But where is the video version?
  15. Some skin tone comparisons with the Sony A73 (with EOSHD Pro Color) at 8:05
  16. Inazuma

    iPhone XR, XS

    That's not really a bug unfortunately. Working as intended. And one of the reasons I generally liked photos from iphones than androids. Unfortunate that iphone have copied the technique as well now.
  17. Interesting info. IMO it would be beneficial for Olympus to be a lens maker for one or some of these mounts rather than making its own system. Unleas they plan on making a camera that is truly remarkable that stands out from the crowd
  18. Dpreview have done their charts for the video quality https://***URL removed***/reviews/image-comparison/fullscreen?attr29_0=canon_eos80d&attr29_1=nikon_d850&attr29_2=canon_eos5dsr&attr29_3=sony_a7iii&attr72_0=1080&attr72_1=1080&attr72_2=1080&attr72_3=1080&normalization=full&widget=378&x=-0.2220346785330674&y=0.13150609080841652
  19. I heard it was improved with firmware
  20. My Commodore won't run these h264 files. Outrageous!
  21. Inazuma

    Zeiss ZX1

    The Rx1r ii was launched at $3300. About £3k here in the UK I bought it 2 years later for 2k tho
  22. Inazuma

    Zeiss ZX1

    This is such a cool camera. Can't wait to throw up at the pricing.
  23. Why is no one making a 35mm f2 or f1.8 for Sony E?
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