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  1. https://www.partha.com/ I use this version if gimp as it's more like photoshop than regular gimp, and it comes with some very useful things like wavelet sharpen/decompose. I have not tried the newly released version so it might be even better. Grab the portable version and you don't even have to install it, just run it from anywhere. BTW portable is the best way to run anything (IMO) and I do it whenever I can, like web browser that I can just delete folder and open from backup if anything breaks or keep several version of depending on what I do with it.
  2. I don't watch game of thrones but I could definitely watch the bts. I would guess the biggest problem of it being too dark is clipping to video level that many phones do, even tho it should have been viewed in full range. I really don't think the guy can pull the "they have badly calib..." it just means he don't understand how ppl view the content or don't care. The source material on a good screen probably looked great tho even it it was dark, after usual compression (that murders anything dark by design) probably not so much.
  3. This is probably a bit late to the party but does confirm the USB power.
  4. Sure but that costs way to much. I just want the camera part of it :P
  5. I read on cameralabs it can be powered from USB not just charged, which would make it a first unless it's not. "Micro USB for charging and power delivery"
  6. Why can't someone put a good phone camera into a gopro like form factor. Or even a phone with bigger battery a screen and useful amount of storage.
  7. The useful feature to take out from that would be automatic keying. Or if you want to vlog but don't want things showing in the background.
  8. no_connection

    Davinci Resolve 16

    Yea it likes to crash/stop encoding for no reason, have not looked in to it that deep since fcpx + compressor does the job, even if it takes forever on a somewaht outdated mac pro.
  9. no_connection

    Davinci Resolve 16

    I hope it has a good alternative to Compressor so we can finally abandon that (vimeo and audio podcast upload with metadata and all that) And that they fixed freezes and bugs.
  10. Should be front of lens to subject I think. *edit* Sohuld be focal length in front of sensor. Since the lens could be longer or shorter depending on how it's made.
  11. If you ever wanted to watch lenses get taken apart and cleaned then put back together you can. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgANrFnm3Sdai8zvA2iJGQg
  12. At least my Takumar have about the same magenta fringe over the frame when wide open but goes away when stepped down. I was just holding it up to a D810 so at 1:1 is a little less resolution than m43 at 4k. I think many full frame lenses is going to struggle a little with raw resolution, then again 135mm on a m43 is going to be very tight and any movement or heat is going to be a thing anyway.
  13. What would be interesting to know is how the aberrations look, be it red/cyan magenta/green and so on, how it fringe around a bright light, flare, focus breathing. And how almost in focus areas look, I don't care if the eyes are super sharp when the nose looks awful, or the transition of sharp hairs to out of focus feels wrong. That is a 135mm f3.5 Takumar right? Focus ring it sooooo smooooooth!
  14. Or someone already thought of that and made an integrated solution, who knew. It's SD only right? A small 12V battery bank should be fine for powering it since it wants 7-24V and draws 2.7W at 12V
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