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  1. No matter how you look at it the more you diffuse the more light you are going to loose. You could put a filter between two acrylic sheets, LEE 251 for example. But it's somewhat directional and have some bleed through but not much. Maybe two sheets separated by a space would give you decent diffuse with decent light transmission and only loose maybe a stop. Diffuse silicon put on acrylic could work but again, you are going to loose decent amount of like. The more even your light source is the less diffusion is needed to make it smooth. If you can find an older LCD TV that had back lit CFL, those had pretty good diffusion. Or if you can edge light a newer TV that would be pretty even too.
  2. UV filter is pretty much glass with anti-reflective coating on it. It's mostly used for protection. I doubt it will do any positive in quality due to the UV blocking part. It does however come with two reflective surfaces that would add flairs one way or another. Depending on your use it probably range from "can't really see a difference" to "hmm that is some additional lens flares, good or bad tho?" Thick and bad filters would ofc have a decent negative impact. I'm sure many many many ppl have done test and written about it if you really want to research.
  3. That pretty much sums it up. They pulled a Canon and released a 1080p only camera with EIS and only working with kit lens. Good job guys.
  4. If it had 60p I could maybe forgive not having IBIS but 30p and no IBIS is garbage.
  5. "Type LCD Live View Finder Pixels Approx. 3,680k dots equivalent" That would indicate LCD viewfinder so no field sequential.1280x960 panel. Or possible 2560x1440 but since it's "dots" and not specifically pixels that would be optimistic, unless it's a bayer type deal. Could also be some wierd RGBW tomfoolery but at least it hopefully is LCD and not this stupid OLED crap ppl seem to like. Big question is if there is a limit somewhere and if it can record "indefinitely" with USB power (if that is possible). This may or may not be a pretty neat camera. Looking forward to see what it can do.
  6. Feels like todays vlogger need 4k 60p, can probably thank gopro for that. Good microphone preamp. Tilty flippy screen. IBIS. Light weight and decently sized. No recording limit. Good AF. So it needs to have all that if they want to market it towards vloggers. If it is what the G90 shuold have been then it might be close to perfect camera for many uses.
  7. That looks like temporal NR gone wrong. Don't really look like compression artifact, but could be broken compressor. By the looks in the quick glance I gave the youtube video it's probably noise reduction. Sony likes to use massive temporal noise reduction to pretend their cameras are good in low light. In one of the images it looks like ghost teeth on the phone.so it might be broken memory compression or something.
  8. I would not say that, it's not super clear it's a cs mount that comes with a cs to c adapter. And adding to that most ppl say it's c-mount.
  9. It's impossible to use CS lenses on C-mount, so it kinda have to be the other way around.
  10. The pi camera have a CS-mount tho, not a C-mount? The camera only have c-mount with adapter. Flange distance should be close enough to just make a thread adapter to go onto the d-mount lens and maybe just sand back the camera side 0.236mm (if the lens touches it ofc, might not) Or just mount the d-mount adapter permanently to the camera side. d-mount is 12.29mm and cs-mount is 12.526mm.
  11. What cameras on the list do 4k 60p (internal) and also external?
  12. After seeing the latest clip they made with half of it in focus, sound was the least problem we had it seems. Well what sparked it was a broken wired lav but it is pretty clear it needed to be easier to use. I guess it's replan time and ether match something up with a phone or getting something like a gopro and reframe in post, or in camera if it has zoom.
  13. I got them mixed up, it's a D5100. No manual control and auto ISO in steps is fun... I'm lobbying for an upgrade btw. I can see spending 99$ or 150$ for something cheaper that does the job and works for the use right now. But I didn't want to spend 250-300$ on something not good enough to be used later. For anything that would really need something more involved, meaning the tech crew would be involved we could just use the rack mounted Shure units.
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