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  1. Any updates or news? I have not really played with my pi since I use it to watch things.
  2. If you look at the red and blue part of the Bayer pattern you see that they each only cover 1/4 of the area. Meaning they are much more prone to moire than green or gray You are correct that it's the texture combined with Bayer that causes the interference pattern, and without OLPF there is not much to be done about it, regardless of camera. Oversample does not really solve it but there might be software mitigations for some of it. With enough sensor resolution you could argue that you are under the nyquist and would not get moire.
  3. Would be funny if the temperature is wrongly mathed so that any temperature below (or above) trigger a "hot" condition defaulting to a timer based limit. Such limit would make sense since you can predict roughly how much you can get out of the sensor before it overheats without actually measuring it. But in non bugged mode it would be temperature based up to that threshold. And when it triggers it would start countdown meaning you can predict how much you have left. Say for example it is now set up to take the average temperature from a number of sensors, including card. But card is bugged so it reads like 100*c taking the average into "hot" condition and then put a time limit. Regardless of what the cause is it's pretty much inexcusable at this point.
  4. Since red is a primary color you only have 1/4 the area taken up by a receptor surrounded by a large black border. Same for the GH5, you probably just have to find the right distance.
  5. Yea but it sticks out like a sore thumb, so it's ether deliberate by someone or it's Panasonic not reading through. I know some rumor sites like to change things just to see who copies who.
  6. "3.98p, 72Mbps (4:2:0 10-bit LongGOP) (H.265/HEVC, AAC)" Is that really official spec? Maybe it leaked going out for spell check, but even then it's a bit too glaring of a typo.
  7. Yes it is both obvious and easy which is why I asked/wanted/wondered why noone had done it yet.
  8. While it in the short term matters where the heat generated in regards to thermal mass and how fast say the sensor heats up, but you are still looking at the outer shell to dissipate the heat. And it does not really matter too much in the long run weather it's the sensor, processor or a lightbulb hidden inside. Point is I want to know if 8k RAW draws 20W while pixel binned 4k draws 10W since that will indicate how sustainable a certain mode is. Thermal transfer from sensor to air is ofc important but I don't buy the argument where you rely on thermal mass and count on something to take time to reach critical temperature effectively overdrive it beyond what it can sustain. We need to look at what is coming in to set correct expectations for what we can get out.
  9. Why do noone want to put a dummy battery in there and measure power draw? Energy in = heat out. That will confirm how much power each mode take and how much total heat is generated.
  10. So it overheats right when cards are in the picture? Anyone looked at how much heat is generated while writing that much data? If USB drives can fry themselves writing at measly speed I'm sure these cards could as well. Unless there is a temp sensor on the card I can see that being an issue. I did not look too close at the thermal design but it might be done that way to keep heat away from sensor and cards slots. Since (as I have said forever) the CPU is probably not the biggest culprit for heat.
  11. https://accusonus.com/products/audio-repair/era-voice-leveler We got that for 8$ during black friday. Depending on how much and what noise is in the background it does a good or not as good job. We intended it to be used for leveling out speech from stage, but for now it sounded funky due to lots of ambient noise and hiss. But the leveling part seem to be pretty good.
  12. If you ever need a compressor to go with it this is the one to look at. https://www.tokyodawn.net/tdr-kotelnikov/ There is also a “Gentleman’s Edition” as an improved paid version with more loudness options.
  13. And since it captures the entire circle you can add lots of post effects like out of frame bloom/flare etc.
  14. How about they add a 2x2 pixel binned mode to all cameras, giving the fast readout and decent compromise compared to 1080 or 4k. For most 20MP sensors that would be 2.5k. Wonder if that could save the G100 for some uses.
  15. Future of USB-C and power/charge/record? Let the user set bit-rate for the need rather then one or two settings tops. Internal storage? One chip NVMe have really come a long way. Just shoot internally and offload to USB drive, it's 2020 already. Heck I would even accept that as battery grip option with NVMe slot.
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