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  1. One option if you want interactive is having instant slomo button that will play back the last set of time in slow motion. Or trigger a recording that then gets played back. As for audio a good place to start is Paul's Extreme Sound Stretch made to stretch audio out to extreme lengths (hence the name). Here linked in a portable form so you don't have to install anything. I'm pretty sure there would be some sort of version that exists with command line api to better suit your needs. https://portableapps.com/apps/music_video/paul_stretch_portable
  2. I'm not arguing it's a great move by Sony, just sharing what ppl have told me, ppl that are asked by Sony because they are working in that field. 200 was for world cup (don't quote me on that number tho but I think it was something like that) Olympics probably have a lot more ppl than that. If it was it would have log and all those things right? I mean you are not wrong in being grumpy about Sony not releasing such a camera. I have nether, but my friend had a few Canon bodies, 1Dx MkII 400/2.8L 70-200/2.8L. That sort of thing. I'm just sharing what I know, I will not argue more about it.
  3. Are you telling me you sit at world cup with 200 of the worlds best sports photographers with that much $ in gear and can't afford a 2nd body for video use? You simply don't do video and many times aren't allowed to ether. I have had argument about this with someone that is in the intended audience for this camera and it is a different world. When you are at such an event getting imaged uploaded to the agency while you shoot is one of those make or break things that Sony never had to offer for example. I would argue that pro photographers covering the Olympics is what Sony want to target. Not just action and sports. I'm not sure if my friend is going to the Olympics but if he is you could argue with him there.
  4. Simply because the intended audience for it don't care or have use for it. You may not realize but features to cost to implement and since this is a pro camera just having it in there and probably working is not good enough, it needs extensive testing (that costs a lot) and if it impacts the reliability of any other function then there you go. Remember the blinking pixel from a7riii was it? That is simply not acceptable, might be to consumers but ppl who use it as a tool where you need something to work can't be beta testers like in the past. You might be sitting with 200 other photographers contending to get that one shot that will get published, things do take a different perspective. So it's not as simple as a "firmware update". And yes it does such for those that have been waiting or wanting the be all end all super tech thing that does all things but in a more pro body, maybe Sony could add a "creators" firmware with all the functions but with all the alpha testing (pun intended) that comes with it. So the a9ii is a giant upgrade to make it viable where the a9 didn't have the things it needed in that environment. Image quality or megapixels was never what held the a9 back in that regard, usability where it matters was.
  5. Time Of Flight I assume. Anyway I was going to say it looked a bit awkward cause that is not really that good of performance when it comes to tracking. Compare that to this for example:
  6. Pretty sure they could have done that with a tilty flippy screen as well. IIRC xpro2 had dual zoom level for the OVF. I played around with the xpro1 a few years ago and it was interesting, way too small rear lens tho that made it kinda bad to use unless you aimed your eyeball in there, it had some other downfalls like battery life and the reeeely noisy os zoom lens so I didn't end up buying it even tho it was pretty cheap used. I would not mind to see what the new generation have to offer.
  7. I would say rolling shutter is pretty important. did they say anything about that? Also it looks like the heatsink is pretty accessible to outside air, could that mean that if you add external forced air cooling and power it could be cranked up a bit? They could ditch internal recording to SD and just have 512GB NVME in there, and maybe external SD or similar "slot" to dump footage. I spot a s16 1080 mode in there, give me c-mount adapter and good frame rate and it would be reeely neat.
  8. You could take a decently bright LCD projector and aim it at a diffuser or backprojection(for a bright backdrop) depending on the need. Then make a fiery looking thing to play on it. Should be pretty cheap to find some older low res but bright one too as a dynamic light source. Black level probably not going to be an issue when used in this way. Btw I meant to use the projected image as a light source and not shining the projector directly at the subject, although that could be useful too. With some masking you could add reflectors and add "virtual" lights and many other neat things, imagination and time/skill it the limit.
  9. https://www.partha.com/ I use this version if gimp as it's more like photoshop than regular gimp, and it comes with some very useful things like wavelet sharpen/decompose. I have not tried the newly released version so it might be even better. Grab the portable version and you don't even have to install it, just run it from anywhere. BTW portable is the best way to run anything (IMO) and I do it whenever I can, like web browser that I can just delete folder and open from backup if anything breaks or keep several version of depending on what I do with it.
  10. I don't watch game of thrones but I could definitely watch the bts. I would guess the biggest problem of it being too dark is clipping to video level that many phones do, even tho it should have been viewed in full range. I really don't think the guy can pull the "they have badly calib..." it just means he don't understand how ppl view the content or don't care. The source material on a good screen probably looked great tho even it it was dark, after usual compression (that murders anything dark by design) probably not so much.
  11. This is probably a bit late to the party but does confirm the USB power.
  12. Sure but that costs way to much. I just want the camera part of it :P
  13. I read on cameralabs it can be powered from USB not just charged, which would make it a first unless it's not. "Micro USB for charging and power delivery"
  14. Why can't someone put a good phone camera into a gopro like form factor. Or even a phone with bigger battery a screen and useful amount of storage.
  15. The useful feature to take out from that would be automatic keying. Or if you want to vlog but don't want things showing in the background.
  16. no_connection

    Davinci Resolve 16

    Yea it likes to crash/stop encoding for no reason, have not looked in to it that deep since fcpx + compressor does the job, even if it takes forever on a somewaht outdated mac pro.
  17. no_connection

    Davinci Resolve 16

    I hope it has a good alternative to Compressor so we can finally abandon that (vimeo and audio podcast upload with metadata and all that) And that they fixed freezes and bugs.
  18. Should be front of lens to subject I think. *edit* Sohuld be focal length in front of sensor. Since the lens could be longer or shorter depending on how it's made.
  19. If you ever wanted to watch lenses get taken apart and cleaned then put back together you can. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgANrFnm3Sdai8zvA2iJGQg
  20. At least my Takumar have about the same magenta fringe over the frame when wide open but goes away when stepped down. I was just holding it up to a D810 so at 1:1 is a little less resolution than m43 at 4k. I think many full frame lenses is going to struggle a little with raw resolution, then again 135mm on a m43 is going to be very tight and any movement or heat is going to be a thing anyway.
  21. What would be interesting to know is how the aberrations look, be it red/cyan magenta/green and so on, how it fringe around a bright light, flare, focus breathing. And how almost in focus areas look, I don't care if the eyes are super sharp when the nose looks awful, or the transition of sharp hairs to out of focus feels wrong. That is a 135mm f3.5 Takumar right? Focus ring it sooooo smooooooth!
  22. Or someone already thought of that and made an integrated solution, who knew. It's SD only right? A small 12V battery bank should be fine for powering it since it wants 7-24V and draws 2.7W at 12V
  23. Looks like that one is 0.3-0.5sec delay according to amazon page and it sounds about right. One option is the ethernet extender box that encodes into a h264 stream and back + two access points. Probably about 0.3 sec delay too not sure what ppl hacked that one to, about half the price tho. Think there is a thread about the box used as a cheap capture device. At best you are probably looking at 2-3 frames to encode and same for decode and maybe 2-5ms for wireless overhead so about 105ms for a 60p stream. Now what you could do is convert HDMI/HD-SDI to AHD which is analog HD used a lot for security cameras and fpv and send that over a 5.8GHz analog link and you get the almost 0 latency you want. I'm sure there are many fpv drone/plane communities that have good resources about the transmitting side of things. Not sure what resolution is the max tho. 720p could probably still work for focus but that might add another box to the mix.
  24. Remember that noise is a linear thing, which is why bright objects are cleaner than shadows when viewed with normal display gamma. Also there is only so many photons around to begin with and that sets a base value for how little noise there can be (don't ask me how close to it we are tho). There might also be the camera compensating to match t stop and f stop between lenses. Meaning if one lens loose more light than another and that gets compensated for it will be noisier.
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