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  1. Where can one find this LUT that fixes HLG flagging?
  2. Here is a 90 sec profile doc I just finished. Shot primarily in HLG but with some slow motion shots in Cine-D. Graded in Resolve with FilmConvert. Primarily shot on the leica 12-60 and some shots on sigma 18-35 with speedbooster. https://youtu.be/vnp89sXyp84
  3. Here is the YouTube link;) Doesn’t hold grain and details as well as Vimeo though. Thanks! Really Appreciate the comment. Some shots are handheld but most of it was on a Monopod.
  4. A 2 min documentary profile I did over the summer. GH5,HLG,Sigma 18-35 and graded in resolve with filmconvert.
  5. Bought the minolta on Ebay last night;)
  6. I am looking to buy to a fast manual 55-60mm lens in that 100-200 euro range for mft mount to use with my GH5. Currently looking at the Minolta Rokkor 58mm 1.4 MCII and 7artisans 55mm 1.4. Anyone have experience with these lenses on a mft sensor or advice on others worth checking out?
  7. Great work. I look forward to when they release nitrate for Resolve and hopefully Juan Melara does a video on it.
  8. Nice! Very close. Done in Resolve or Lumetri?
  9. All I did with lumetri was white balance with the white balance picker of the white in her top. Thanks! The performers were part of a photography meetup in Berlin organized by Beazy.
  10. Picture 1 is raw, picture 2 is filmconvert nitrate applied with 5207 stock (only adjustment is grain turned off), picture 3 is nitrate with lumetri color applied before filmconvert. Used white balance color picker to white balance off her top. Shot in HLG 4K with a tiffen black satin 1 filter and slr magic variable nd filter attached. 5600k in camera. GH5 and HLG profile picked in filmconvert obviously.
  11. Do you have the new one, Filmconvert Nitrate? First I use lumetri to white balance and then nitrate underneath. With filmconvert I never got as good results in Premiere but with Nitrate I'm much happier.
  12. Thank you! Made this the other day. Shot in HLG using the leica 12-60 and a few shots with sigma 18-35. Graded it with filmconvert nitrate in Premiere Pro and I am not kidding when I say it only took ten minutes for the grade. Very impressive plugin.
  13. Recent video I made with my GH5. Shot on the Leica 12-60 lens using a Ronin SC Gimbal. Graded in Resolve with Filmconvert and shot in Cine-D profile at 50fps with a Tiffen Black Satin 1 filter attached. Two years going and still think this camera is amazing.
  14. Looking for a key light and can't afford the Aputure 120D Mark II. Already have a godox sl-60w which I quite like but a bit noisy and I came across the Pixapro LED100D MK III Light for 350 pounds. Also comes in bi-color. Anyone have experience with this light or Pixapro as a brand? Find very few reviews on their products. Their light on paper even beats the 120D Mark II (https://www.essentialphoto.co.uk/blog/post/led100d-mkiii-vs-aputure-120d-ii/) which aint bad for half the price.
  15. Cheers for sharing the footage! Did a quick grade in Resolve (20 min) using @Sage GHa conversion lut. Some adjustments to white balance and luma here and there. Overall very impressed.
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