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  1. Looking for a key light and can't afford the Aputure 120D Mark II. Already have a godox sl-60w which I quite like but a bit noisy and I came across the Pixapro LED100D MK III Light for 350 pounds. Also comes in bi-color. Anyone have experience with this light or Pixapro as a brand? Find very few reviews on their products. Their light on paper even beats the 120D Mark II (https://www.essentialphoto.co.uk/blog/post/led100d-mkiii-vs-aputure-120d-ii/) which aint bad for half the price.
  2. Cheers for sharing the footage! Did a quick grade in Resolve (20 min) using @Sage GHa conversion lut. Some adjustments to white balance and luma here and there. Overall very impressed.
  3. Used to have a blackmagic pocket myself and first I missed that with the GH5 in picture quality but once I started using Sage's Emotive Color in post production I didn't miss it anymore.
  4. GH5 with metabones speed booster and sigma 18-35 lens combined with Emotive Color from @Sage gives a great cinematic image in my opinion.
  5. Just checked and original H264 files looks correct. Something about HLG contained in prores that has a bug so will make a ticket with Adobe.
  6. @androidlad dont assume you know another fix by any chance? Don't have the option to disable it.
  7. So looking at it again V-log footage and Cine-D footage seems fine when in prores container but anything in HLG looks like the pics above. Not sure why disable master clip effects is greyed out.
  8. Cheers Androidlad but option is greyed out on my laptop. Also clips shot in Cine-D also looks wildly different.
  9. So I film primarily on a GH5 in HLG profile and work on a macbook pro. I convert the footage to prores in editready and then I edit in premiere pro and color grade in Resolve with the goal being a rec709 output. Today was the first time in a while I worked on my personal computer and being on the latest version of CC I noticed the footage looks wildly different in Premiere Pro than Resolve as you can see on the two pics below. I assume Premiere is flagging the footage now as HLG and adjust for HDR or something. Is there any way to change this so it looks like in resolve when you import it? I couldn't find the info anywhere and have resorted to reverting back to version 13.0.1 where it looks identical in both programmes. Anyone know a workaround then let me know please.
  10. BjornT

    GH5 to Alexa Conversion

    I also wanted to ask you Sage what project settings you use when grading GH5 footage in Resolve ? I set it all up to SRGB cause all my work goes on youtube but maybe that is wrong?
  11. BjornT

    GH5 to Alexa Conversion

    I have found similar results with GH5 during these conditions. When shooting 4K In vlog this is much more prominent than shooting HLG which is why I dont shoot VLOG anymore. Then again VLOG in 1080P All-I like Sage suggest yield better results with this blocking/banding issue than it does in 4K ipb 150mb
  12. Wondered if anyone can tell me how to get clean output on the EVF? Been digging through settings but can't figure it out.
  13. When in 100fps the minimum shutter speed is 100 and not 200.
  14. Just got the X-T3 yesterday and currently figuring it out. Coming from a GH5 I wondered when shooting 4K in 50FPS and 1080p in 100fps in high speed mode saves as 50 does one have to adjust the shutter or does the camera do it? I assume when shooting 4K at 50 shutter should be 100 and for 100fps should be 200 to conform to cinema standard but just wanted to check. Anyone know of a good video or page out there on how to set it up for video?
  15. Spoiled for options. Recently moved to Germany from UK and sold lots of my lights. I like Aputure and I have an Aputure M9 and F7. Wanted an Aputure 120D Mark II but out of my budget so was thinking of the Godox SL60 as a cheaper alternative. Hear there are issues with fan noise though. Then maybe falconeyes 12T or Medina 68A Im thinking off. The boltzen 55w seems intriguing too.
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