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  1. Thanks for all the input! Going to have to see if the fx6 lives up to the hype and if the eos c90 is real...
  2. Ya the C70 is gorgeous... ill have to see how the fx6 compares. The rumored c90 has me excited and I think the c500 mk ii is my perfect camera
  3. Wanted to hear anyone's thought on which system to invest in for starting videophraphy business. Basically I want to start wedding videos but be able to move into doc and commerical work later on if I can turn profit. Sony seems to be the front runner but canons new lenses makes me worry that the RF is a better long term investment. 10k is my budget. I was thinking Fx6 plus a a7iv if both turn out to meet expectations but is sonys new stabilisation up to par? I heard canons AF is better as well I would love to hear your opinions.
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