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  1. I've heard Canon is putting out good stuff these days
  2. Definitely depends. I know a company that hires like 4-5 shooters for weddings just to look more "big scale". Decided not to work with them as I think they are full of BS lol
  3. On the flip side some couples want to see the big cameras, as they associate that with high end. I think it will be a while before that changes. Even now most people have no idea what or why cinema cameras are expensive and used professionally or how they compare to a cell phone camera.
  4. Gonna add that to a listen to later playlist
  5. Art is a fine balance of technical skills and pure imagination. I would have taken this film as the work of a seasoned artist. In other words, very nice work! I had thought the grain was intentional. Just shared on my facebook.
  6. Scary stuff guys. I think if they stuck with a 4k sensor rather than pushing the whole 6k 8k thing, they could pull off 10 bit. Heck I'd be happy with a 4k sensor with 1080p only output like the OG A7S. I really don't care much about resolution.
  7. I personally do not watch it. Only sports I really watch is some of the Olympic events. Doing well otherwise. Easter is one of my favorite days of the year and its tomorrow!
  8. I saw some guy make use of the high ISO's on the A7SII for a wedding. Forget how high it was but he was shooting a beach wedding that was solely lit by torches. He got exposure right but the torches were blown out and you couldn't even tell they were torches. I do like the A7SII though, I wish they'd make a newer version that is basically 100% the same just with 10 bit capabilities and higher frame rates. Being able to shoot high ISO's clean is really useful for high speed shooting, especially 120fps.
  9. Of the jobs on set I hate being the boom OP the most. Its difficult and tiring tbh.
  10. I am pretty confident saying 25,000 iso is more than enough for any situation I shoot in. Realistically 3200 iso is as I pretty much light everything. Highlights blowing out is the issue I run into most often. That's why I value dynamic range a lot more than anything else.
  11. I don't think an 8k monitor would be necessary. I bought a pretty decent 4k monitor and I can't tell the difference.
  12. colors look a lot more vibrant. That said can't find anything with skintones
  13. Andrew Reids LUTs and in camera profile seem like a good option.
  14. will you actually use 8k? or better question have a PC that could handle it
  15. I don't know if a camera can perform well at 25,000 iso I think low light king is worthy or at least low light prince 🤣
  16. I've found lavs are often better than inexperienced boom operators (for example, hey I got my friend here to do handle the boom🤣)
  17. I tend to agree with the list. Of course many youtubers are watched mostly for their persona and not the content itself, including many people I watch. Depends on what you are making.
  18. Stuff like this seems to be great for limited crew style setups. I feel like professionals already have everything down pat so most of these advancements aren't really that useful.
  19. Hey man the Black Magic pocket 4k is a POC let alone a 2mm sensor iphone.
  20. Very nice! Gonna be looking to expand my lighting kit soon.
  21. Yeah I got a 20,000mah one. Hoping it will last 8 hours
  22. Not much to say, used only 2-3 times. Selling because I have too many sizes in filters and want them all the same size. My biggest lens is 67mm so I went with that. $50 for the 72mm $25 for the 58mm or $70 for both. Paypal, venmo, or cash app are all cool. Shipping included in the price.
  23. Nice, I was considering going the Vmount battery route, but I went with USB-C power as well.
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