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  1. Have you used the A6400 or the A9 with new firmware? From what I've seen sony just needs to do some touch ups to make it a bit more organic.
  2. Yeah its knowing what to focus on for sure. One day it will get to the point where its beyond human abilities. I honestly don't think its far away now.
  3. Sometimes I like it sometimes I don't. Getting a bride walking down an aisle at f2 on a long lens is hard without it though.
  4. Yeah most people end up using warp stabilizer with gimbal footage. My Ronin M works pretty darn well, but I still use warp stabilizer if I want it completely smooth. If I shoot super wide like 17mm full frame its not an issue though. Had tons of jitter issues on my beholder S1. The Crane 2 seems a lot better of a one handed gimbal but its probably not perfect. So in conclusion if you want super smooth footage shoot super wide, like 12mm. or use a stabilized lens or stabilize in post IBIS of course will pretty much solve that problem though
  5. I have too, though its been a longer process.
  6. If the A7S3 has 4K 60p and A6400 auto focus I think it will sell well. If they give it a Venice color option and do away with overheating that's even better. 10 bit is great but I am not sure its a deal breaker for hybrids yet. It is for me but I am not everyone.
  7. It really needs a punch in to focus option while recording. Other than that I want one haha. Honestly Panasonic seems to be the first to really get it right for these compressed H264 cameras.
  8. It is a hybrid camera but I don't know why anyone would buy it for hybrid use when you can just buy an A73. Higher pixel count isn't really useful for video. The A7R3 is a nice camera, but why would you get it over the A73? There is the overheating issue on the A73 of course.
  9. I don't think the new A7R matters that much. Its for photographers not hybrid shooters. The alarming thing is where the heck is the A7S3 or even the A7000? Lots of people would love a better Sony hybrid camera to make use of their sony lens collection. They should have released a more expensive APSC camera along with the A6400 imo. Or just release a slightly higher priced A7000 with 4k 60p and minimal rolling shutter, with 10 bit maybe.
  10. I wonder how well that matches to Eterna on a Fuji.
  11. Why can't they give us HDMI out 10 bit.... Whatever though, its a nice hybrid camera if you need high MP stills.
  12. I don't get 50-60 minutes on my pocket.
  13. Looks like a photo oriented camera.
  14. That was just posted. 😂 But yeah we'll see I guess.
  15. Tested on the FS5 it seemed to give about a half stop more dynamic range than 8 bit recording. I think the bigger advantage is 12 bit over 8 or even 10.
  16. The tests showing the Vlog next to the the Sony log on the A7III really show how good it is. Colors hold up better as well.
  17. Its kind of looking like the S1 only shoots at 24fps for RAW tho, which is pretty crippling in comparison to the pocket.
  18. thebrothersthre3

    FS7 in 2019

    I don't know. When a Full frame camera comes out that does what the Pocket 4k does there won't be much a place for APSC and M43 anymore. One of the reasons I haven't got a full frame camera is none of them are where they need to be yet. The Panasonic S1 comes close but auto focus isn't there. Lenses are also way too expensive to make it worth it to switch.
  19. Seems pretty cool. HDR could be nice if done right. Pocket 4k still seems pretty unbeatable having 60 and 120fps RAW.
  20. I kind of agree. H265 is hard on most PC's and I don't think it yields any better results unless you are using very low bitrates.
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