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  1. Yes we'll see. I got an S1 plus 24-105 f4 for $1900 so I am not unhappy with it.
  2. 10 bit up to 4k 120p would be expected for me. Canon and Sony are doing it with full frame sensors. Good low light performance is expected and IBIS. To really change up the game, some sort of 12 bit recording or E-ND would be huge and really give a big reason to stick with M43, even if AF still sucks.
  3. The GH5 was also very well featured even against their cinema cameras as is the S1 and soon to be S5
  4. I don't know. I expect crippling on lower end products. Just not the extent Canon does it. Making a $4000 Camera only do reliable line skipped 4k in 2020 is silly. The difference between the Canon C300 MK3 and the EOS R5 is huge compared to the difference between an S1 and a EVA1 imho.
  5. Yeah I am sure they were using diffused lighting, just makes a huge difference. Harsh lighting regardless of color just looks a bit ugly.
  6. A pocket 6k/4k rig isn't that crazy. Sony NPF batteries mounted to a half cage on top do the trick. A monitor is definitely nice but not 100% necessary. Most of the gimbal shots I do I stay the same distance from my subject to avoid focus change. A Fuji XT3 or Panasonic S1 are also good options for you. Definitely a jump up in image on both those cams from a C100.
  7. At around $1300 I might pick one up. Will be great alongside my S1. As long as its got 4k 10 bit 30p
  8. All the Fuji primes are awesome. Viltrox is a good option for something a bit more affordable. The 16mm 1.4 and 23mm 1.4 are pretty legendary. I love the 50mm f2.
  9. Yeah there is a shift when zooming for some reason. Its not ISO or F stop. Very weird but pretty much makes zooming in while recording not usable.
  10. I’ve been really happy with Vlog dynamic range. Super clean shadows at 3 stops under.
  11. It’s easier to get scammed as a seller than a buyer on eBay. In the USA eBay is PayPal only.
  12. but the payment won't clear until you send the item to the buyer
  13. I personally see better quality uploading in 4k even when watching in HD. On YouTube dropping from 4k to HD is sometimes noticeable if it’s a taxing scene. Dropping below HD is always noticeable imo
  14. HD or 2k is the bees knees. I often shoot in 4k as 1080p is sometimes pixel binned.
  15. Ebay is pretty safe fortunately. 100% buyer back guarantee. They won't even get the funds until like 25 days after the auction. That said if they try to do anything fishy like have you pay outside of ebay or pay for another item as some sort of bargain deal don't do it. Once you go outside of ebay you have no recourse.
  16. I don’t think a7s3 changed from the previous
  17. The S1 IBIS is outstanding.
  18. It cannot 😪 Bummer considering the AF is whack. Stills focus seems usable tho
  19. I've heard the XT4 auto focus is improved with the recent firmware update 1.03 I wonder how much it improves it. A full frame XT4 (with a metabones) is compelling. Great color and 4k 60p, great 120P. Ends up at around 2k with the metabones.
  20. What are you talking about? The video you linked was posted in 1080p. The compression is so bad you can't tell what the ISO performance is. Again dynamic range and ISO tests haven't really been done to see what kind of sensor this camera has. But yes I'd rather have a Pocket 6k if it gives more dynamic range and better ISO performance or an S1H with prores RAW. The video of the plane was shot in 6k.
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