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  1. I am pretty sure everything in this interview was planned to make Joaquin look a bit crazy for publicity. How could you not have fun playing the joker?šŸ˜‚
  2. I have noticed with gopro footage as well as drone footage that it tends to look crap on YouTube. I am guessing the youtube bitrate even in 4k isn't enough to keep up with the fast movements that these type of cameras are usually used for. Constantly changing terrain needs a good bitrate. I just got a drone but I may only use it for slower Aerial shots, as far as youtube goes.
  3. He's the Clapperboard guy. Also responsible for rentals, charging batteries etc.
  4. Impressive results! Which 12mm did you use?
  5. We see more and more computer generated effects in movies these days and less and less practical. Its certainly likely at some point Computational photography will replace practical lighting effects as well. However at this point in time adding a few lights is way quicker than trying to do it in post and less expensive. I think he did more than just grading on that footage.
  6. Yes, they were made for 35mm cameras, which is the same as full frame digital. A lot of them will actually cover medium format sensors as well.
  7. Hypersmooth with HDR would be awesome. A high bitrate 1080p 500+ FPS would be a selling point for me.
  8. A GH6 with all that would be an instant buy. Global shutter!!! No more horrific photography flash rolling shutter mess at weddings!
  9. Those films always came off as too pretentious to me. That said the first film is a great action movie. Pretty much a masterpiece as long as you don't take it too seriously.
  10. Thats what I meant by style but I see your point.
  11. Interesting combo I just finished this series on Netflix, quite good
  12. Large leaps in Dynamic range will be a game changer. If you have a camera that shoots 20 stops of DR, you could pretty much get away with not lighting your scenes. That said you still have to light if you want any kind of style. Tough we've been at the point for years, now more than ever where cameras are really cheap and really good. Yet still a lot of indie filmmakers would rather use 80% of their budget renting a RED camera.
  13. That article mentioned phone cameras can look about as good as high end cameras with good lighting. At the end of the day the camera is a pretty small part of the budget on a film though.
  14. Phone cameras are nice but they are just annoying to use. Cameras will definitely get way cheaper and sensor size will become less important. However the need for professional inputs and outputs and just a body that easier to handle will always be there IMHO
  15. never say never, RED has nothing to fall back unlike companies like Canon, sony, or panasonic.
  16. Survive yes but keep charging 30,000-60,000 maybe not. That goes the same for every camera company though.
  17. you notice a difference between a video that is uploaded in 4k playing at 1080 vs playing at 4k on your phone?
  18. considering their smartphone I doubt it
  19. Youtube is fine for me, I can watch things in 4k usually. Netflix automatically adjusts the resolution though so I don't have control. I only watch 4k on youtube if I am looking at an IQ comparison or something. HD looks fine as long as its a 4k upload. HD uploads are a bit too soft, especially if its a poorly lit video. Its really about the bitrate.
  20. Blue ray is nice. I have decent internet but half the time Netflix goes into what looks like 280pšŸ¤Ŗ
  21. I never said Arri lied just that its a bit overrated IMHO. I think the gap is closing in terms of the advantage you have buying an ARRI outside of name brand demand, in comparison to say an URSA mini. I think in the next couple of years there will be no advantage at all at least in terms of specs.
  22. RED is overrated but I could say the same for Arri, though at least an Alexa is reliable. Hello Black magic šŸ˜‚
  23. You notice it over the H264 10 bit 422?
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