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  1. Yeah this really seems to be the case. Hopefully its a weird firmware issue with Canon and not completely hardware but I fear its more the hardware. Personally I am very happy with my Pana S1 I have to say its hard to beat Fuji's Eterna and Classic Chrome. But the Panasonic just feels like a pro tool. Fuji's feel like a toy and Sony kind of does too. Maybe I'll be a convert when the XH2 comes out.
  2. I’d suggest the Sigma 18-35 1.8 You won’t find a shaper prime plus you’ll get 18mm 24mm 28mm and 35mm all in one at f1.8
  3. I think it wasn't just the price but the fact that the Pocket 4k offered so much more spec wise. When the GH5S was announced I had really hoped it would have 4k 120 and 10 bit 4k 60p but it failed to deliver either. Plus it didn't have RAW like the Pocket 4k did. With 4k 60p 10 bit and 4k 120p it would have been a contender even without RAW. The ergonomics and usability combined with those specs would have turned some heads. Alas it was just a GH5 without IBIS and a 12mp sensor(no IBIS was another huge bummer).
  4. I feel like the GH6 could do well if it matches the A7s3 specs, plus all Panasonic's usual high end video features and full Vlog. That plus a much lower $1500 price point, it would definitely have an audience. A lot of vloggers love Pana IBIS, if they could just get their AF together they'd get a pretty good share of that market I'd guess. All these recent cameras are great but they all have close to $4000 price tags.
  5. Cameras are such a small cost in the grand scheme of a production. The camera isn't gonna make the movie sell more and that's all people really care about. Like if you get approved to shoot a Netflix show, the camera you use will be the last thing on your mind. Unless you are an insane camera enthusiast like us on here.
  6. Maybe with prores RAW though. I guess the form factor is just not something that would be suitable for a professional film set.
  7. Definitely behind for me. Cropped 420 10 bit 4k 60p, poor quality 120-180fps HD. The Sony delivers 4k at 24, 60, and 120p with no crop full sensor readout. 6k is cool and all but I honestly shoot in HD half the time and when I need more its 4k. 6K downsampled is beautiful of course but if it means no full sensor 4k 60p and shitty 120p than I'll pass. That is just me of course. Fuji offers an incredible bang for its buck. Its AF needs major improvements though. I'd pay $2500 for an XH2 with a 12mp sensor and 4k 120p though. Especially if it has reliable AF.
  8. I'd kind of agree. However Sony really does need to address the noise reduction issue. The Panasonic S1 and S1H initially had the same issue as well as the GH5, but they sorted in in firmware updates. Z-cam had the issue with the E2 but they address it with firmware allowing NR to be completely turned off. Sure many people won't care or see it but for those that want the best IQ its really a needless gimp. I am happy with the Pana S1 IQ. Its a Sony sensor for god's sake lol.
  9. Kind of excited to see Panasonic and Fuji's response to this camera now. The specs kind of leave both of them behind by a good bit. Prior Fuji and Pana were leading in their IQ for hybrids. XH2 soon....
  10. They wanted bad press? Wouldn't a camera with no major issues and 8k be way better press? I can't see them doing this intentionally.
  11. The S1H image is the same as the S1 at least from what I have seen and heard. No PDAF is a deal breaker for many looking for a hybrid camera. The stills AF is also not the greatest IMO, at least compared to my Fuji's. I honestly don't think there is much Canon hate. The R5 and R6 were just big disappointments. If anything people were expecting a lot from Canon as they are known as a reputable company.
  12. It is true. Ghosting from heavy NR is well documented
  13. Shoot hd render in 4k = decent looking results on YouTube
  14. Maybe but the a73 even had bad NR at 3200 iso. Unless they improved it on the a7a3
  15. Potato Jet's comparison to the FX9 was very interesting. He found the FX9 at max iso (12,800) with exposure brought up in post to match 64,000 iso was a better image than the A7s3 64,000 ISO. It had more detail and he said it was cleaner. I am sure this is at least partly due to the noise reduction on the A7. Pretty disappointing that Sony won't allow NR to be disabled. Very over looked thing on Sony's cameras.
  16. Its just the nature of media
  17. Someone who has money to spend
  18. I mean he did specifically say technical masterpiece, not masterpiece. I've flipped between form factors so I wouldn't be so quick to crucify the guy. The C300 MK2 image is really nice. I'd get it if I had the money. Gerald has never really got on the color science superiority train, so I don't think that's much of a factor to him. I just had a dude on facebook tell me his S1 overheated at 93 degrees in direct sun, so go figure. I'll have to run a test on mine and see what it can handle.
  19. Yeah I'd get a GH4. The GX85 is also a good one up if you are willing to pony up a bit more cash. One of the nicest things about the GH4 is the battery lasts forever. At the $300 price point though a GH3 or G6 are good options.
  20. I wish they'd allow the S1 to do Prores RAW. On another note @Andrew Reid A while back you suggested I buy a Lumix S1 over the URSA 4.6k, turns out you were right. Just got the S1 in the mail today and the image is absolutely incredible.
  21. Tons of reasons why he might choose two A7S3 over a C300 MK2. Biggest is that its two cameras for less than the price of one C300 MK2. The Sony is also a much more practical travel camera. He also does a ton of studio stuff so direct sun is probably not an issue for him. I've seen the A73 used a ton professionally for video and photos, and the A7S3 is a more capable piece of gear, at least for video so..... Too bad the colors are still wack on the A7S3.
  22. Yep. The downsampled 4k at 24 and 30p is only a one time 30 minute record limit. Assuming that means you can't just hit record again after. Someone will probably come up with a conspiracy theory that Sony is paying all reviewers to hate on Canon while sending unlimited praise to their camera. When I first heard about the overheating I was fine with it. Its pretty normal across the board at this point. I thought 8k really isn't needed much most people will be using 4k regardless. But it just gets worse and worse. 2 hour waits to cool down, overheating in an air conditioned room. Overheating just from shooting stills, not even recording any video? I am sure these limitations will work for some people but definitely not for me.
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