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  1. They confirmed they are working on ND's but not for the Z cam E2
  2. I wonder if the original ursa mini 4k is more similar to the OG Pocket and Micro
  3. Interesting, how do you compare the Ursa 4.6k image to the micro and OG pocket?
  4. I like E-stabilization, it adds a lot. It can add weird jitters if you are doing a lot of movement though. I agree the GH5 at 3200 is probably better than the GH4 at 1600 iso.
  5. Yeah the FS5 is really nice and small. I feel like with Z-cam rising that type of form factor is the future.
  6. Why not! If you need RAW its got it internal unlike the C300.
  7. Some vintage glass is really nice wide open but most when stopped down a notch perform really well. For me the law of diminishing returns comes into play when comparing with higher end glass. Depends on the specific lens in question of course.
  8. Yeah the OG pocket is nice. I love the grip on it. But I have mine all rigged up so that its small size is no longer and advantage.
  9. I thought the EVA1 had 10 bit 4k 60p, that sucks. The FS7 is quite the package.
  10. Thats a great deal! The full HDMI on the micro is really nice. I hate BM for putting micro HDMI on anything.
  11. I plan on getting one next year. I think my BMPCC could compliment it well. The Fuji's are still nice for certain types of shooting like weddings, home video, or just for super quick shooting. I'll be keeping them for sure. Can't have too many camerasšŸ¤£ I was looking at the FS5 as well, crazy output for the money. 12bit prores RAW up to 120fps 4k and good low light performance. That said I've always said I think BM is better when it comes to color and the way it handles highlights. Thats a bigger selling point for me.
  12. Definitely considering a Micro. For me right now though the Ursa Mini 4.6k seems like a great deal. Just saw one for $2500 on ebay. Quite expensive compared to a BMPCC but crazy cheap for what kind of cameras it can compete with.
  13. If you are doing something for Netflix I don't know why in the world you want to use a Nikon Z6 in the first place. Renting a C200 isn't really a big cost.
  14. Having all its internal log and HLG profiles with internal 10 bit 422 at decent data rate will probably happen. Of course you get that with Panasonic just after a paid upgrade. The Sony will probably cost more off the bat so there is that as well.
  15. thebrothersthre3


    I like that image, nice grain. Funny I didn't even notice in on my phone.
  16. It has a great image btw. Pretty much no moire or aliasing which can't be said for a lot of more expensive cameras. Also internal 10 bit 422
  17. I don't consider color part of image quality usually. But yeah, if you factor that in Pana is nice, though I don't think particularly better than Nikon.
  18. The Z cam E2, no internal ND's though. The FS5, is a pretty good choice if you can throw on an external recorder. The URSA mini 4.6k G2 is pretty darn good. Yeah I used a $25 monopod with a 250mm lens, lots of shots at the long end and got great shots. The lens had stabilization though. Still, was great for run and gun at a wedding.
  19. Monopods work pretty well or a shoulder rig. If you are just getting quick shots, which is pretty much what IBIS is useful for, stabilized lenses pretty much accomplish the same thing.
  20. Its gonna yield similar image quality to a A73 and Nikon Z7. Full frame frame 6k downsampled
  21. I don't really think its necessary. 1.4 is very fast on full frame especially since you can crank the iso up pretty high.
  22. I like my Fuji XT3 a lot and will be sticking to it. When I spend $2500 on a camera it'll be for a used Ursa Mini or something. That said its a nice piece of gear, especially when it gets the Vlog and 10 bit update.
  23. Lots of people complain about the GH5 and GH5S colors as well thoughšŸ¤£ The FS5 is really tempting to me. With the atomos recorders it can do 12 bit prores RAW now up to 120fps. The FS700 is really nice too although I like the FS5 form factor.
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