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  1. The footage is available to download if you wanted to see if your belief is true.
  2. There are a lot of people on this forum that work for production companies that use 10k plus cameras or rent 10k plus cameras for projects.... If you are not interested or excited about this release not sure why you'd bother commenting. Why do you want to police all of us on what we should or should not be interested in?
  3. I would be upset if Blackmagic stops releasing products in the $1000-$3000 price range, but I don't believe that is their plan.
  4. They have a RED Helium maybe more than one not sure. He mentions they have C200's as well.
  5. I can't wait to see what Linus Tech Tips thinks of these cameras. Gonna be an interesting perspective outside the repetitive YouTube camera community.
  6. Another shot using the LUT. Here is what I did. Used Rec 2100 like Androidlad suggests but I use Amira709 instead of LogC.
  7. Used Lut Calc to do a HLG to Arrirec709 LUT. Shot in HLG H265 ALL-I 2k at 6400 iso Lens Turbo focal reducer plus Nikon 50mm f1.8 at f1.8 Dim lighting plus probably a weird color cast from the green wall. 2K H265 ALL-I works really well in premiere.
  8. The exciting thing for me is they may put similar technology into a smaller cheaper body. A Pocket 6k that could also do 4k and 2k BRAW with no crop would be amazing.
  9. I doubt the temps were above 104f {edit missed the first part of the video, I didn't know it gets that hot in Florida(if thats where he is from)} The guy seems to have some money to throw around. He's sent several cameras to camera conspiracies for free. Seems like a good bloke.
  10. I was just watching Top Gun yesterday. Damn beautiful color from I am guessing Super 35 film. But I like very saturated and contrasty stuff in general.
  11. I have heard that H265 loses efficiency as the data rates get higher. So the difference between H265 and H254 and 400mbps may be none.
  12. Yeah it confuses me. People say Arri has really pleasing skin tones but they also say Arri color science is very accurate. How can it be both?
  13. Good to see Justin Bieber being productive in his old age. Interesting test though. I think it highlights overheating issues with small cameras in general, Canon certainly isn't alone. This hasn't stopped tons of people from using the A73 professionally. Tons of wedding videographers use it. Definitely an extreme heat situation though.
  14. Color science must be damn hard to figure out as no one seems to be able to get it right besides Arri.
  15. The URSA body is ugly but its very functional. I like the Sony cine bodies too. Not a fan of RED as much. Z-cam is what I wish the Pocket cameras were.
  16. A big tarnish was the Magenta cast issue that a lot of sensors had. I doubt we'll be seeing that with this product.
  17. Lets wait and see when some footage becomes downloadable.
  18. The Fuji is a great point. My main disappointment is the micro HDMI and H265. I wish I could get an external recorder and shoot prores as I hate having to transcode. That said the Fuji is an extreme bargain for $850. 10 bit 4k 60p, beautiful 120p HD. Great color profiles, decent dynamic range. If you want manual focus lenses Nikon's are great choices. Get a lens turbo speedbooster for $150 and get a full frame look. Manual focus is doable as you can punch in while recording. I'd not put too much trust in continuous auto focus. The kit lens 18-55 works decent, I'd skip the rest unless you just use them for photography or single focus. The Viltrox lenses do a good job locking on but if you are doing a focus transition they are really jumpy. The Fuji is one of the best choices for video right now IMHO. With a cheap aftermarket battery grip you get really long battery life(3x batteries) S1 or S1H is right there too but considerably more expensive. I love the BM pocket cameras but they aren't really very usable unless rigged up. The Fuji with a battery grip is a really small package that just works.
  19. Yeah this is really their first release that looks like it may be a better piece of tech than anything out there. Still ugly looking as you have pointed out but hey if it works, that's the main thing. We still haven't really seen any examples showing the actual dynamic range or high ISO performance. I think for this really to be successful it needs to be delivering on all fronts. I do hope they are taking steps with their costumer service(which I've never used) and quality control. I really would love to see Blackmagic succeed.
  20. Obviously Blackmagic doesn't have the pro reputation that RED has. They are trying to change that. If this camera can really deliver that will launch them forward. We'll see..
  21. I mean I would have preferred to see something else too. A pocket 6k sensor in an Ursa body(slightly smaller ursa body, ursa micro??) I hate the Pocket form factor. If it had better battery life, flip screen, and EVF, I'd be down.
  22. RED can still survive for a while on its name alone. However pro's won't turn down cheaper options that actually perform better for very long.
  23. BRAW never violated RED's patents as its not true RAW. CDNG did though
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