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  1. Hot lights are pretty cheap tho! Got a 1k for like $100. Just saw an Arri 6k HMI for $1000. Have to be able to power it though lol
  2. Isn't shooting at base ISO pretty standard practice in cinema? The Pocket is nice for most applications. Lighting day time stuff is honestly a bigger pain than nighttime. At least its manageable on a small budget vs trying to compete with daylight.
  3. I've seen people getting good results with the 1.4 lenses on the XT3.
  4. Seems like RED's aren't any worse in low light than any other of the cameras usually used in Cinema productions? I tend to obsess over low light capabilities, but as long as you have decent lighting 1600 ISO and fast lenses makes the cut for most situations.
  5. That looks incredibly ugly. Looks like a small M43 camera/gimbal mounted to a camcorder style body thing. Interesting idea but would make more sense if it was a standard gimbal that you could attach any camera too. The design looks a bit impractical tho.
  6. If they pull it off in full frame they'll be ahead of everyone.
  7. Those are really dope! Loved that Billie Eilish one!
  8. speaking of crazy stuff, now if it had been Mission Impossible Tom Cruise would have actually driven a car off a 160 story building 🤣🤣
  9. Yeah I would guess because the GH5 uses more NR straight out of camera. That is a sucky situation. Backdrop was probably super blown out haha. Some people are really lame to work with.
  10. Not weird at all! Can the Pocket 4k match the GH5S with noise reduction applied?
  11. It might make sense to justify the price difference if it is indeed 3k plus. Its true they've not done 4k 60 yet, but they are a bit behind the times right now. Sony is often front runner tech I feel like. Wouldn't surprise me if they took a large leap to put themselves ahead of everyone.
  12. I liked the story but I thought visuals were boring. Color and everything looked good though.
  13. Panasonic vlog in 8 bit isn't very usable.
  14. I know the image quality is very good but how do you like the color science?
  15. we can hope That Joker movie looks great tho.
  16. The F2 primes seem to work well as well as the 18-55. Big draw for me is getting a full frame image with a speedbooster. The fringer adapter seems to work really well with select lenses like the 18-35 sigma. I buy all my lenses used though so I guess I don't take as much of a hit with the pricing. I think I got the 18-55 for like $150, they go pretty stupid cheap on ebay. The big competition was the Pocket 4k for me, but having no auto focus at all doesn't work for me right now and tbh I like the Fuji image better. Having BRAW would be incredible though. Although the Z cam E2 has been catching my eye. I've been trying to rig my cameras up, the Fuji and OG BM Pocket. Would be so nice to be able to just use sony F970 batteries without any rigging.
  17. Ehhh not feeling it. Should either have 10 bit capabilities or 4k 60p.
  18. I personally love the E2 form factor. I am tired of dealing with DLSR bodies and their tiny internal batteries. Only thing missing internal ND's. If they had that I would probably be sold on them. Prores + H265 and H264 is a huge win as well.
  19. thebrothersthre3


    Philip Bloom and his sunset shots😂 Looks like an incredibly nice setup though.
  20. I used the Tilta Nucleus M for a 6 day shoot and the over all experience was good. We had a small glitch where one of the motors didn't want to stay on for one of the units, but it seemed to resolve itself(not sure what it was).
  21. Now this is something I am interested in lol. I'll have to do some testing.
  22. Differences look pretty minimal to me honestly. I think its obvious the cameras will look different. The Arri probably has about 3 stops more dynamic range, with a larger sensor and higher bit depth. That said if you are a good colorist and the scene isn't pushing the pockets Dynamic range one should be able to get the cameras looking pretty identical. To just throw a LUT on there that isn't even supposed to match an Arri and think it will look the same is silly. There is a reason an Alexa costs 10,000 and up.
  23. true its that global shutter I am after. The Z cam option is nice but its 1 inch vs 35mm sensor. I was taken back how different a pan like that looks without rolling shutter.
  24. BM seems to be the type of company that would allow a no sharpening setting in future firmware updates.
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