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  1. any rough estimate when it could be out, I won't quote you on it ?
  2. You have Gen 4 for the Fuji XT3?
  3. Dynamic range in stills is really good. I've never had a situation where I wasn't getting enough dynamic range, even in really harsh conditions. The difference you'll see is when shooting higher ISO's. It just doesn't keep up past 3200 iso. I never loved the 8 bit 4k 60p on the GH5 but its amazing on the XT3.
  4. Looks like RED is getting worried about all the cheap alternatives out now or maybe they just want to expand their reach. Either way if it has great AF it will be amazing. Just the name might get me to buy one at that price.
  5. It worked! Camera looks brand new infact. I forgot how nice Panasonic ergonomics are.
  6. thebrothersthre3

    Skydio 2

    Well its on my radar for price alone.
  7. Could be great. The biggest plus for me would be improved low light performance.
  8. Selling my Black Magic Pocket Camera, open to Offers Comes with Metabones Speedbooster(reduces to 1.8 crop) Tokina 17mm 3.4 SmallRig Cage 1 battery The lens has a couple scratches on the front element, otherwise great condition. Looking for $525 shipped or best offer!
  9. Just got a cheap GH5 off ebay. $640 shipped, but the dude has no battery and wasn't sure if it works lol. Wish me luck.
  10. It would be nice to have LOG if you ever wanted to shoot non RAW for a project that didn't require it.
  11. I'd probably go with the S35 version that has the M43 mount over the S1H or F6
  12. shoot I forgot, nevermind what do you mean about manual focus? Yeah its still definitely noticeable.
  13. Try 4k 60p if you really want to get the action. Flog will give you the most dynamic range. If you are gonna do a lot of color grading the Ninja V would be good to get that 4k 60p 10 bit. But 8 bit is honestly fine as well.
  14. Yeah the Flat profile is quite good. As long as you expose decently and get decent white balance you'll have no issues. Honestly I'd just stick to the recorder you have. Looks similar to the Zoom H1 which is a great little recorder. Nothing really wrong with 3.5mm jacks. You could get a preamp if you want to record sound right to your camera.
  15. Not sure if this has been posted, but looks like its real easy to mount it on the Crane 2. These are going for $300 now with follow focus.
  16. If you have the right gimbal its no issue. The camera is on the bulky side but its not heavy. Definitely a different image than the C200, but it can hold its own against a C200 imo
  17. You could always convert the Prores RAW back to regular prores and still see benefits, especially if you do 444, but of course that means huge files sizes.
  18. Its surprising how thin the Atomos recorders are, at least the newer ones (beyond Atomos 2). Still you need big batteries for them. Not having the ability to swap batteries on a phone always made me not want to use one. You could use one of those phone battery cases though.
  19. If there is no movement in the frame sharpness will be the same at 1/50 or 1/1000 but I am sure you know that. The Alexa cameras have an OPLF filter which makes them softer. I don't think RED do. A movie like Guardians of the Galaxy shot on 8k RED doesn't look soft though. You can soften footage in post though or use filters over your glass like the pro mist. Alexas have a very low rolling shutter like 6ms or something and I assume the new RED cameras do as well. Probably contributes to better motion along with no in camera sharpening. Though personally I haven't noticed any odd motion on my Fuji cameras. Maybe because I am accustomed to shooting with Modern SLR's from the GH2, GH4, GH5, XT20 and now XT3-XT30
  20. You saying films nowadays looking jarring in a bad way? Most films are shot at 4k or higher resolution now.
  21. Yeah I used it on a three day shoot last week. Battery life wasn't that big a deal. Worked great with a monopod and minimal rigging. For handheld a monitor is necessary, we used the small HD and one of these little swivel mounts. Worked great.
  22. I am pretty sure the XT3 and XT30 has the same rolling shutter. Same sensor and processor. I could be wrong of course.
  23. Would be interesting to see the talking head comparisons with sharpening all the way down on all the cameras. Standard PP doesn't really show what any of the cameras are capable of. Either way there is no doubt about it the S1H is a fantastic camera, at least once they update the firmware like on the S1. The S1 will probably be my next camera purchase.
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