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  1. You can get blown out highlights shooting with anything though. You have to expose for highlights to avoid that and raise shadows in post. Which not everyone wants to do and of course if the highlights are too bright the shadows may not be able to be lifted enough.
  2. Ah darn. Personally I don't think full frame or raw matters to audiences. The real question is if you need RAW for your project or if you need full frame.
  3. A full frame Panasonic is interesting but that is just a rumor. At this point Fuji gives me everything I want. Color, 10 bit, 4k 60p, APSC, auto focus, decent low light, dynamic range. Sony never delivers on color, even if they do give us 10 bit (A7000 betting on)(probably not full frame 10 bit) Canon just doesn't deliver anything competitive. Panasonic refuses to give phase detect auto focus and is M43. I see myself being happy with the XT3 for a long time. 422 and 420 won't be noticeably different like 8 bit to 10 bit is.
  4. My prediction is even better auto focus (like eye in video), and 4k 60p (probably cropped), maybe even higher frame rates then 120fps, and a lower megapixel sensor(16mp maybe??), also there will be a 10 bit output since Canon and Nikon both have it now. I would be shocked if they have 10 bit internal, or redone color science. Anything more then what I listed above I think would cut into their cinema camera line too much. Lets keep an eye out for the A7000, I believe that will have 10bit 4k 60p and IBIS. If it doesn't how in the world will it compete with Fuji?
  5. I really doubt Sony is going to have everything the Fuji has as well as being full frame. I foresee 4k 60 and 10 bit output. I could be wrong but we'll see. I could see the A7000 having internal 10 bit though as its the APSC contender. 10 bit is definitely a game changer even an output. I don't like color grading much so Fuji is just the choice for me regardless of if the A7Siii has 10 bit internal. Plus its defiantly way cheaper especially considering full frame glass.
  6. Canon wants their camcorder/video cameras to sell well. So they will continue to stay 5 years behind the times with their SLR's. At least you can record 10 bit to an external recorder on the EOS R. Fuji seems to have everything I need right now so they are getting my cash.
  7. The NX1 didn't have 10 bit and the rolling shutter performance wasn't very good. Not trying to diss the camera but the Fuji a step up from anything on the market, as long as it isn't buggy. For people worried about the colors it should be pretty much the same as the XH1. The good thing is if you don't like Fuji color you can shoot in 10 bit Log and grade it how you like, or use a Lut. The one thing I wish they had done different is the battery. A bigger battery would be nice even if the camera had to be bigger. Its not a huge deal but still.
  8. If I was smart I'd wait 6 months from now and see whats going on. To me the Fuji seems like everything I need though. Auto focus works, 10 bit color at high frame rates, good color science, and decent low light. There is always more but at some point you get what you need. I bought the GH5 but was always dissapointed with auto focus and color.
  9. Wouldn't be very good in low light so I doubt this will happen. I am betting they'll use a similar sensor to the Fuji XT3. Probably with more features and such, maybe bigger batteries. Something to give it an edge over Fuji. Though the color will be Sony color so I am not waiting or buying it.
  10. The cool thing is they redo their tests and compare cameras everytime. So even though we are not entirely sure what they mean by 11.2 stops of dynamic range, we know its more then their listing of the GH5S or A7SII, and close to the FS5. So it gives you a general idea lol. The E2 looks really awesome, but I don't think their color science is going to be very good and I suck at grading. Fuji it is
  11. Not seeing why this camera would have any banding or moire issues beyond the normal 8-bit problems almost all cameras have. It only makes sense that 10 bit footage will hold up better then any 8 bit codec on the market. Plus no one has mentioned any issues with it including Cinema 5d which are usually harsh on things. I am not a fanboy but this camera is just a big deal to me. 10 bit up to 120fps in HD and 60 in 4k, with an APSC sensor, and solid auto focus, at $1500... that's insane IMO. Another amazing thing is Cinema 5d measured it as having more then a stop more dynamic range then the GH5S or A7SII.
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