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  1. I'm really tempted to get an S1. I liked the easy workflow of H264 on the GH5 vs H265 on the XT3. I may just get one. I feel like HLG on the XT3 and S1 may be fairly easy to match.
  2. Yeah full frame is nice for photos, if you do a lot of natural light stuff. Why did you sell the A73 and what do you think of it color wise compared to fuji?
  3. Yeah tho I actually don't like flippy screens anymore, unless I need to record myself which I rarely do these days. Its way easier to tilt than have to flip the darn screen out. Plus it gets in the way on gimbals.
  4. The S1 is there for those who can't afford the S1H. You lose high speed 10 bit but you still get 30fps 10bit full vlog, same sensor, amazing ISO performance, amazing IBIS. 4K 60p S35
  5. Yeah that would do it for me. It really needs GH5 Level IBIS though. Anamorphic modes would be amazing and an easy thing to add.
  6. Oh wait I was thinking you were talking about the old 1DX yeah I'd probably go with the new Canon. I wish it had a better monitor but I'd just throw a small HD on it.
  7. Probably the Fuji. The 1DX is just a little outdated at least body wise and the codec isn't good enough to justify it. Much cheaper lesnes though.
  8. I'd say for the BRAW. Also higher frame rates in prores and RAW. Can't really beat the Pocket 6k for IQ. Its doable shooting with the Pocket 4k and internal batteries. Pretty small footprint. It can still be lighter than a RED rigged up but less ergonomic. The Panasonic S1 and URSA mini 4.6k(old used one) are on my radar right now. The S1H is a bit out of my price range. The S1 fills in the low light need and is pretty decent with dynamic range. The Ursa Mini fills in my dynamic range needs but lacks in low light. It looks way more professional having an Ursa mini on set over an S1 though.
  9. The A73 has more dynamic range then the XT3, though of course there are potential banding and color issues as well as noise reduction issues. The S1 has more dynamic range than both cameras and of course has the internal 10 bit recording the Sony lacks. The XT3 dynamic range is still really good. Seeing as I light most of my scenes its never really an issue.
  10. Yeah Fuji will definitely release something this year and it will be something to get excited about. They have nothing holding them back. The XT3 sold really well.
  11. To be fair the camera was already setup and the focus wasn't changing or anything for the shot.
  12. Not sure how you mess up dynamic range with an XT3, it’s amazing in RAW and even jpeg. Heck even the 10 bit log is pretty decent. Low light performance is definitely lacking. 3200 on the Fuji is about as clean as 12,800 on the Sony or S1 or Z6. That said you don’t get the overdone noise reduction. But yeah you need more batteries and stabilization. Simple as that.
  13. I am not sure though I think we were rolling.
  14. I want to see improved AF, bigger battery, bigger screen and hopefully IBIS in the next Fuji camera. It doesn't really need anything else. Prores RAW out would be cool.
  15. Someone should just make an EF and Nikon speedbooster with good AF.
  16. I've never noticed a smell that's really odd. I'm waiting on the Viltrox lenses to come out. They were supposed to be released this month the 23 1.4, 33 1.4 and 56mm 1.4. Otherwise the old Fuji 1.4 primes are great but don't focus as good as the newer F2 models.
  17. Very beautiful imagery. The scene where they are making cider is especially nice.
  18. For affordability the Panasonic 12-35 2.8 and 25mm 1.7 might be a good place to start. The Olympus 17mm 1.8, 25mm 1.8 are great but a little more pricey. The Samyang/rokinon 12mm f2 is a fantastic wide prime as well.
  19. Yes but f4 or 5.6 is far from what we are seeing so often now. I think its a little ridiculous to think the audience is going to be concentrating on a backdrop, if that's the case the storytelling is probably very lacking. Maybe a more creative use of it would be if you want the character to feel boxed in as that is essentially what you are doing to the audience. Anyways that's just my little rant as I really hate the overuse of it in a lot of films I see. Not so much low budget stuff as they are often trying to work around non existent set design, but in hollywood stuff.
  20. That is really awesome dude! What did he think of the netflix adaption of his material. That top frame is btw How do you think it did?
  21. Just got the Godox 200w I used this as a guide to help me decide. Wasn't quite ready to shell out the dough for a nicefoto lamp(though you can get them for $530 if you buy on ebay from China). The Godox seemed to be the brightest of the bunch at $330(used on b&h).
  22. The over done shallow DOF is tedious though.
  23. I don't know, steadicams are still superior to gimbals, let alone IBIS. Dolly's are superior to all of them.
  24. This brand looks very interesting. Though from reviews it seems the 300 light is closer to a aperture 120d rather than the 300
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