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  1. Pixel binned 4k has no heating limits, awesome
  2. Nah bro, the difference is this camera is no different than Sony's other offerings in terms of overheating. In fact it sounds like it handles overheating better than their previous offerings. If you recall no one complained about the Fuji overheating in direct sun. That is because the issue isn't the Canon overheating its that it overheats abnormal conditions. It overheats just from taking stills??!!?? wtf Sure I wish Sony would have found a way to just eliminate overheating altogether but it at least sounds manageable. Never had an issue with my Fuji XT3 even though it will overheat in direct sun especially at 4k 60p.
  3. The S1 is cheap enough where its a good option. Downsampled 4k 10 bit internal and 4k 60p. With a $500 recorder you get high bitrate up to 4k 60p not bad at all. What I do wish is that they'd allow the camera to do Prores RAW out like the S1H. The S1H is a bit too pricey to interest me for what it is. What they really need to make the S1H more competitive is allow internal RAW recording.
  4. Verdict is if you film a lot in direct sun and live in Florida buy an S1H. If you only record 35 minutes per shoot get a R5 or R6 LOL
  5. Its gotta be software partially on the R5. How could it shut off at the exact same time in direct sun as it did indoors air conditioned?
  6. Not really as I don't think the Canon is usable under any circumstance if its overheating in an air conditioned building indoors and takes 2 hours to cool down. Its not a new thing for Sony though, the A73 would overheat quickly outdoors in direct sun. In that crazy Flordia sunlight camera test I think the A73 lasted 5 minutes lol. Most situations don't call for your camera being left to bake in the sun though. Not even being able to record video after a 1 hour stills session is what the Canon is offering. I don't think the Canon received the scrutiny it did for overheating while baking in the sun.
  7. The difference is at normal temps the camera can go for over an hour without overheating at 4k 120p. While the Canon seems to overheat in 30 minutes regardless and needs an hour or two to cool down. Also no BS lineskipped 1080p looking 4k.
  8. Winner winner chicken dinner. It sounds like this camera has more traditional overheating problems, such as when in direct sun. The odd thing about the Canon is it seems to overheat at the exact same time regardless of direct sun or indoors. Sony needs to get rid of the low light NR though. Thats a killer.
  9. The FP image is super clean. However there are the usual aliasing issues you get with pixel binning and line skipping.
  10. Its gonna be great but will have record limits and overheating.
  11. Sounds similar to the A6300. It needs to cool down within like 10 minutes though.
  12. Its just Canon intentionally crippling their cameras so people will buy their higher end EOS line. Though the crippling seems quite insane at this point. I guess we were all idiots for thinking Canon made a 180.
  13. I doubt the A73 is capable of 4k 60p. The S1 is way bigger for a reason. I am excited to see what Sony puts out. Overheating after shooting stills can't be the new norm.
  14. @tuppTo be clear I agree with you, shooting in LOG is usually the best option for the reasons you mentioned. Another example where I don't shoot log. Weddings where I am delivering the image to someone else to edit. I just shoot Eterna. It just looks nice off the bat. Usually log is preferred to send to editors but weddings are so dicey. I have no idea who's editing and don't trust them tbh lol.
  15. Yeah although I don't think auto focus is that great on the GFX. It does have that special sauce image. S1H is a much more affordable option. Panasonic continues to be the most reliable workhorse for video. Although there seems to be a file corruption issue I've seen mentioned a lot. In Blackmagic we trust Right now the Pana S1 and the Nikon Z6 would be my go to for full frame video with a strong lean towards the S1.
  16. I don't watch him much but I think this video was pretty informative.
  17. Depends on the camera. Fuji doesn't provide Luts to match there in camera profiles. A big appeal of Fuji is the color and if you are shooting LOG you just don't get the same experience. Even the Eterna lut which they provide doesn't really match the Eterna profile in camera. I also don't recommend anyone use F-log as it has weird macroblocking issues that ruins footage regardless of how you expose.
  18. Toneh chimed in. Some decent information in there. The R5 actually outperformed the XT4 at 60p. The R5 seemed to perform the same in direct sun as it did inside, which is odd. The XT4 overheated quicker outside in direct sun. However apparently the R5 took 2 full hours to cool down. Which is insane! On another note the Canon RP HD video looks horrendous.
  19. What about the Tilta cooling option? Seems to be viable. Kind of embarrassing you have to buy a second party product to have your camera function but it is what it is. I am still waiting on Dynamic range results from both cameras.
  20. Very true but most aren't experienced colorists. Its why you see so much crappy colored footage out there. People think its best to shoot in LOG or RAW when they'd be better off just using a straight out of camera profile. The other plus to shooting in a baked in profile is simply speed. If you choose your exposure and look while shooting you don't have to make those decisions in post which quickens the workflow. Of course if you aren't experienced or quick enough you could end up with a lot of bad shots that aren't really fixable.
  21. Actually really nice looking image. The auto focus was a tad slow, but I assume that could be tweaked in settings. If it was a Fuji it would be jumping and pulsing to no end. The audio was off though......
  22. Yep, its a killer. Only shows up in certain situations but when it does it makes footable pretty unusable at least to my standards. Beautiful! Some micro jitters at the very start but very nice.
  23. I don't know blockbusters have been around for a long time so have comic books. I think the comic book films are a lot of fun, some better than others. Lots of "smarter" films come out every year. There are lots of indie cinemas near where I live but I guess that probably isn't the case everywhere. I am rarely dissapointed by the indie films that end up making it to the theaters. Though I won't lie I am a huge fan of large budget action films. They are rarely good but when they are its something special, at least for me.
  24. My own camera, I stopped using flog
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