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  1. Whats your experience with the Fringer adapter? Tempted to buy one with an 18-35 sigma.
  2. This will probably be the camera to get and at a hefty price tag. I'd be shocked if it didn't have Clog considering the EOS R does. I assume it will be the standard 8 bit 422 codec, which isn't bad at all but definitely separates it from the likes of a C500 or C300.
  3. Prores 422 4k is twice the data rate, so I don't see how you wouldn't see any improvement. Could be wrong of course. Its also 422 vs 420
  4. Like a lot of things there's gonna be subtle differences as you are getting 422 and almost no compression with prores. Its gonna be low returns for most people. I got a Ninja 2 to record with my XT30 though. No time limits, 4k downscaled to 1080p prores, which is convenient as I downscale and transcode to prores on my PC regardless. So it saves that step for me. Plus I'll get 10 bit 422 where as the XT30 only does 8 bit internal. I got one for $160 with a 256gb SSD, so its honestly a damn good deal I think.
  5. Yeah its really best to white balance off a card if possible when using ND's. I am personally using the Hoya Variable RN, simply out of convenience. If I was on a really high end shoot I would get something better, or rent a camera with internal ND's.
  6. https://www.digitalcameraworld.com/news/viltrox-adds-trio-of-fast-af-primes-for-fuji-x-eos-m-and-sony-a6000-shooters I was planning on getting a Fringer adapter and a Sigma 18-35 + 50-100mm but this release could change my direction. $250 is so cheap if these lenses are decent wide open. December isn't far away.
  7. edit not sure whats happening with this forum, having a double post problem..
  8. Fixed nds often have color cast too. The killer thing is variable nds do weird things to skin
  9. Auto focus is no good on non Z mount lenses?
  10. What about using older Nikon lenses with the adapter?
  11. You might be about to cop one on ebay for around $4500
  12. Is the EOS R full frame 1080 worse than Sony's or Nikon's 1080?
  13. Yeah its most likely poor writing pretty underwhelming if that is the case not sure, though if it did 4k 60p raw full frame, whatever they charge would be a good price haha.
  14. https://www.cinema5d.com/sigma-fp-update-cinema-dng-raw-internal-recording-and-more/ UDH/HD up to 120p,
  15. Probably a pretty niche camera. It will do 10/12 bit CDNG 4k up to 60p externally full frame. That is pretty neat for the price. Wondering if the full frame 4k 60p internal is cropped. Also I bet this thing will overheat.
  16. Looks like the internal RAW is 8 bit only in 4k. On the plus side is does to 4k 60p internal H264/8 bit. Kind of a strange camera. No LOG profile currently which is also strange.
  17. Just shot this on the XT30, tighter shots are the XT30. Mix of 1080 and 4k footage. Overall I was happy with the performance in lowish light. 18-55 lens at f4
  18. Really depends on how you shoot events. A7III is the best all arounder, though you may run into overheating problems when shooting in 4k. Getting an external recorder makes it a safer bet. If you are just getting clips here and there with breaks in between you are good to go though. XT3 is great but AF and low light aren't as on point. S1 isn't too bad though you have the blue highlight issue at the moment and AF is unreliable. Plus side is there are no record limits and no overheating issues. Just had my XT30 overheat doing a 1 hour continuous shoot in 4k, getting an external recorder for it now. Have fun flying a Ronin S for 8 hours, I hope they pay you well. I'd get a lighter gimbal.
  19. I don't know you can get some pretty damn good M43 cameras under $500 that do 4k with IBIS
  20. Yeah I don’t have as issue with jumpiness. -1 or -2 speed and +2 tracking works well. I’m honestly considering buying a sigma 18-35 and 50-100 + fringer pro. Seeing people get good results with those.
  21. If you have plug in power you can also get Lowell lights pretty cheap. 500-1000 wat lights can really light up a place You get a certain magic look with old tungsten lights. I am not trying to say you can't get good results with LED's though. If they are more convenient and in the budget go for it.
  22. Are you sure the Z6 120fps is better than the XT3? Big advantage on the Z6 is more glass and low light. The 10bit flog is definitely a much better image than you get out of the Z6. Full frame 10 bit is attractive though if you use an external recorder.
  23. That would be incredible. Thats good to hear. I am really hoping with V4 firmware Fuji will step it up. It doesn't have issue finding focus but it just won't always hold it. Random hunting for long takes is an issue.
  24. I thought the EOS R could do 10 bit 422 1080p to an external recorder. But turns out it only does 4K, which has unacceptable rolling shutter. One of my big reasons for switching would the much wider selection of Canon glass. Also canon DPAF would be super useful. Alas the EOS r is probably too gimped for me.
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