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  1. Yeah I don't see either being perfect ever. Unless hardware/software gets good enough to artificially erase motion blurring.
  2. @androidlad seems to be the guy to go to on sensor information. I'm not sure where he sources this stuff. Maybe he'll chime in
  3. I am pretty sure the 12 bit ADC is just the sensor limitation based off specs on paper. I don't really think it can be disputed unless you think Sony is lying for some reason about their own sensor's capabilities.
  4. There is simply no NR when shooting in RAW CDNG. With highlight recovery and NR in davinci added they were able to get a 13 stop read. That said their Alexa measurement is based on prores not RAW, so the Alexa probably has even higher dynamic range in RAW.
  5. I can only comment on the 18-55 2.8 which has amazing OIS and auto focus. I also have the 50-230 which also has good OIS and auto focus. IBIS seems to F up stabilization on wider lenses(almost every IBIS system I've seen). While the OIS does a great job at the wider end.
  6. I have the OG URSA with CDNG
  7. Fuji's IBIS is like Panasonic's auto focus. They just don't seem to care.
  8. The issue is they didn't do it right. It wasn't a pocket camera it was ginormous. And that is fine because lets face it you can't really do a small camera that has BRAW yet. The OG Pocket was pretty small but such a small body can't do 4k with the BRAW compression. Plus the OG body overheated. They should have made it even bigger and put a decent battery in it (something that lasted an hour+) they also should have included a tilt screen. Then you'd have a very usable small camera. However when you need to add an external monitor and battery solution it becomes a pain in the ass. A h
  9. Yeah its more like 12 actual stops of dynamic range. Numbers just depend on your testing methods though. Its one of the reasons I got the URSA mini 4.6k. The 12.6 stops in RAW measured by Cinema 5D are actually genuine as there is no noise reduction going on in RAW.
  10. I was never really satisfied with the GH5 even though I loved the body/IBIS. The low light performance and dynamic range on the A6300 impressed me initially though after moving to Fuji I'd never want to go back to Sony colors, even Panasonic color was always lackluster at least on the GH5. Maybe I would have liked the GH5S better, but no IBIS is a bummer. Perhaps I was too harsh on the pocket. But I just can't understand why they didn't at least add a flip screen. Its very hard to shoot with a fixed screen and see what you are doing, at least with the way I shoot. Battery swapping
  11. Yeah Cinema 5D measured it at 12.7 stops when shooting in 6k, but I think that was due to the aggressive NR going on(seems to be more at 6k according to different sources). Just my guess as 4k was measured at 12.3.
  12. Yeah Fuji menus are sucky. I don't usually need to change anything though that I can't access with the buttons. Menus are still better than Sony. On the Fuji I have the high speed option assigned to a button, so if I want to switch to 120p is super quick. However say I want to switch from 24p to 60p or from HD to 4k, then I have to go into the menus. I like the A6300 grip but yeah it heats up in 4k and the battery life sucked. One big thing I think a lot of people don't take into account on the XT3 is the battery grip! Some battery grips only have a single battery or don't all
  13. King of forgot about the A6300 body, it actually had a nice grip, compared to the XT3 at least.
  14. Yeah EOS r makes sense if you shout canon. If you shoot with an FS7 tho the A73 makes a lot more sense imo
  15. @Brother The IBIS definitely looks jittery in the moving shots near the end of the vid you posted. But in the more static shots it looks good. Seems like its only reliable use is a static tripod replacement. Which in itself is actually very useful as who wants to be lugging a tripod around. That said the XT3 is going for around $800 used and the 18-55 ois is amazing for handheld shooting, you can even walk with it and get good results at the 18-23mm end.
  16. Have only owned a limited number of cameras but the GH5 has been my favorite body. That isn't saying much considering I've mostly owned smaller cameras other wise (Fuji, APSC Sony, older Panasonic's) The XT3 is about as small of a body as I can take. I really dislike the XT30 body. Its just way too small. Its nice as a travel camera though as it can more easily fit in a pocket. I prefer tilt screens to flip screens. Screens that are built into the body are unacceptable and pretty useless IMHO(looking at you Blackmagic and Canon). Black magic definitely has the nicest menu's but they
  17. I am pretty sure the rolling shutter is about half in 1080p modes but I could be wrong. That is usually the case on mirrorless cameras. Its easier to get past rolling shutter on the 1DX3 as it has such great frame rate/resolution/codec options. But I'll be sticking to my Fuji for now. We'll see what the R5 and R6 bring to the table upon release. Might get an EOS R at some point if they ever hit the 1k price point used.
  18. Why not the A73? The EOS R is just a mess though. I’ve thought about the 5d mk4 as I believe it actually has better rolling shutter performance. However you don’t get the amazing flip screen and the EOS R has superior dynamic range. I think you’ve said the EOS R has a S35 mode with detailed HD and I’m guessing less rolling shutter. Basically makes it a decent S35 camera. Though at that point would it not be better to get a C100 mk2 for video? I wish the EOS R could do 10 bit out in HD for less rolling shutter and maybe even full frame. I guess the C200 can’t even do 10 bit 4k out. I’m glad the
  19. I’ve seen some good results on manual lenses with ibis only. If it can get shots without jitter at 150mm I’d be happy, static I mean. Can it though ?
  20. @SteveV4D I think the production company @Super8 contracted had purchased the Pocket 6k's not him.
  21. The Alexa and Weapon both look on par detail wise. Was he shooting the Weapon at a lower resolution to match the Arri tho? I am guessing the RED would still be a lot more detailed being downsampled from 8K. Those Alexa's going for 5k are tempting.
  22. Yeah soft focus can definitely be a problem on smaller shoots. IBIS is also hugely helpful to replace a tripod or for slider imitation shots(if short and slowed down from 60/48fps). Simple things like proper inputs/outputs make the Pocket6k a unique camera in its own right though. Along with things like having the only compressed RAW in the game that can really compete with RED. All for $2000 or $1000 if you get the 4k. It will be very interesting to see what Canon comes up with on the R5 tho. Just simple things like the flip screen and a decent battery life will make it very a
  23. I think mistakes happen far more likely then we'd think. I tend to be a person who obsesses over every detail but not everyone is that way, and they still are able to make a living. I do agree its a rather large oversight. But lets consider that any other camera on the market doesn't have that issue (Sony, Panasonic, RED, Arri). So if you are used to just grabbing a camera and expecting a good image it would be understandable. Although after looking into the older RED models they also had IR pollution issues. So maybe its less excusable lol
  24. any color cast on that bad boy?
  25. The old Black Magic Cinema Camera (the 2.5K version) was used on Mad Max and that's an older less capable sensor. Of course it wasn't the A cam but it was used for some significant shots. They had the ND filter taped to the front of it for certain shots too lol. I don't think there are really any rules to what you can and cannot use. I am sure the project Super8 was working on is way smaller and lower budget than Fury Road.
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