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  1. I really want internal RAW and E-ND's in the Fuji. I think those are two things that should be standard now. I feel like everything else has kind of caught up. The sensor and resolution on the Fuji is already good enough.
  2. Yeah I just got the battery grip for my Fuji. I think it will be a relevant camera for a long time especially because they are going for $900 on the used market. Its an insane price/quality ratio similar to the Blackmagic offerings only using a Fuji is much more practical(tilt screen, AF, etc..) I agree though its always a pain to have to mix cameras in productions. Though if you are shooting RAW on your A cam its not as hard to match up. I am hoping SAGE gets an URSA mini Alexa LUT and XT3 lut out soon. That might be my go to for color matching.
  3. Pretty exciting. I feel like the Canon R5 is actually the first really solid attempt at going for broke with a camera that I've seen in a long time. Maybe since the GH5? Even something like the GH5 was just completely lacking in auto focus which pretty much every other brand was doing better at. The Pocket 4k was a pretty big game changer but more so because it was so cheap vs its features(lack luster sensor, no AF, weird body). Pocket 6k should have had a better body. The Panasonic S1 and S1H felt bold but at the same time they felt a little under featured. I feel like internal RAW should just be a thing now, at least at the $4000+ price point. Same goes for the FX9. Its a super practical camera to use (underrated or maybe just under realized E-ND's) but it also feels lacking. Why in the world can't it do internal RAW? Blackmagic can do it so why not sony??? The C300 Mk3 also seems really damn good. Internal RAW, newer DGO higher dynamic range capabilities, 4K 120P and 2k 180fps. I guess the 4K S35 sensor seems a bit dated now but the specs are there, the AF is there, internal ND's and all that jazz. Its just going to be a workhorse for those who don't need higher resolutions(which is a hell of a lot of people). I wish the FX6 could go head to head with the C300 MK3, but its looking pretty lackluster.
  4. No full frame but yeah better Dynamic range is kinda more beneficial to me
  5. The C500 simply has things the S1H and fuji don't. Same can be said for the Fuji and S1H in comparison to the C500 but its different tools for different jobs.
  6. Imma bout to upgrade my PC a bit. Selling some gear but also on the look out for cheap gear which I am sure will start to come up as people need cash. Kinda sad I know but it is what it is I soppose.
  7. The S1H and S1(even more so the S1) are just incredible for the price. For pro work though yeah the C500 MK2 looks amazing. Too bad Panasonic won't do phase detect AF. That the main reason people are going sony and canon over panasonic IMO. I also wonder why they didn't put a RAW option in the S1H. I am still sticking with my Fuji(and Ursa mini 🥰 😉 ) I am still waiting on Canon to release something more hmmm cheaper and better. The new 1DX is awesome but whats up with the old body with no tilt screen?? Really looking forward to their new mirrorless releases as the EOS R was a bummer imo. Also just saw a comparison between the S1H and 1DX3 and the Panasonic had a fair bit more dynamic range, even though the Canon was shooting RAW.
  8. Interesting, so the Fuji eterna LUT works pretty well on Vlog?
  9. It’s nice for run and gun interviews. Even an hour would be great. Panasonic can do it so I assume Fuji should be able to. At least in 2k!
  10. Thats an amazing idea, interchangeable would be better I think though. They should offer RAW out through USB-C to ssd drive
  11. I guess an XH1 form factor is fine. However if it means overheating or record limits than nah. At least give us an hour record limit. Internal ND's and IBIS would make it the ultimate run and gun camera though, perfect for weddings.
  12. I don't see anything possibly bad about Fuji doing a cinema camera. Big battery, good codecs, internal RAW, 1000 knit big screen, internal ND's(don't even need to be electronic), good AF(maybe more video focused). Why not blow the market away with something great. It wouldn't have to take away from their XT3 sales. Price it around $4000 or so. I don't think most people buying an XT3 would buy $4000 cinema camera over that. It would just be like a new market they can get.
  13. Yeah but they say the Xh2 is supposed to be video focused. Why not go all the way, since they are already deviating from their photography focus roots.
  14. Hmm thats a life saver. Custom flippy screen from third party maybe
  15. I wish Fuji didn't have their hands tied by Sony. Its a shame Samsung and Nikon aren't really doing anything great in the video department. I believe Nikon stills makes its own sensors or no?
  16. 1080p uncompressed RAW file sizes aren't too bad especially with 10 and 8 bit options. I don't know if I can handle no playback though. No tilt screen and micro HDMI outputs are also a bummer. Wish SDI was more common. Honestly being able to record full frame 1080p RAW is awesome. Its one of the reasons I don't really want the Pocket 6k as 1080 is cropped in RAW which sucks.
  17. The sigma FP would probably be my next camera if it could do some kind of more compressed raw like 4:1 Still very interesting though the Panasonic S1 is hard to beat at $1500
  18. I am really hoping they go all out with the XH2, really make it standout from everything else. Even if it means a small price hike. Put it up there with like a C300 in terms of pro usability.
  19. Yeah downscaled 4k looks better but that doesn't allow you to get 60fps
  20. Hmm whats the F55 dynamic range like compared to the Alexa? Rolling shutter on the alexa is super low though.
  21. Yeah those bad boys eat through batteries, also heavy AF. Tempting though. I am considering the Arri Amira though. Saw one for 10k recently. Its a bit lighter, 4k (sorta), internal ND's and um thats it.
  22. Yeah the mini will remain more popular for that reason. But cameras will get even smaller with bigger sensors. Full frame is already kind of becoming a standard for bigger films. Other companies could rise up and devalue Arri cameras even more. Who knows really
  23. I saw a used Amira at 10k the other day, they usually go for 20k, probably because of this pandemic though. The classic is 10 years old now, the mini is 5 years old. So if it devalues at the same rate as the Alexa classic you are looking at 5 more years. Hard to say if it will devalue quicker.
  24. Little short I shot on the XT3. Was bored and also suffering heart break so I came up with this. Was just filming myself and edited it that same day. Nice to get some creativity out in this odd time.
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